Tour Wrap Up & London Teaser

Before we discuss next steps I think we just need to breathe. That was a long a$$ tour and wayyy too much fun, wow! For those that followed along every night and stayed the course virtually with the frequent plane hop to be there in person, high freakin’ five to you and the crew! Again, so many MVPs to name! The Rocsatears, Tears for Fears Travel Fans and so many more from all OVER the globe showed up and showed out for these concerts. Santa Barbara got a lot of the hardcore travel fans on video dancing song after song nonstop, singing along to every word and showing their maaaad dedication to this band! You are the winners and you are impressive!


This was also an emotionally charged tour for many of us on a personal level. For quite a few, you were running to this tour for healing. You were going through all kinds of stuff at home, in your work life and beyond. The spirit world was knocking at the door taking relatives and in some cases it simply warned you to slow down and change course. You survived again…alongside Tears for Fears. That’s what we do. This is our sanctuary. The band themselves will perhaps never know or even understand how much we rather rely on their music to get us through the day. When crazy happens…turn on Tears for Fears. When the world is falling down around you, grab your prayer book and Tears for Fears – sometimes it’s hard to tell one from the other – both help more than words can say!

Logistically this was a difficult tour and rather expensive with the double artists tickets in the $300-$400 range not to mention airfare from city to city. At this point most of us like to attend a string of shows…like 5-6 at a time and that means taking off a week or two from our daily lives and responsibilities. Next year is looking highly likely to be a heavy travel year as well so let’s rest up and be prepared for it! Let’s hope the VIP option stays though – especially if it includes all TFF merch for 2018. It helped a lot! Send your thoughts on that…


There is so much more to be said but let’s focus on next year and be glad we got to be together again this year! If you have any questions, continue to send them in to our Facebook page, we’ll answer to the best of our ability or will reach out to the band (and in some cases) point you to management, etc.


The Pause… We’re not going to discuss it. They got through it and they will chat about it when they feel like it. And that is all!

Tune in Thursday 12 October at 7:30am GMT/UTC (Update – show aired within the 2a ET hour) BBCRadio2 for a track/single from the new album. To convert, login to TimeAndDate to check the time in your region.


What to expect? I Love You But I’m Lost (ILYBIL)

“There’s a song called “My Demons.” There’s a song called “I Love You but I’m Lost,” “End of Night.” These are all very strong singles. “Up Above the World” has just got a great, fantastic beat.” – Roland Orzabal during an interview with Chris Callaway

Cheers and thank you for hanging out with us before and after the shows in various cities. Let’s hope our Tears for Fears Fan Conference dreams (sent proposal *cough cough*) come to fruition in 2018 or shortly after…

-AA, Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team Moderator

P.S. We’ll have Travel Fan info about the London show this week! Even if you don’t have tickets, you’ll still want the news! You can also win tickets to the event the night before the concert. Stick around!

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