Fandom is Friendship So Let’s Meet Up in 2018!

*Dedicated to the 40,000+ people that have visited the TFF Travel Fans site! WE appreciate you!

2017 was an impressive year but steeped in emotion for all those involved with Tears for Fears on every level. The tour was amazing and eye opening, bringing out loyal fans from all over the globe to the states and to specific global cities to celebrate all things Tears for Fears. The band managaed a devastating family tragedy and released new music that, as mentioned in past posts, left us …wait for it…shook…as f… yeahhh, that. There was also the refreshed website and reappearance of the online store. While quite a few people are still waiting for their cds and vinyl to arrive from said store that we promoted as the only place one should buy merch, those that did receive it agree that the upcoming album is going to be one heck of a masterpiece that may change our lives forever.

The camaraderie among fans in 2017 was pretty cool! The mutual respect online and interaction from one fan page with another was very nice. The focus on the music returned vs. the sole focus on how hot the band members look in their jeans. Given each one is married we try to find self-control in the crushing on Curt and Roland department. 😉 We saw a resurgence of followers from the UK and Europe join in the conversations and work to get to the closest show possible. Next year they’ll be treated to some pretty cool venues in a variety of major and trending cities. Fans have not only signed up for multiple shows, they are planning on bringing their spouses and families. Tears for Fears is a multi-generational experience. We as 365 fans know that TFF are timeless and literally move a multitude of age groups across many cultures. We need these shows as much as we need daily meals and water. The band’s shows as well as their music have become a life necessity…like medicine. Makes one long for the day concert tickets and airfare are covered by health insurance…what Tears for Fears give us is much more healing than any chemical produced by a pharmaceutical company.

On top of that, we saw the return of the Curt Chat, this time partnered with Spotify which made for quite a nice experience that brought a ton of us together to hang out with the Good Man Smith accompanied by the new Greatest Hits album.


So, what’s next?!

There were so many gatherings and meetups, virtual and IRL that it feels like we’ve got a pretty good thing going on a BIGGER level. So, several of the travel fan team plan to host Tears for Fears Fan Appreciation gatherings in Atlanta and Los Angeles, our two HQs. The goal is a big dinner, listen to music and share concert stories…and maybe a few surprises.

The first one was actually in Boston, a sort of test run. Deb and I went out to tour Jamaica Plain in Boston and even passed by Charlton Pettus’ elementary school. We sat in the park, went out for lunch, visited Cheers in Boston and toured the city. It was pretty darn awesome! So, it’ll be cool to do this on a much bigger scale in between concerts. The conversations have begun on and offline and we’ll be sure to keep that info noted here in the Travel Fan Blog. Here’s a snippet of the Boston Road Trip…

So here’s to 2018! So many opportunities to see the band and they haven’t even announced the full schedule as of yet. We know the idea of flying all over the globe for the upcoming dates may not seem realistic. But as we say…just get the tickets…everything will fall into place. Let us know if you have any questions or need help with accommodations. We’ll be updating the schedule and adding details as we go along…

See you at the meetups and the show!
AA – Travel Fan Team Moderator

2 thoughts on “Fandom is Friendship So Let’s Meet Up in 2018!

  1. I love this site.I just received my new Album in the mail and will be listening to it.Love the music and fan club. Hoping that they will tour the States again.Thank You for this site and I Love TFF❤️❤️❤️

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