A Fan Moment with Tasha LaRae

I truly believe in the law of attraction after the encounters I’ve had with Tears for Fears and Arrested Development. I was about 10 or 11 years old when I first heard AD’s Mr. Wendal. I was actually living in Tennessee at the time in an international community. I carried my Tears For Fears music with me everywhere. I was also on the student news team at my school and I remember we used both bands as our opening show music. We used every single track from their discographies for an entire year.

When I started my slow move into network television at the young age of 13 by visiting CNN in Atlanta and meeting the staff, I actually heard Tears For Fears EWTRTW as we rode down Marietta Street in front of the building. That same song came on my first day on the job less than 10 years later on 26 August. I requested TFF’s booking for an interview on CNNfn (this video appears to be reposted from KMK’s page to YT by a fan in Brasil). Then the band returned to Atlanta on my 8th work anniversary and I nearly fainted. Guess who opened for them?! You guessed it! Arrested Development! It was a musical marriage made in heaven.

AD the Band1


Arrested Development
Arrested Development members actually live in Atlanta. I don’t get to attend their worldwide shows but I do keep in touch and got a chance to chat with them just after one of their interviews at CNN in 2010. I truly respect their work and have a fan attachment to Ms. Tasha LaRae.

Recently she offered voice lessons and out of pure fandom (and to be ready for those fan singalongs during TFF concerts) I LEPT at this opportunity. This was done via FB video messenger for a mere $25 but was worth  $75 at least. Ms. LaRae went over breathing techniques and how to hold notes. With her guidance I could easily be ready to rock it out with Roland on ‘Ready to Start,’ in our front row fan participation. I admit I took the lessons first and foremost because I just wanted some time with her. She could have said, “Who wants to watch me put my shoes on?!” and I would have signed up because I am “that fan.”

I walked away with some truly amazing tips and better knowledge of how much work goes into perfecting a performance. It’s not just about going out on stage and natural talent takes over. It’s clear that it helps but performance requires so much practice. I would have to make time for it and  find a spot or place where I won’t disturb my neighbours.

Tasha LaRae helped me understand the art of singing. She provided a deep glimpse, at a steal mind you, into the world of performance. Part of me wants to go all in and work hard to get picked up by a band and really play a huge role as a backup singer 👨‍🎤. Alas, I’m a writer, a show producer…and a fan. I plan to continue to take lessons because I feel deep down that it’s super important to know the craft beyond buying a ticket.

Gargantuan thanks to Tasha LaRae and Arrested Development for being super outstanding and inspiring beyond music. They live their message and stand by it. Followers of Tasha LaRae will always find her to be a ray of light and incredibly positive. She even has a clothing line and independent music of which you’ve got to check out! Tears For Fears love them and you will too!! Cheers to them from all of us who’ve been fans since the 90s!

May they always be blessed!

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