TFF – Great Crowd Chemistry in Cardiff!

This post is dedicated to Shaun Smith – Curt’s brother. He’s super kind and very nice! That’s also his photo above. He took that great photo during the show and permitted us to use it. We’re very grateful. He also recorded Shout for us! Tilt your head a little. It’s the best part of the song. We’ve embedded it from his page. An edited version in horizontal is below that.
And here’s Curt Smith looking out in the audience. Isn’t this the cutest?

There were some really great moments in the show today. Both Roland and Curt gave great shoutouts. From Roland sending out a loving salute to his family and house manager to Curt showing some love for North Carolina fans who came all the way to Cardiff…the love was flowing making for a very special and intimate night. You can’t beat that!

Below are some of the fun moments fellow fans and friends captured. Enjoy – more to come as we fill each synopsis with great moments from the tour and travels.

Thank you Radisson! Taking good care of fans!

Waited So Long


Here’s some photos from MVP Gwen. For all those cheering for her to get a moment to chat with Curt, she got it! She also got to speak to Roland this evening as well and got an autograph. We’re super happy about that. We trust in the future there will be a fan conference so we can all take several big group photos against an amazing backdrop with Roland and Curt on SOL royalty chairs. Oh we’ve got plans!



Call Me Mellow followed by fun moments of conversation with the audience and additional songs. Enjoy and please leave a message for the videographer, Gwen. As you follow along you’ll see she has taken time out to go to 12 shows. She’s an incredible person and she deserves a great deal of respect and love. She’s an honourary member of the band practically at this point.



We’ll add some video in as we get it. A few are working on theirs and a few others need go get permission to post and share on a public site. Stay tuned!


…again, more to come!
Thanks for reading, interacting and showing up!
-Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team

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