The Fan Chat

Kevin Ryan, a contributor to the Observor, owned by Guardian Media Group – UK, reached out to us recently to answer questions re: our dedication to Tears for Fears. If you’d like to participate please answer the following and send them to We’re going to combine all these answers per question and note your first name and last initial then send them off to Kevin. We’re looking for the first 10 people to respond by Sunday June 11th, one of the TFF Atlanta Concert Anniversaries. All who submit get entered to win some Tears for Fears merch store cash.

Kevin also invites everyone to come out and listen to the Tears for Fears Tribute/Cover Band (Cheers for Tears) that will be having a show in Dallas on 16 June at the Granada Theatre.

Questions – please send these to

1. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to get an idea of where you are and what you do so that I can describe Tears and Kooks as a truly international community.

2. What has drawn you to Tears for Fears? Did you have an experience that pulled you in, when you decided that you need to see every TFF show you can?

3. There are a few bands I travel extensively to see, so I completely get it, although it’s hard to describe. How would you describe your Is it a hobby? Is it fair to compare it to being a football supporter or the like.

4. What are your thoughts on tribute bands, in general? Have you seen any TFF tribute bands?

5. How many times have you seen TFF? (Including solo tours)

6. How many your dates do you typically make it to? And what do you expect each time?

7. Are you a musician? If so, do you play TFF songs? In a tribute/cover band?

8.This is a bit vague, but what, in your opinion, makes TFF unique and magical? (Feel free to use different adjectives)

9. Is there anything I didn’t ask that I should’ve? Anything you’d like to add?

Thanks for participating!
-Andye, TFF Travel Fan Team Moderator

Curt Smith (plus Tears for Fears) at Cafe Pinot

Good News! Mari Moon, an organiser with Plato de Oro Dinner & Auction, sent this message to us this week. We are permitted to attend and take part in the Plato de Oro Dinner & Auction which will feature Curt Smith and members of Tears for Fears (likely Charlton, Doug and Jamie). This is a great opportunity to donate and be a part of an amazing cause. Read more…

Tears for Fears Travel Fans and Kooks! You’re invited on SUNDAY, JUNE 3 @ Cafe Pinot in DTLA to a special, intimate performance by CURT SMITH and the TEARS FOR FEARS band at Homeless Health Care Los Angeles’ Plato de Oro Annual Fundraising Dinner & Auction. It will be a spectacular night of music, dinner and cocktails at Cafe Pinot in DTLA, and an exciting silent & live auction.

Tickets are $250 and sponsor tables are also available. We’re already close to selling out so please buy your tickets soon! For tickets, go to or click on the link below. To know more about the wonderful charity you’ll be donating to, please visit See you on Sunday, June 3! Get excited!!

Stay at the Line Hotel near the Wilshire Hotel. It’s a nice spot and you can Uber to the venue. Because this is such short notice we are willing to send a proxy on our behalf. You can reach out to us on the Tears for Fears Travel Fans & Kooks FB page if you plan to attend.

Those nearby do your best to attend. Otherwise consider making a donation. Hashtag it #TFFFan so they know that the band’s fans are supportive of their work. Our goal is to push and promote philanthropic causes and teams. We’re not just enjoying the music, we are helping people as much as we can.

If you’ve been following this Travel Fan blog for any length of time you will know how much FUN it is to see Curt Smith in Los Angeles. It’s a really big deal and it’s spectacular! You’ll be happy you went!

Sunday 3 June
Cafe Pinot
700 W 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90071
$250 tickets – includes dinner & show (worth EVERY penny)
5:30pm – 9:30pm PST

Thank you for attending!
AA, TFF Travel Fan Moderator

Exit Strategy, by Reverend Charlton Pettus #TFFBookClub

I came home and found Exit Strategy on my door step. So I dived into it immediately after tearing out of my work clothes – a black polka dot dress with a poofy petticoat and into my Tears for Fears pajamas. I had planned to read it using the Kindle app if the book didn’t arrive in time to start today’s awaited first chapter read. But I’m sitting here like my former grade school librarian eating this book for dinner.

One of the first things that caught my eye is the use of angel numbers in the “before.” I’ve been bombarded with 444, 1117 and the scariest of all 11:11 for a few years now. Reverend Pettus has begun with 12:34. That’s the number for step by step, pacing and so much more.

After staying in Boston with Deb in Jamaica Plains this past year post-tour for the TFF 2017 Wrap Up as we call it, I squealed as mental images surfaced by street name. I also finished a series of novels by a wild author and there is the mention of car speeds that end a few chapters. Those were my idea to that author. Kind of exciting to see them here too.

Why does this matter? Perhaps I’m hyper vigilant but I find it odd that anything to do with Tears for Fears, be it remotely and removed to a degree (e.g. Roland and now, the Reverend’s publications), coincidentally have very strong connections to our waking and real lives. It’s beyond coincidence at this point. While I’ll sit back and read this without vigilance, I’m pretty sure enough of will leave me with my hair standing on top of my head and chilly with goosebumps.

Looking forward to listening and reading the reactions, thoughts and deep moments with fellow fans.

Get your copy on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

– Andye, TFF Travel Fan Moderator

#TFFBookClub or #ExitStrategy

Tears for Fears – BBC Appearances 2018

You must be living under a sound proof rock if you’ve not been bombarded with the news about Tears for Fears and the numerous times they’ve been on the BBC in the past six months! It’s brilliant and soul stirring all the same. Week after week there’s a post about a replay of the 2017 appearances. So here we go again with another chance to see them live and we are all steeped in excitement!

This time it’s for 27 May. Tickets already went on sale – this was another one of those reasons to always have your Travel Fan Cash Stash stacked as much as possible so you can be “perched” to purchase the good stuff.

If you’re familiar with how Coventry works, click for direct ticket link. Otherwise you may want to explore the site first with “purchase the good stuff.” As for accommodations and where we plan to stay. Our suggested hotel is the Ramada Hotel and Suites simply because we can’t find much closer that we like. However, do note that there are plenty of others at reasonable rates. You’re looking to pay about $100USD a night for this one after taxes and fees. That’s not bad. You will want to go through the website directly simply because we’ve seen way too many third party snafoos. Now, if you’re one of those Travel Fans that NEVER has a problem with discount sites and third party vendors, you go right ahead with your bad self and book through whomever. But we’re going to play it safe, get the membership and book directly through the hotel to take advantage of the perks that booking through the brand entails. Those who travel with us regularly will understand! Some of us will already be in the UK at this time so airfare is not what we’ll focus on but if you’re flying in just for this show – we suggest booking with Delta NOW for the best prices.

Because the venue is so close to the suggested hotel, you can get there in 6 minutes by ground transportation. Otherwise it’s a 30 minute walk to the venue. So just take ground transport and save your dignity vs. arriving bloody warm and tired.

There are tons of places to eat and hang out! That means it’s a perfect opportunity for a fan meetup. We’ll go ahead and make an event page on the main TFF Travel Fan Facebook page for each of the events including this one so that loyal travellers can plan accordingly and know who all will be in attendance. Numbers have grown exponentially in travel fans. We used to be about 75 per show – 80% of the time and now it’s in the 100s. Very hard to find venues to accommodate us all at once. So let’s just say we’ll see each other there!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment or an email on Facebook or Twitter. We are connected 20 hours out of the day and are pretty quick to answer. Can’t wait to see everyone partying in the name of Tears for Fears!

Thanks for reading!
TFF Travel Fan Team

Fandom is Friendship So Let’s Meet Up in 2018!

*Dedicated to the 40,000+ people that have visited the TFF Travel Fans site! WE appreciate you!

2017 was an impressive year but steeped in emotion for all those involved with Tears for Fears on every level. The tour was amazing and eye opening, bringing out loyal fans from all over the globe to the states and to specific global cities to celebrate all things Tears for Fears. The band managaed a devastating family tragedy and released new music that, as mentioned in past posts, left us …wait for it…shook…as f… yeahhh, that. There was also the refreshed website and reappearance of the online store. While quite a few people are still waiting for their cds and vinyl to arrive from said store that we promoted as the only place one should buy merch, those that did receive it agree that the upcoming album is going to be one heck of a masterpiece that may change our lives forever.

The camaraderie among fans in 2017 was pretty cool! The mutual respect online and interaction from one fan page with another was very nice. The focus on the music returned vs. the sole focus on how hot the band members look in their jeans. Given each one is married we try to find self-control in the crushing on Curt and Roland department. 😉 We saw a resurgence of followers from the UK and Europe join in the conversations and work to get to the closest show possible. Next year they’ll be treated to some pretty cool venues in a variety of major and trending cities. Fans have not only signed up for multiple shows, they are planning on bringing their spouses and families. Tears for Fears is a multi-generational experience. We as 365 fans know that TFF are timeless and literally move a multitude of age groups across many cultures. We need these shows as much as we need daily meals and water. The band’s shows as well as their music have become a life necessity…like medicine. Makes one long for the day concert tickets and airfare are covered by health insurance…what Tears for Fears give us is much more healing than any chemical produced by a pharmaceutical company.

On top of that, we saw the return of the Curt Chat, this time partnered with Spotify which made for quite a nice experience that brought a ton of us together to hang out with the Good Man Smith accompanied by the new Greatest Hits album.


So, what’s next?!

There were so many gatherings and meetups, virtual and IRL that it feels like we’ve got a pretty good thing going on a BIGGER level. So, several of the travel fan team plan to host Tears for Fears Fan Appreciation gatherings in Atlanta and Los Angeles, our two HQs. The goal is a big dinner, listen to music and share concert stories…and maybe a few surprises.

The first one was actually in Boston, a sort of test run. Deb and I went out to tour Jamaica Plain in Boston and even passed by Charlton Pettus’ elementary school. We sat in the park, went out for lunch, visited Cheers in Boston and toured the city. It was pretty darn awesome! So, it’ll be cool to do this on a much bigger scale in between concerts. The conversations have begun on and offline and we’ll be sure to keep that info noted here in the Travel Fan Blog. Here’s a snippet of the Boston Road Trip…

So here’s to 2018! So many opportunities to see the band and they haven’t even announced the full schedule as of yet. We know the idea of flying all over the globe for the upcoming dates may not seem realistic. But as we say…just get the tickets…everything will fall into place. Let us know if you have any questions or need help with accommodations. We’ll be updating the schedule and adding details as we go along…

See you at the meetups and the show!
AA – Travel Fan Team Moderator

Video – I Love You But I’m Lost


*Moderator’s Thoughts
To underestimate the intuition of Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal is foolish. These two didn’t dive into the deep – they set up shop in that space and are truly ruling the world with some REAL TALK! These two know stuff…a lot of stuff. They are walking third eyes. They not only “know” stuff that’ll not only make you think but will slam your arse down on the curb or have you laid out on the sidewalk …wait for it…shook af!

#ILYBIL – is almost like a spiral down into the rabbit warren. The video speaks volumes without saying too much or even changing scenes. It’s all in that bar and a back room with insightful characters. It looks to touch on the dilemma of the Twin Flame concept. Also, you’ve got the cute mature couple who are enjoying their life in fashion, the JFashionista in the Tokyo Street capris and captivating spectacles casually minding her own business but you know she has all the answers as she’s seen it all before, the love interest to whom the main character clearly can’t commit because well…there’s a number of scenarios here. We don’t see any type of drug or addiction here…it looks like complications from ASD. Then there’s the lovely bartender who grows a third eye and we can only again suspect that it can be from a number of perception issues. Perception is one of the key themes of this video and it is brilliantly done. For me, it’s like looking at the answer to some serious situations occurring in my “waking life.” After speaking to so many other fans they too can resonate which speaks to the power of the band’s ability to do this on a massive level!

There is so much going on with only a whisper of the Good Man Smith and Sir Orzabal in a promotional frame. For me personally, the story hits home in regards to people so caught up in self-absorption they don’t even realise it or are inconsiderate to those their self-harm actually hurts. They may be medicating for legitimate purposes but they are killing everyone else emotionally as they attempt to live. It also speaks to the existence of people who seem to get in their own way – I actually met someone like that…wait for it…on the 5th of November long before this song was released. I have the proof. Not to mention that the dance the couple engage in has a level change that is unique to a particular partner dance from my culture – again, I’m just shook! This whole video and its messaging has eerily and yet comfortingly (probably not a word) hit home for me in a way that makes me feel we are all spiritually connected more than any of us could ever comprehend. It’s like looking at a scene from my life from the past few years.

Each time I look at it, I cry, it’s hard to watch because it just gets in your head and touches the core. Everyone I spoke to locally and online says it is so relatable it’s jarring…again we are all spiritually connected and can resonate with these scenes.

What does this video say to you, do for you, make you feel?! These are just two songs from the coming album…TWO…brace yourselves guys…these upcoming concerts following the release of the album are gonna look and FEEL VERY DIFFERENT. Be ready to set up shop in the deep…they have turned that BIG CHAIR into a chariot ride into some mind blowing surreal situations by which many of us shall be touched. Gonna be a powerful and emotional clap section at these shows…

Now, we can’t deny this video is still unavailable to many stateside and that is excruciating and it feels rude even if it isn’t or directly tied to negligence on anyone’s part. So, Gwen – a wonderful and generous fan who stays in touch and continues her TFF Travel Fan excursions this coming year during tour 2018 – has provided this link that allows stateside fans to view it with ease. She is this month’s Travel Fan MVP!

Again, discuss, cry, chat, shout and let it all out…this album is about to take us places. Embroidered handkerchiefs will be available…

Thanks for reading,
AA, Tears For Fears Travel Fan Moderator

Curt Chat Revisited

Yesterday, Friday, December 8th – after what has been at least 3 years, Curt was a part of an online band chat. Partnering with Spotify, the Tears for Fears Road Team hosted the live chat (while Rule the World streamed? Several of us could hear nothing). Much like the good ol’ days when Curt would literally grab his phone, hop on Twitter and say, “I got 30 minutes. Ask me anything!” we were able to relive those fun moments with a ton of questions!

Refreshing and not filled with, “Please tell Roland, x,y,z…” people were genuinely directing questions at Curt regarding the album and quoting things he’d mentioned recently online. To read all of the cool questions and fun responses, please click here to download the transcript. Many thanks to Gwen C.. on Twitter who assisted us and others with access to the app. For those that had a little trouble, there was a note on the landing page to visit right at 11:15 and the chat page would open. The blue-black star let you see everything that Curt was saying and you could reply to him with ease.

Hope there are more in the future! Those are always a lot of fun! For old times sake, we’re posting this gem of a note from 2010 when we used to sit online and chat with Curt. Good times, good memories! EZEZEZ

Curt Chat 2010