TFF – Kickin’ It Up in Cleveland

If you’re a regular to Tears for Fears shows, you know their intros are epic! From Shakespeare to Lorde … it’s always lovely. Check it out in Cleveland! Entire show was amazing and archived by great guys like Mr. Dominic and many others!

The intro

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Seeds of Love

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Secret World:

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Mad World


Head Over Heels


Tears for Fears!!! #tearsforfears #livemusic

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Cheers folks!

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Louisville Got Lucky! TFF Came To Town!

Louisville Kentucky… Fans said time and time again, they couldn’t BELIEVE that Tears for Fears were there. One guy mentioned that this was the last place he expected to see them …he just couldn’t believe they were there. Well, man, you got your wish! Glad you enjoyed it! Dedicated to Zanne…nice job! Thank you! Great show too, eh? So much extra fun and conversation! We love band convos!

Rough week, very touching marquee

Everybody Wants to Rule the World Intro

Memories Fade:

"Memories Fade"! #tearsforfears

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Mad World: \

"Mad World"! #tearsforfears

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Pale Shelter:

"Pale Shelter", my fave! #tearsforfears

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Tears for Fears at the Louisville Palace 😱😱😱 #tearsforfears #louisvillepalace #shout

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Head Over Heels

Badman’s Song

Pale Shelter

Curt Chat LIVE!

Roland F’ckn’ Orzabal Baby!



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TFF Were In YOU, Indiana!

This show took place at Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne, Indiana… Thanks to the fans on the ground that attended. We do not have a lot of photos from our core team for this. Enjoy these few. Venue was full and we’re happy to so many responded so well! Great video! Check it out!


Change you can change! #shoutletitallout #tearsforfears #tffinfortwayne

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TFF Did It Up in Detroit!

Glad so many were able to enjoy Tears for Fears in Detroit! Got a few clips from shares online. Enjoy and follow these nice fans who are sharing their experience with everyone.

S H O U T 🎶🖤#joelouisarena #detroit #michigan #tearsforfears #shout

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Pale Shelter

PALE SHELTER 🖤🎶 #tearsforfears #michigan #detroit #joelouisarena #paleshelter #youdontgivemelove

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Sowing the Seeds of Love #tearsforfears

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Awesome Photos: Phoenixx Music Mag & J.MO were on it!

As we continue to post (in no particular order) flashbacks from the shows thus far, I’m reminded of the time I lived in Detroit. My grandfather was working for Motown and ran a fish market. Music was everywhere…all the time. Though from a mixed national background and relatives from here, there and everywhere we united under British Rock. I was a toddler in the 80s (barely alive) but I remember it like it was yesterday and I’m so grateful that all of these bands are still powerful and sweeping the new generation by storm as well. Nothing compares to these great groups…even their new material is making a move on our souls. They’ve still got “it” and us! Especially TFF! -AA

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Tears for Fears Taking the World by Storm in Tulsa!

Tears for Fears Tulsa

We had our wonderful core travel fan team on the ground for this show, first one on the 2017 tour. You can hear several  of the group screaming with delight in one of the videos and it’s soooo nice. Again, this was the first show on this 29+ city visit and it was awesome! It’s so hard to write these recaps of shows as each year passes because the excitement grows beyond anything one can ever imagine. We are appreciative of the time and energy put into every concert by the band and the fans who travel alongside in support! Many thanks to Silver Kitty for snapping photos and providing visuals of the experience! Huge thanks to Bobby for driving! Carolyn and Becky Boom Boom for logistics and rentals! It’s all team work!!



Huge thanks to all of our fellow travellers who fly great distances to scream and shout their admiration throughout nearly every performance. We did a calculation and believe it or not, if you’re going to each show, paid the VIP ticket price, add airfare plus hotel fees …then you’re spending $20,000+ USD. That’s a lot of love to say the least! There are many that are doing 2-4 shows and THAT TOO is a A LOT! You are loved and deserve a fan conference!

Roland Tulsa


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Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Billie Jean – MJ Tribute

There are very few videos of this show because security was insane and wouldn’t let fans do much more than stand there and listen…

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-TFF Travel Fan Team

*photo credit – Silver Kitty CD!

Dazzling Fans in Des Moines! #TearsForFears

*Dedicated to Katie K!
There are times when only photos can capture the moment…words do nothing. This show was certainly one of those occasions. Many thanks to Katie K. for her amazing contribution. These are all her photos and should not be used without permission. Enjoy!

Tears for Fears Forever!

You can thank uspods for this one!

Tears for Fears Concert in the kind city of Kansas City, Missouri

Going out of order here…

Hello Kansas City, MISSOURI!

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Amazing night with #tearsforfears #tff2017 #tff #curtsmith #rolandorzabal

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Had such a blast at Tears for Fears tonight! Great show! #tearsforfears

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#tearsforfears was incredible. Roland Orzabal's voice is as amazing as ever.

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Talented! Brilliant! Incredible! Amazing! Showstopping! Spectacular! #tearsforfears

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This is my four leaf clover. #tearsforfears #lyrics #old

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You had me at Orzabal. #tearsforfears #kc #midland

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Tears for Fears #tearsforfears

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Tears For Fear

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Happy Fans!

New Merch!

Videos – Fan R. did well, eh?




Creep (Radiohead Cover)


Thanks to al who shared video and photos! #TourTime #TearsForFears

Let’s start with a cool photo of Roland! Nice work WholeOates

Great photo of Roland!


Tears For Fears @ Bok Centre –
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Legends👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #hallandoates #tearsforfears

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When you're actually achieving your squad goals. #hallandoates #tearsforfears #concertaddiction

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Turn it up. #tearsforfears @tearsforfearsmusic #concert #datenight celebrating wrapping up my 2nd Novel.

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Why do I cry?! #tearsforfears

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Great pic of Curt Smith doing his thang w/Carina in the back. #tearsforfears #tulsa #bok

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My boyfriend @rolandt4f looking right at me…such a great show @tearsforfearsmusic !!!!

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Exploring negative space #TearsForFears #MemoriesFade #LEDsculpture #liveshowdesign #GrandMa2 #ClayPaky

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Tears For Fears in Tulsa last night. Amazing show. #tearsforfears #tulsa #bok

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Great voices, haven't aged a day. #tearsforfears #headoverheels #kp

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So many videos from fans – mostly on Instagram. 🙂

Thank you, Alan Griffiths

There are so many supportive people behind, beside and even in front of Tears for Fears. Sadly, too many are practically invisible. Those we do get to see such as road crew, managers, family (from time to time) and others that slip in and out of view as we approach the venues and stages or steal a minute of the band’s time in a hotel lobby, are extremely important. It’s hard to count the number of people that truly make “Tears for Fears” a memorable, amazing entity and experience, be it in person or online. A visible and beloved person in this myriad of TFF members was Alan Griffiths. He was a key component, genius and mastermind in the making of Elemental, Raoul and the Kings of Spain plus the timeless Tomcats Screaming Outside (Roland’s solo album). Fans acknowledged him a lot, we appreciated him. He was so important to these aforementioned works. Learning of his unexpected passing from Roland this morning left several of us very sick and disturbed. There are few things worse than losing a loved one or a musician. Alan Griffiths was both.

Thank You Mr Griffiths

Tim Palmer, another person that is interwoven with Tears for Fears and a person we also consider a band member, wrote on his FB wall today the below. We didn’t include his profile because we are so dedicated to giving the band privacy. Just know that this was a portion of what Mr. Palmer expressed.

Tim Palmers Words (2)

From Tim Palmer

“This is beyond a loss, it’s just tragic…he was a big part of why so many of us love the band. He, too, was Tears for Fears. This is a really sad moment…really sad.” -A. Andinha, Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team moderator

…so you see….an alumni/member of Tears for Fears passed away today. This is hard. This is a day we’ve dreaded and feared for years. It happened today. Let us comfort each other and be very supportive of one another and remember to continue to be appreciative, loving and supportive of ALL members of the band. Each person plays a huge role and has brought and continues to bring us to a place and state of bliss combined with a euphoric happiness time and time again. We’re grateful for Mr. Griffiths’ work and just like Roland said,  he will be missed. Thank you, Alan Griffiths. Thank you so much for your time and dedication to art and a band that has carried us through so much of our lives. We pray we see you again when the saints go marching in. Amen.


DD Horns Album Release Party

DD Horns album release party will take place this weekend! This is the band of the awesome Mr. Moyer and we’re thrilled to support him and his work. One of our collaboration wishes is to have DD Horns open for Tears for Fears on a future tour. We’re just throwing that out into the Universe…that and Skittles showers…we are all about that life!


We’ve been talking about Mr. Moyer since his appearance with the band back in 2014 at the Wiltern as the saxophonist for The Working Hour. His contribution and time with the band that evening left a lasting impact and we’re stuck on him and his music. It’s awesome. If you’re Los Angeles this weekend, this is the place to be…with DD Horns! Check out the information and be sure to get there early!


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And of course follow @tearsforfears because you never know when these two may collab again…you don’t want to miss that info!