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From 'tboneinpoway' TFF @ BellyUp
From ‘tboneinpoway’ TFF @ BellyUp

We’ll be posting some of the cool pictures posted by fellow fans who were in attendance at the show. It was apparently quite difficult for our beloved East Coasters to fly out to the West Coast for a variety of very understandable reasons (many thanks to the ECrs who did).

Photo by fan 'OIBette'
Photo by fan ‘OIBette’

TFF @ BellyUp 10 Dec
Many stayed up late to catch the live updates and tweet about the night. We quickly saw that “Plaid is Back.” Roland sported one of his cool plaid shirts from his swank wardrobe and Curt wore a stylish Ben Sherman t-shirt which has been recognised by the Ben Sherman brand on several occasions. Live updates showed many travel fans and loyalists from the West Coast doing their ‘Soldiers of Sound’ duty. KT, KZ and some new people peppered social media with great shots which were tweeted and highlighted by our travel fan account @papasfans and posted to our corresponding FB page. Band favourites like ‘Head Over Heels’ and ‘Shout’ were included in the set list of course.

Absent fans expressed their sadness of not being there as this was a sold out show with tickets being swept up by the venue’s mailing list members and third party vendors. We’re so grateful for our fans on-the-ground taking pictures and relaying the magic that is Tears for Fears for all to enjoy.

From 'RadSoCalDad'
From ‘RadSoCalDad’

BloomToPerish’s video is here

RadSoCalDad video click here

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'Robin Roth' upload, from instagram
‘Robin Roth’ upload, from instagram

Many thanks to the band for their time!