Show Synopsis: Austin Was Awesome!


Austin was …AWESOME! That is the consensus from various fans and the band themselves. The show had a crowded house, with a sold out floor section and two fairly full balcony and VIP areas. Curt tweeted about the night’s success as did others. Several pictures are floating around of the guys on stage. It was certainly a successful evening and a great first show for the band. We’re all excited and happy for them as well as all who are on the road travelling from concert to concert.

Critics? Perhaps just one? A person who left the show before Everybody Wants to Rule the World was played. Now in the past 2 years the show started with EWTRTW and while it still does, it’s not the version from Songs From the Big Chair. We’ll leave it at that. But it is on the set list and it’s not near the start but also not quite near the end so we’re hoping that the person was in a rush to get somewhere and that’s the only reason they skipped out early. We wouldn’t mention at all but we have to be fair.

The Crowds!!
There have been no reports of miserable, rowdy folks or bad crowds for this gen am event. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite? Only a few called the mass “maddening” but that is a lot of people and well…we’re glad everyone is happy and safe.

CD posted some shared photos from online, great picture! Hugs to the photog!
CD posted some shared photos from online, great picture! Hugs to the photog!
Where’s The Set List?!! Probably in the hands of a fortunate fan. What’s on the set list…well, let’s see… ha! No. NO spoilers on our end. But we will say it’s got some new(er) material and not just from Everybody Loves A Happy Ending. The set, we feel, is worth your time. If you don’t have a ticket to the upcoming shows please go to Ticketmaster or Pabst’s Festival page and get one. You won’t regret it.

Where Are The Show Tweets From the Band?
Perhaps they are busy getting ready, we don’t know. But we’ll do our best to do a few from a fan’s perspective in the next 24 hours.

Did Roland Wear Plaid? Did they wear their fancy suits from Hong Kong?
No and No

Any Fan Events or Gatherings & MeetUps?
Couple of the travel fans are trying to decide on the best place to meet up on Friday night in Oklahoma. Follow @papasfans for updates on that.

Share your Travel Fan Experience
Got Photos? You have pictures or a story you’d like to share of your fan travels? We want to celebrate it! Just send us an email, the name you wish to go by and permission to post your photos with your name and story. ūüôā

Enjoy the shows!

On The Internet:
Woman in Chains – Live Austin

Everybody Wants to Rule The World

Loving Tears for Fears’ Music: Why so much passion, why do we care?

From the Moderator: Some weeks ago, the fantastic show Tell Me More, which ran on NPR for several years, featured a segment titled “In Your Ear.” This particular episode from the 20th of February was replayed this summer and wow did it touch a nerve.

Over the past few months, at media conferences I’ve gotten into deep meaningful conversations about Tears for Fears with various attendees and media industry pals. Each person has told me amazing stories of where they were when they first heard them. Just this past Sunday, over dinner, an operations director told me she was 14 years old when she first saw TFF on MTV around¬†1983, the video for the song “Change” came on. “MTV was still very new at the time, ” she said. ¬†“It was the opening sound of the xylophone that drew me in. I was mesmerized by that song.” She also reminisced about¬†enjoying Pale Shelter and couldn’t wait for Songs from the Big Chair. What an impact that album made…and on so many people including Bunji Garlin, a soca artist from Trinidad and Tabago.

(paraphrase) “There are so many things about that song. It just lifts my spirit. There’s serious nostalgia when I hear that song. My childhood days come back into play. I remember when my parents were still together, we were in the same household, whole atmosphere becomes something like dreamlike, I like to dream a lot so I constantly play that song.” ::Click here to listen to his words::

Bunji Garlin

I can truly relate to this. Hearing Mr. Garlin speak so passionately about EWTRTW with the same visions that I have, of being a child with family, many¬†new to the USA, still by my side, long before any of life’s realities challenged hopes and dreams. Everybody Wants to Rule the World, was my first introduction to Tears for Fears at age 5/6 (had just turned a year older, wasn’t even a month into it, a cold winter day on the way to school in my blue English pea coat with red lining listening to the car radio). When I heard Mr. Garlin speak with the same soul stirring memories, I fought back tears because that’s the story of so many in our huge fan circle. So many fans write, tweet, post and share their “why I love Tears for Fears” stories. A number of the reports¬†sound like those of Mr. Garlin. When I speak to people, their recollection is reiterated with the same passion…that soul stirring vision. Gives me happy chills. So many say the band’s music “saved” them from very¬†difficult times in their lives…even¬†preventing¬†some from taking their own lives.

Tears for Fears have countless¬†extraordinary songs. From the chart toppers to the B-sides of¬†Saturnine Martial Lunatic, not to mention both Roland and Curt’s solo work, all of this music gets¬†“replay” time in excess. It’s¬†not just on¬†our digital devices but in our hearts and minds. It comforts us during the wildest times in our lives…the good moments, the bad, the hopeful.

Now, here we go happily again, by popular demand, a new Tears for Fears album to change our lives. It’s a grand addition to our life’s soundtrack. We will remember this moment for years to come. We will talk for years about how we were¬†bracing for it, asking for it and all the interactions and days that led up to it. Hold on and hug each other tight because the magic of their music is about to flood us with new memories and excitement. So, “cheers” to the¬†great mini-tour which starts next week, warm wishes for safe TSO anniversary and sincere hopes for everyone to have a chance to live in the majestic marvelousness that is Tears for Fears Live. Your soul will soar, that’s a promise!

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Big thanks to Michel Martin for her amazing show. It is certainly missed.

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