Tears for Fears at BellyUp (SOLD OUT)

This is what some of us will have to do given the show sold out before many even knew about it.
This is what some of us will have to do given the show sold out before many even knew about it.

One fan said it best, the email went out from the venue and with lightening speed the tickets were gone. The show SOLD OUT. There is a rumor that third party ticket holders on sites like Craig’s List may have tickets. As impossible as it will be for many, let’s try to focus on the positives here.

-Venue by the beach
-Reasonably priced tickets
-This show is in walking distance from several travel fans (Yay Lady K)

The negatives for others are the same…no advanced notice…again. We’ll address these concerns in late December. We are hoping to find out why there is such a short turnaround this year…after several successful years of advanced notices. Many thanks to SK and Lady K for the heads up. This show is legit. It is happening. Chin up!

About The Venue
BellyUp – has other branches of restaurants and sister locations. It is located at Solano Beach and is described as very intimate with not a bad seat in the house. For those with tickets, arrive on time.

Suggested Accomodations
Suggested Accomodations

Accommodations – We suggest Courtyard Marriott. Click here to book. If you need other suggestions or have special circumstances please reach out to us via FB email.

Fan MeetUps & Party -TBD
Roland joked the after party was at Lady K’s, but please do not follow her home Lol. One of our travel fan team will be in touch if anything ‘fan official’ or fan generated will take place. It’s always fun to hang out with fellow TFF fans pre and post show. That’s how this family started and the band is thankfully amused.

Enjoy the show,

What the heck do you mean it's sold out? Arrgghh!
What the heck do you mean it’s sold out? Arrgghh!

Tears for Fears In the Media: Extra Videos, Interviews & Other Band Shares

Archive of Bespoke, Popular and Informative Interviews with Tears for Fears, Curt Smith, Roland Orzabalfrom 2010 forward


Interview with Tess Vigeland of Marketplace fame
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Spotify Project – Village Studios Los Angeles (??)
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Creep Audio from session shared by Sherlock Silver Kitty Р Click here to listen/read

Comedy Bang Bang -Hilarious Interview featuring @reggiewatts @rolandtff & @curtsmith along with the #PieMinister and spectacular host of the show.
Shared by: Silver Kitty, later by the show itself
Online Twitter Party hashtag: #CBB http://www.earwolf.com/episode/pie-quiz-with-tears-for-fears/
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Click here to watch (set age gate off)

photo (1)
Animation by Manami – Tears for Fears in R’s new video.

Kevin and Bean Show -Radio, Los Angeles
Shared by: Silver Kitty and later by @kevinandbean
Subject: KROQ & more
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Roland on the BBC speaking about his novel ‘Sex Drugs & Opera: There’s Life After Rock N’ Roll’
Shared by network
Online Twitter convos: #SDO
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Curt Smith on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show

How Tears for Fears made ‘Mad World’
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Curt Smith Post Gravity Summit
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Curt Smith – One of the most highly followed musicians on Twitter
Mentions: Zoe Keating – @zoecello

Wear it with pride! TFF Swag
Wear it with pride! TFF Swag

Reference, Extras: For those catching up with the band, be aware that the band released¬†ELAHE ’04

Everybody Loves a Happy Ending (ELAHE)
Featuring: Adam Weissler