How Was It, Hoagie Nation!? #TearsForFears

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Pale Shelter

Mad World

Head Over Heels

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Compilation of Praise – Tears for Fears Denver, CO 2015

The amazing Terri Nunn of Berlin snags a photo w/the Good Sir Orzabal backstage.
The amazing Terri Nunn of Berlin snags a photo w/the Good Sir Orzabal backstage.
We’ve been sharing the thoughts of many different writers and fans of Tears For Fears these past 3 days. Below is a short compilation of thoughts and images on the “Kool Koncert” featuring Berlin plus The B52s and Tears for Fears. The latter being two bands that we have had the pleasure of following closely for many years (especially now). As mentioned,  AA now lives not too far from Cindy of the B52s and it’s just exciting to see them and be near. Several fans from the East Coast (NYC, NC, Atlanta, etc) attended this show and boy oh boy were fans overwhelmed at how animated, beautiful and overall outstanding the band performed. Special attention was paid to Curt and Roland’s liveliness on stage as well as Roland’s dancing around. Fans uploaded many videos from various angles to YouTube and the response was electric.

Bad Man’s Song (Josh Valentine)

Creep/Radiohead cover (Megfoot)

Cryptic Rock Article w/photos

From Cryptic Rock
From Cryptic Rock

Denver’s Live Music Meetup Made this show one of their featured events. That’s always cool. If you’re looking for Tears for Fears fans in your area that may want to join the travel fan fun, is a good place to find them in your city.

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“…they were meant to walk this earth at the same time…” Progarchy

Woman in Chains

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