Tears For Fears Brasil 2012

The amount of fan collaboration for this particular show went above and beyond a level of impressiveness. It’s hard to know where to start in detailing this incredible event that not only happened in Brasil but was tweeted and updated on Facebook for fellow fans to see.

As soon as we found out that Tears for Fears were going back to Brasil we were barely on the plane for the stateside shows. Can we do it? Can we go? That was the question as we  sat up late at night in California and Nevada. We asked the Asia fans after their show was there any chance they’d get to come to Brasil. It seemed every region’s account was empty. We were spent…not even enough to send one person.

Photo, from Tani F. in Brasil
Fans lining up for show… photo by Tani F.

When the actual date was announced we checked the fan club funds again. Still not enough for everyone…barely enough for one and for the stateside fans the concert was on a holiday. Many couldn’t find a way around it. We’d have to depend on the Brasil team to keep us in the know on this show…and there we found ourselves perched for this amazing event via Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

The countdown began. Marcio Campos was named the leader for the Brasil team due to his longtime dedication to fans worldwide. He’s been there for years in the Tears For Fears fan circuit using his resources to store the videos, rare items and music for the regional archives…you name it, he’s got it and continues to collect…In addition, he posts regular Facebook updates, remains calm when fans have “band fits” and is very loving and generous…a true cool man and superfan. We are very grateful for all the work he has done. He works closely with Andye  on fan projects regarding “the Travelling Fans” and their specific needs, logistics and more.

Two days til showtime and Brasil’s Tears For Fears fans were full on with hotel plans and hoping to see the band out and about town.  Sylvia (Arte em Acucar) even made a cake! There was chatter about the other things TFF would be enjoying while there. People were going wild with excitement. Thankfully, no one was hospitalised from too much joy and all fans remained well behaved (at least that is what we’ve been told)

The day of the show, fans woke up early and got ready to line up for the show…Meanwhile, the rest of us perched online; Andye in an Atlanta hotel away from her comical wilderness abode so she could have full, uninterrupted internet service, Carri on a rare day off from work, Candra perched as well (after her favourite shows had gone off) and so many others in many regions including Filipinos who were up before working hours to set up a photo trade between fans far away.

We first heard from leader Marcio. He got  photos of the super stage at the Espaco das Americas (show venue) and lights. Bill (travelling band staff) was also photographed as was the Good Man Curt who made sure Uber Awesome Tanya got her hug from her fans on the travel team. We were ready for show time. Andye squealed 3 mins to 8pm via Twitter Brasil time and Carri counted it down along with other fans. Collen wished Curt a good show and said a few cool words to Carina Round. Then, Brasil’s fans went flashing away taking photos, video and more. We didn’t expect videos but they were there…and we were grateful.*Please do not sell the videos of the band for profit. Watermark your photos and make sure all the collected material is protected.

Marcio snags a photo of the stage equipment before the show…

There were long pauses online as we waited for another photo to surface. So, we chatted amongst ourselves. We were contacted by @RobertJ47 (Ontario) who made public a piece of work he titled “All Over The World. This is Robert’s salute to the band, he mentions that he performed all of the vocals and did his best to replicate the sound of the group. What made this such a wonderful distraction is that it truly is a beautiful piece of music that has background vocals that sound like CS and RO harmonizing. The leading vocals attempt to be Mr. Orzabal’s and it’s a great effort. It was fun to listen to while awaiting tweets and more from the show.

The Show Officially Begins…

And just like clockwork that amazing “walk out” music begins to play. It is a classical piece and we always forget the official name of it. Then Curt appears…then Roland…and Everybody Wants To Rule The World (the anthem of our lives) begins to play…see for yourself.

Tears For Fears -Show Open In Brasil 2012

Set List from Raphael F.

Then the list began…that blessed list of songs…that majestic set of TFF tunes we’ve become accustomed to; opening EWTRTW, a mind blowing Curt Smith on Mad World,  Rocking, Ravishing Roland on Head Over Heels…the whole set of nearly 20 songs with Woman In Chains and Shout closing out the night. Ahhh the excitement, the literal tears…We’ve already placed most of the concert videos on our Tears for Fears & Kooks Travel Fan page (facebook). We’ll add some to  this post as well. If they vanish it is of no fault of our own.

Some very fortunate fans able to get a M&G reported back that Curt and Roland got their hugs sent from the South of France and Oklahoma. Thanks Cristina A.!

we fans wear our VIK Badges to all shows. Marcio was smart and had his signed.

We were thrilled to learn that one of our leaders, Marcio, got one as well. He relayed lovely words and his experience to us via email. Sadly he couldn’t buy any merch. We don’t even know if there was any but the smart chap got his VIK badge signed. Que otimo Primo Marcio!!

Commentary About the Show: The honest truth, not fan gushing:

Fans were  honest about their experience. One fan stated that his favourite moment was when the balloons appeared which surprised Roland. It was a beautiful sight. We stateside will have to borrow that. We tried with sunflowers but they were hard to see in the crowds and not everyone was at the same show. Next time guys…next time we pray.

Sky Live’s photo of the TFF Balloons -this and many other pre-show fan activities were organised by Carolina M. (Big thanks!!!)

The least favourite moment by another fan was something involving Carina Round??…on the song Billie Jean? We didn’t want to mention it because we’re not sure we even understand what happened to make it someone’s least favourite moment. From what we do know there was nothing really “wrong” …they just said it was their least favourite…but that it was “fun” to see and something different in the show. Okay, whatever…

Another “comment” from someone else was that the 2011 show in Brasil was better than this 2012 show only because the set list felt new before and now had become rather stale (apparently he goes to a lot of shows as well)…and that’s something we’ve heard from many fans. Several fanatics appear to be ready for a new set list even more than a new album. While we can wait for a new set of songs, a new “set list” with a mix of other songs from all of the albums (similar to the current mix featured) has been continuously requested.

But let’s look at it like this… can other songs realistically be played anymore? There is no saxophone player right now for “Working Hour.” Roland ain’t gonna take his shirt off and sing “I Believe…” and again, there’s no saxophone. “Mothers’ Talk” and “Cold…” are probably not coming back. “Start of the Breakdown” seems to require a special machine? The list goes on, not everything can be replicated in this day and time…well, maybe Ladybird and Music for Tables (still needs a horn though)… We’re pretty sure the band chose these songs with all of that in mind. Now if some of you all who play instruments well and spend your free time re-making TFF’s songs can get together and join our Fan Club Tribute Orchestra we can submit some work and perhaps one of you will be picked to play at a show or something…wing it on Working Hour in “said” city with all of us following to hear you. Andye’s still hoping there will be a clap section or a Flamenco Dancer on I Believe and Sketches of Pain …we’re all dreaming but this is what we’ve got to work with and THANKFULLY 93% of fans polled are just ULTRA EXCITED that the band is playing at all…

Cristina A and Curt after the show for a meet & greet

In all, there were nothing but really positive accounts and fan stories, people in complete awe and in their happy place alive and well. It was impressive to read. Most of the hardcore fans had great seats. Only one dedicated Fan Travel member was far away from the stage …and it was painful as she should’ve been with the rest of the group.
An interview was released moments after the night’s events concluded. Seeing several local media and intl music mags based in the country take an interest in the band was comforting. We read it, Andye translated it for non-Portuguese speakers and we, the team, started blogging Friday night…

The band also performed another show that was sponsored by Shell Corporation? (if we are wrong, please someone, alert us as to who sponsored it, nothing worse than giving million dollar credit to the wrong company). Here are two snippets of that surprise: 

*Note/Funny comment from the blog moderator: I would not ever want to be “surprised” that TFF was playing at an event I am to attend. As soon as I heard that opening music I’d have been on the ground.The last thing we need as fans are heart attacks as our health is already fragile from constant excitement around this music group. I always want to be well-notified in advance that Tears For Fears are playing (as we assume many were in this case). The idea of them just showing up as a gift from the company would overwhelm me into an early grave. LOL. -Andye

Curt also met one of the famous F1 drivers, F. Alonso  while there. You can click here to see the photo. We believe  Sir Alonso came in second according to the sports reports published on Sunday night in the region. Looks like the band enjoyed themselves and had a great time. Curt tweeted his goodbye and says they hope to return, that’s always a very good sign as he is known to keep his word.

captured by Thais Q.

So What’s Next? Looks like a new album is not “out of the question.” We’re thrilled the band is open to the idea. So much new music has been flowing from the group in one way or another…from Curt’s ultra ab fab cool collaborations to Roland’s work (producing?) on other artists’ albums and his brother aka Captain Julian’s band DelaQ’s new album “Into The Blue” …we have a ton of great pieces to hold dear in the archives. It will be a lovely and long awaited event..


Let’s think about it…the guys have been busy doing this that and the other. It would be nice if they could get some rest, go back to the writing and mix it all up with their magic wands and drumsticks at a production table/studio…maybe release something in 2014. Everyone continues to go bananas over the solo works of both Curt and Roland so maybe there will be a mix of the two…that future forward sound that drove us all mad on TSO and the JunkieXL collab.

From Luandar B. featuring Gregori and fellow Tears For Fears fans ready for the show.

These things (new music) take time so let’s try hard and be patient…a sort of virutal waiting room (sit down, yes, you can). Let’s not poke and tweet the living puke out of them about this subject…a small reminder every now and again that we do want it but bombardment everyday seems…well…uncomfy. We don’t want to upset them.They heard us…they acknowledged it. So give them a year to rest…you know you’re not going anywhere. Every regional fan club will be back to posting info and fun memories, song polls, WISHES FOR MORE MERCH, fan conference plans…and some photos of Curt, Roland and the team’s backsides in no time. So…we can wait…let the band regroup and enjoy the seasons and their relatives.

A Big  Muito Obrigada/Thank you Brasil! You proved yourselves loving and beautiful…we appreciate you and adore your sweet nature. So glad you got to see the band again and we pray they come back. We want many years with this band…long past Curt’s eventual move to Tuscany. We are married to their music and in our cultures we are with them in good times and bad, in sickness and health…til G-d bless, death do we part. This is something fans take very seriously. We want them forever and a day and so we’re not going anywhere. We are here to stay. (iA).

We often refer to the concerts as the “Closest Thing to Heaven.”  Enjoy this video from Mauricio Pinto F, highlighted by Cristina A from the Brasil Team of that very song.

Enjoy Reviews? Here’s another from a writer in Rio who went to the Sao Paulo show: Link: http://caras.uol.com.br/canal/nacionais/galeria/em-unica-apresentacao-tears-fears-canta-para-o-publico-paulista#image0

SeeHere: (O Globo) http://g1.globo.com/musica/noticia/2012/11/anos-80-tiveram-tanto-lixo-musical-quanto-hoje-diz-tears-fears.html

And see SKY Live‘s photos from the show: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.523060871040185.86993834.496645217015084&type=1

For a full set of videos from the show check out Marcio’s YouTubePage:

Official Banner for Tears for Fears Brasil

Special Shout Out to the Arte em Acucar team for making these gorgeous sweets! Olha!

Slyvia Pretes Zarth of Arte em Acucar (The Art of Sugar or Sugar in Art) created some lovely edible gifts for the band.
Arte em Acucar even got Curt’s Doc Martins…now you know that’s clever!
We are very happy that the band appreciates the fan teams. We received a tweet from Good Man Curt Smith.

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  1. Reviews, videos and photos from Orange County, San Francisco, Henderson Nevada/Vegas, The Philippines, South Korea and Japan have been collected and are being organised in the blog (and translated). They will be published this year barring any unforeseen circumstances (i.e. no more computers going for a swim).

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