Musical Tribute to the Band & Superfans

Tears for Fears Superfans
Tears for Fears Superfans hanging out at McCabe’s, waiting for Curt in California

Everybody on the Travel Fan Team works so hard to make a peaceful and ridiculously fun experience for all involved. Carri and her gift of getting seats, Becky and her talent for picking perfect shirts, Cammie’s calm nature, Traci’s positive attitude (even if she does argue excessively w/Curt over politics. Mercy!) and our teams in The Philippines, Japan and France who are always very active and promote the band in ways that many might not ever see… Someone took notice of all of that and wrote a song about it!  It’s a very touching song (and in my opinion is as beautiful as the band & their family’s spirits). Roland and Curt, the entire team and their families have been a beaming light for us 365 days a year for over 2 decades…and it’s just overwhelming. We are all steeped in infinite gratitude.

Robert’s tribute to us is here… (soundcloud)

This song was originally released on 14 December. Due to the tragedies of the day, we felt it would be best to highlight it another time. May we dedicate this also to the lost children and their friends who may now be using music to heal through hard times. May the innocent love of creativity and art always be celebrated in music programs for all ages. Thank you Roland and Curt for your inspiration, huge hugs to the supporting band members and families and GARGANTUAN THANKS to Robert for creating this tribute!

Tears For Fears Fan MeetUp #7 Sunset Station  2012
Tears For Fears Fan MeetUp #7 Sunset Station 2012

**note from the moderator, Andye**

Robert spoke to me one night on Facebook …and asked me a very tough question. He said he knew I cherished both Curt and Roland equally and do not believe in putting one over the other.  I adore their solo work and thrive on the two being together BUT if one of them was going to write a song about me who would it be. I told him this: That’s easy, Roland. I have had the ultimate pleasure of hearing Curt and learning his solo style I almost feel I could predict what he’d write if he wrote a song about me. Although with all due respect, I can’t see why on earth they would (??) Do musicians write songs about fans? Roland, of whom I’ve only had quick interactions and miraculous moments…well, I have no idea what he would write. I think it would be amazing to hear his thoughts about a fan musically. So, there’s my answer.

The Sunflower Club of Japan, one of the longest running (still active) Fan Clubs for Tears for Fears... established in the early 90s.
The Sunflower Club of Japan, one of the longest running (still active) Fan Clubs for Tears for Fears… established in the early 90s.

Robert then asked, well what would you think Curt would write. I said, perhaps he’d mention how everything TFF, CS and RO are my life…this and prayer keep me going…two days later, I find this song in my inbox and twitter news feed. Wow! I tried not to cry…to be tough…and say, amazing job but my eyes were soaked with tears by the time I stood up…and I hadn’t even finished listening to it. I found out other fans felt the same way…

Dinner near the Band, can't beat that...Manila, Philippines...
Dinner near the Band, can’t beat that…Manila, Philippines…

*Note from Robert O.*  Being a TFF fan myself, I know how much the band means to the Travel Fan team. I am humbled and honored that my music was given any consideration at all since TFF is such a tight, innovative, and masterful group whose music will inspire generations to come. I love their music!

Band Fans!! Our pals in Brasil!
Band Fans!! Our pals in Brasil!

Here’s another song by Robert inspired by the band…Enjoy! Follow him on Soundcloud! (you’ll have to click thru to youtube to view it…it has some restrictions on it)

Welcome to whose life? Our Life… steeped in gratitude!! This rare find is the long version of EWTRTW. If you’ve never heard it you haven’t lived! Cheers to all the musicians who are inspired by this band, have worked with this band and their dedicated fans!

Andye, Carri, Marcio, Carolyn, Juli, Joyce, Becky & Robert

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