Loving Longacre Hall

Longacre Hall
Longacre Hall

When we first learned about Longacre Hall from Curt Smith we knew immediately that it was a place we’d like to explore. Carri was one of the first to leap right into research. Before long we decided it would be one of the places to which we’d give our annual donation.

The original plan was a quiet donation, no LOUD announcements and EGO driven fanfare. Then someone suggested to open it up for others to donate…which made sense. Why keep it closed to Travel Fans? There are over 500 active fans online. We published a blog entry on the project and encouraged people to give on their own or pool their money with ours.

We knew it was too ambitious, yet we did it anyway hoping for the best. The team leads donated and G-d bless Carri for being the highest contributors of them all. But after converting the money into American dollars (and calculating that into British pounds) the sum was sad…very very sad.

I think we have just enough cash to pay for copy paper or 1-2 hours of legal fees if they end up in need to fight for the building (we hope not).  Not being able to do more has sort of…crushed the spirit of our travel fan group but we sure made some amazing friends! Kath, Angie, Mr. Smith (Curt’s brother)…these lovely individuals reached out to us to say hi and thanks. We don’t know how they found out about the project but we’re glad they know we are thinking of them and wish them the best.

We’ll do what we can remotely for these new friends! Though we haven’t met them in person, their kind nature has not only warmed the building’s stones but a ton of hearts and souls on 4 continents. Let’s keep them and their effort to preserve the Snowhill community in our prayers!

Thank You,

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