Grateful Kerfuffle of Kooks

Tickets*note from moderator Andye* We had a great year musically. It was amazing to spend so much time with our fellow fans and having outstanding (and in some cases life changing) moments with the band and their fams! There are not enough thank yous in the world nor can this be said enough or with more emphasis in any language. We are just so happy that we got to experience Tour 2012. It was more than many of us wished for. That has hopefully been made clear in the previous blog posts…particularly that of Japan.

The Travel Fans would like to say a huge thank you to Curt Smith for looking out for us…at least it felt that way for us. The shows were cloud nine level excitement. Some of us just can’t come down from that kind of a high. We are forever in debt to him for the following:

Curt Smith/Tears For Fears San Francisco 2012
“The Cutest of the Cool” Curt Smith/Tears For Fears San Francisco 2012 -Photo by Carri D.

Constant Updates on Twitter and Facebook
Keeping his website and show info updated 2-3 months in advance of shows
His retweets, His responses
Sharing his family & HIS COOL CLOTHES/SHOES.
Making dreams come true for so many fans in so many regions (USA, Japan, The Philippines, Brasil)
Taking time with us out of his busy life for his fan family
Giving us permission to be Kooks
Introducing us to Longacre Hall (the Friends of and the building itself) and Lady Tanya
Thank you and Arlene for the amazing, intimate Solo shows and !!SKITTLES!!
Tolerating our excessive retweets and @mentions
Kisses and Hugs
Tolerating our mistakes –the tickets will live forever in infamy (oh mercy!)
And most important, encouraging us to #KeepCalm&CarryOn

We've all gone out and got a pair of Doc's so we can participate in "MyDocsAreHere" by Curt Smith
We’ve all gone out and got a pair of Doc’s so we can participate in “MyDocsAreHere” by Curt Smith

Special Thanks from Patricia…

“It’s one very great pleasure & a great honor for me to particiapte in this action with Andye, Carri,for Ur home town Bath and Longacre Hall.I know Uk & Bath has a real place in your heart, it’s your homeland, your childhood, adolescence, your roots.So much memories there low as you have to share with your family, your brothers, your friends.It’s a part of your life, of you to ink your blood and spirit.A lot of people are on this project by giving strength,joy, to bring to succesful conclusion that is necessary to be.When Andye proposed me to particiapte, it was for me a big enjoyment & a great honor.Your biggest fans are in your country USA & me on an another (France) .Far from your fans who admires you and are there for your fabulous shows.But KOOKS is for me a big family of heart, devoted to Curt and TFF. And i’m very proud to be a menber of this group, i would never thank enough.In our turn, we want to particiapte in this donation to honored you, your home town, your roots, your family and your Mum.It’s our way of thanking you for all that you bring through your music, your kindness, your nobility of heart.You are a great artist and a great man.From the bottom my heart thank you.xoxo…Patricia.Amur

Special Message from Amur: Curt’s reaching out to his Pinoy Kooks will forever be treasured by each of the seven of us. Just right before they arrived, our house was flooded and I need to evacuate my oldies (mom and dad) to the nearest motel. But that didn’t stop me from updating from everyone how is it going to be once the duo arrives. And yes, we were rewarded. Rewarded with more than we expected.

Now, everytime sadness visits me in the night, I just go back to that very special moment we had with Mr. Smith. I go back to these pictures and refresh all the bits and pieces of this surprise meet-up… and yes, well oh, well…I am so blessed after all.

With these, I thank you, Curt for being so kind-hearted. Thank you for making us all experience what it means to have “impossible meetings” come true. Until now, I still can’t help but smile (and giggle) everytime I remember that precious moment. Thank you also for binding us all together… Even the Pinoy Kooks… We are all from different walks of life… we just learned to become brothers and sisters to each other because and through you. I thank you because I earned a lot of siblings from all over the world who couldn’t care less but always be happy with each other’s success of meeting you.

You have everything that you ever needed… a wonderful wife and loving children, successful profession… All I pray for is that you stay healthy and free of any harm. Always remember that you have a home here in the Philippines…our hearts will forever be your home. God bless you…Mabuhay! Maligayang Pasko at Masaganang Bagong Taon. (Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year) . We love you, idol!

The Travel Fans also want to thank ROLAND 🙂
To Roland Orzabal aka Ravishing Rollie Sunshine…
OMG…We’re still speechless… (especially me (Andye)…I’ll probably always be speechless… ::sits shaking head::) You are unreal…and were very tolerant and patient…you gave more than any of us ever expected…EVER! We’re forever amazed and in awe of the following:

Ravishing Roland and JN w/happy baby! :) #SweetMoments
Ravishing Roland and JN w/happy baby! 🙂 #SweetMoments

That voice…THAT VOICE!!
A lifetime of amazing music
Sticking with the music industry as crazy as it is
The very sweet kiss given to a fan at the OC show
The ultra cool vibe during meet and greets
The dancing
Giving %110+ percent
Always looking like a GQ model
The Jokes… Andye still wants those dolls (3, Curt, Roland and Julian…just as you stated in Henderson/Vegas)
Remembering the names of fans
His brother coming to Vegas
Speaking to people when spoken to
As much as it is a pain, agreeing to meet&greets as arranged by promoters, etc…AND…sharing yourself with the world through music and the tours.

Many Thanks

Marcio with Brasil 2012
Marcio with members…in Brasil 2012

To the band and all that were on Tour on and off stage…Every single member, every single person on staff… was nothing shy of amazing. The energy of the 2012 road crew was genuine, respectful and kind. That means so much to us as we do by chance encounter them in passing.

Juli in Japan says: KC&CO
Thank you so much, Curt. Thank you so much, Roland. Thank you so much, Andye. And Thank you so much, everybody who helped us…
Wish to see you again, someday.
-Juli Nelson

Drummer Jamie Wollam, that drumstick is in a special place…Carri and Andye will not forget that. To each member we are ever so grateful…a life time of memories were made on this particular tour and it was something quite majestic…just stunning…every moment, every show…there’s nothing that compares…It is truly the Closest Thing to Heaven.

Becky, Janice and Carri in San Francisco...
Becky, Janice and Carri in San Francisco…

From Rebekah/Becky (of whom we met via Janice Whaley)
I want to wish each and everyone of you a Very Merry Christmas! Thank you for being part of my life and thank you for letting me be part of yours. We all share a common bond and a love that is stronger than race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, political aspirations, and prejudices. For that, I am probably the most thankful. ROCS (Roland&Curt) thanks for bringing us all together!! I love you! <– AMEN! Here’s to more good times (in due time). Masalaama!

-TeamROCS/TravelFans & Friends


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