Sheila (SheeShee) -Travel Fan Team Activities Lead USA

SheeSheeSheila lovingly called SheeShee by her fellow fan team friends is one of the sweet innovative ladies of the travel fan team. She and her husband Mark have captured some great moments on tour.

In 2011 Sheila lead us in a happy birthday celebratory song to Curt Smith. It was really cool. We gathered around Curt and sang happy birthday. It was an honour and we were happy to be a part of it. Later that year, despite having surgery on her hip, she showed up on the 2011 tour, cane and all and enjoyed the show. Roland looked into the audience and said, “You again!” very lovingly. It was awesome!

Shee Shee and CurtIn 2012, Sheila and Mark helped us take the now famous Sunset Station photo. If it hadn’t been for them our photo op may not have happened. She held the group together for us and Julian Orzabal was in tow. Many pictures were taken and a lifetime of dreams came true.
SheeShee we love you!!

Tears For Fears Fan MeetUp #7 Sunset Station  2012
Tears For Fears Fan MeetUp #7 Sunset Station 2012

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