Kai “Kai-Kai” Travel Fan

Kai with Curt
Kai with Curt

Kai, lovingly known as “Kai-Kai” by friends, is a wonderful friend and Travel Fan we met through Carri back in June 2011 at one of Curt Smith’s solo shows. She has been a wonderful support and help to us when we travel to California. She grabs food for those standing in line. She make sure we get back to our hotels after shows, she’s been a really great support and there will not ever be enough thank you’s for her love, support and kindness.

One night Kai-Kai, Carri, David Esquire and Andye stayed up til 4am in the morning in Los Angeles after a show…just reliving the whole thing. She is the perfect person to party with and also very smart and intelligent. She’s one of the best people we’ve met since travelling to L.A. We thought it was really sweet one day when Curt called her out while on stage…he could see her in the audience. She’s a lovely person and we cherish her.

1-Fullscreen capture 1282013 123938 PM-002Thank you Kai!!

David Esquire, Carri and Kai-Kai 2011
David Esquire, Carri and Kai-Kai 2011

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