Carolyn -Tears For Fears Travel Fan (Missouri)

Carolyn poses for a picture at a TFF concert venue.
Carolyn poses for a picture at a TFF concert venue.

Hello, my name is Carolyn and I am a Tears For Fears fan. (All together now, HI CAROLYN -said the members of TFF&Curt’sKerfuffles Anonymous) I do not apologize for being addicted to Tears For Fears, on the contrary, I shout it from the rooftops (just ask the people I work with, they have put up with my addiction for many years). I have TFF things (photos, ticket stubs, a very cool blue water bottle, a signed M&G badge, etc.), all over my desk at work. I would post a picture of the desk, but cameras are not allowed where I work. Suffice it to say that any hardcore fan would be proud to sit at that desk.

A little about me……I have been a fan since the 80’s. I was not able to see a TFF concert back then because I was busy being a Paramedic in Kansas City, Missouri, being in the United States Air Force, and then being a Mom. I had to make due with listening to their albums (yes, the vinyl ones), and watching their videos on MTV back when MTV actually played music videos. I went to my first TFF concert in 2007 in Las Vegas at the MandalayBay. Needless to say it was a dream come true! I felt like my life was complete. Since then I have attended 5 more…….GreenValley, LV…….Red Rock, LV……….Baltimore, Maryland…….San Fransisco, CA……..and Sunset Station, LV. The last two were this year. 2012 was the only year I went to two shows and I am going to try and make it to two shows each time now. I was lucky enough to meet Roland and Curt at the GreenValley gig. THEN it felt like my life was complete.

TearsForFears logo on Guitar...
TearsForFears logo on Guitar…

At the Red Rock show, I was sitting (more like standing and dancing) next to Andye, but I didn’t know her then, I just admired her enthusiasm. Lord that girl can dance and sing!!!! I was hip bumped by her all night, she is a hoot! The Red Rock, Green Valley and the Sunset Station concerts were my favorites (I loved ALL of them, but if I HAD to pick…..). Red Rock because of Andye and Rise, Green Valley because I met Roland and Curt, and Sunset Station because of Julian Orzabal and the Cabana peeps. So that is a brief history of me and my obsession with Tears For Fears. If they ever play in Kansas City, Missouri, I would be more then happy to assist everyone with airport details, hotel help, etc, etc. Hope to see you all at the next concert!!!!!!
Love, Carolyn

Tears For Fears Baltimore Stage
Tears For Fears Baltimore Stage

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