Carri, Travel Fan Team’s Sherlock of Risk Management

Carri poses for a photo before the show... taken by Andye A.
Carri poses for a photo before the show… taken by Andye A.

We met Carri through Curt Smith’s official fan page in 2010. Carri participated in the TeamCurtSmith Twitchange via Shaun King of HopeMob. Carri is known for her quick to contribute character…often the first to donate to causes that we’ve looked into at Curt Smith’s mention. She was also the highest contributor to Longacre Hall in our #25DaysOfLovingBathUK

Carri’s Travel Fan Story goes back to 1983. 

Little Carri D and her BFF Kai-Kai  spent their grade school years perched in Kai’s bedroom after school and on weekends. They were addicted to the idea of seeing their mega favourite music artist on this new thing called MTV. This was before DVRs and all the great technology we have today…you too may remember having to perch in front of MTV just waiting on your favourite bands to appear. In our case, it was of course Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, and Michael Jackson –The King of Pop. This pattern of perching and waiting has not ended. These two still sit (now on social media) on twitter, facebook and other media platforms chatting with their favourite bands.

Curt Smith/Tears For Fears San Francisco 2012
Curt Smith/Tears For Fears San Francisco 2012

Carri said she was eager to see her favourite, Curt Smith and Kai waited for Stewart Copeland of The Police (for our dancer friends in the fan club yes, that’s Miles’ brother). We have a picture of him somewhere in our archives hanging out with us at a show. Anytime Curt, Stewart or Michael Jackson appeared on the TV, these two were fixed…glued. Then, there was Roland Orzabal…Kai couldn’t get enough of his mega dance moves. She soon learned his moves and can, now, do them with perfection and ease. We’ve witnessed this.

Curt and Superfan Carri in Santa Monica California

Carri has always been fan of the song Pale Shelter as it was filmed in Los Angeles and had its debut in March…which is the month in which she was born. While adoring other bands like Adam and the Ants, she found herself shivering with excitement from Tears For Fears and their outstanding talent. From Madworld to the Working Hour the two friends spent 20 years enjoying the band, nicknaming each other “Tears” (Carri) and “Fears” (Kai-Kai).

Carri moved away but the two reunited in Los Angeles and the two were able to attend both a Curt Smith solo show and a Tears for Fears concert on a birthday weekend. As Carri stared into the microphone she could not believe it had been so long since she had seen him…first time since 1985’s sold out show in Hollywood. Now, there she was with this LEGEND…Later on at a Tears’ show, she became mesmerized as soon as he sang Pale Shelter. She just fell into a myriad of memories and tears. Her soul soared to heights unknown. She mentions time and time again, then and now, how Roland’s voice was so clear and magnificent…he has a timeless energy…he has such a powerful sound you could listen to it infinitely.

Curt Smith and Fan Carri 2012 Orange County California
Curt Smith and Fan Carri 2012 Orange County California

Upon hearing Curt’s heavenly divine, sultry voice…she couldn’t control herself. She just cried…completely out of control. She didn’t know if she was about die or what…memories of the past, overcoming traumatic events…his voice was healing…just pure mega good energy. Roland was intoxicatingly beautiful…hips swaying…and that voice…that amazing voice! It was outstanding! She says that is hands down one of the BEST DAYS of her life. She says she had the best birthday vacation because of this. She has been going full force ever since with Kai-Kai in tow to as many TFF shows as the good L-rd allows them to go.

Tears For Fears Superfans at the OC Show... Photo by Kai G.
Tears For Fears Superfans at the OC Show… Photo by Kai G.


Carri has a way of making special photos dazzle even more.
Carri has a way of making special photos dazzle even more.

Carri is also one to discuss risks of this, that and the other. She keeps us well informed of what risks we may be taking before engaging in different topics. We call her our risk management specialists 😉 Thank you Carri for keeping our best interest at heart.

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