New Music from Tears & Kooks in Band Land

Marcio Campos, Team Lead Brasil, is one of 5 archivist in the Americas. His collection of music is well organised.
Marcio Campos, Team Lead Brasil & TFF Music Archivist’s collection part I

Tweets, updates and “other news” have let us know that new music, a new album and maybe more are not out of the question for Tears For Fears. We are grateful that they are active and members are in the studio …again, pay attention, read those tweets, the answers are right there…and that’s all we’ll say on that.

While we wait, patiently and lovingly as noted on Curt’s wall by followers of the band we’re going to explore the new material that is already out.

Curt did a collaboration with Junkie_XL this past year. His song “When is Enough Not Enough” got quite a bit of attention from fans and the industry. The impressive sound was addictive and many couldn’t get enough of it. It was unreal how we reacted to this piece of music. You can simply click through that link on his name, follow him and visit his site to buy a copy of that magnificent song and the entire album.

Here’s a Youtube clip

Autographed cards and cd from DelaQ’s Julian Orzabal and Eric Senet

In the Orzabal Family one can find the band DelaQ. At this point, they need no introduction. Their Album Into the Blue was released in 2012. We reviewed it thoroughly and fell head over heels for just about every track.

We purchased several copies. At one point it became extremely hard to turn it off. All of this music came out around the same time…one right after the other…it was a feast for superfans everywhere.

Wild World Members in 2011 -Tears For Fears Superfan Alisa McCathern is lead vocalist
Wild World Members in 2011 -Tears For Fears Superfan Alisa McCathern is lead vocalist

From DelaQ we met Wild World. Fellow Tears for Fears Travel Superfan Alisa is the lead singer. They released an album in 2011 and another last month (Jan 2013).  The most recent, titled, “Campaign of Angels” is yet another piece of magnificent work. Very strong and heavily accented with instruments. It’s a journey for your mind and spirit.


soundcloud-logoIn the sea of fans, we were introduced to Robert O. on the night of the Brasil 2012 show. It was incredible…this guy has put together a ton of tribute songs and remixes of the bands work using his own voice for every layer on each track. He even wrote a tribute song to fellow fans. All of this can be found on soundcloud. Superfan RJO.  has been encouraged to keep writing, keep pushing himself to the next level…we say the same. Thank you Robert!

First Trivia Prize is a set of lyrics autographed by Wild World Lead Singer Alisa, Wild World’s 1st Album on CD “Where Have You Been” & 2nd album “Campaign of Angels.”

All this new music…so much to dive into and enjoy… Thanks to several members of DelaQ and WildWorld and approval from the Good Man Mr. Smith we’re going to give away some of this music through our Tears For Fears Fan Trivia. Answer 12 questions correctly and be the first to submit them to the Tears For Fears and Kooks Fan Page message button. The first person with the correct answers to their list of questions wins a prize. We have four to give away this spring.

Rules: Follow @papasfans on twitter or like the fan page for trivia question publication prompts. Winners can only win twice in a season. When a second set of trivia and the prize associated with it are ready, it will be highlighted in blue.

  • Trivia Question Set I: Prize -Autographed Wild World CD & Lyrics set (password: Wild) -No Winner, prize roll over
  • Trivia Question Set II: DelaQ CD -Into the Blue (password: BlueHot)
  • Triva Question Set III: Curt Smith solo CD and Kook coffee mug
  • Trivia Question Set IV: Roland Orzabal’s Tomcats Screaming Outside or The Graduate (pre-TFF)

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