Busy in Band Land -The Perch is On! Rocktober!

Tears for Fears Travel Fan Tshirts
Tears for Fears Travel Fan Tshirts

We’ve stayed pretty busy while the band prepares the new album and puts together a tour for later this year (tentatively October 2013). One of the fun things about being a 365TFF Travel Fan is that ‘the fun’ does not end on the last day of the tour(s). We keep it going all year round, online, at meetups and so much more…often the band is in tow in one way or another. They see just about everything we do…

Branding the Fans
Our official Travel Fan Tshirts have been a big hit around the globe. FYI: they are not for sale. These shirts are ‘production cost only items’ meaning travel fans and their friends pay for production of the item. We as Travel Fans are not a ‘for profit business’ making money from the band’s image. That’s illegal and rude. We appreciate Curt and Roland too much to engage in that type of behaviour. These shirts were cleared before production and we literally have to use our permission slip before companies will even create anything with the band’s name on it. We are grateful that they don’t allow reproductions.
If you are a travel fan and didn’t get your shirt, message us via the FB message tab (Tears For Fears & Kooks) for info on how to get one sent to your home.
Angie and Kath pose for pictures in the their travel fan tshirts - Location: Snow Hill, Bath UK (England)
Angie and Kath pose for pictures in the their travel fan tshirts – Location: Snow Hill, Bath UK (England)
IntoTheBlue~Musical Updates In BandFan Land~
Fan Robert O. and Julian Orzabal (Rolllie Sunshine’s younger brother) have been making music together. You may remember all of the songs that the two have been involved since November 2012 including songs dedicated to various fans. The work never stopped, they’ve got more material. Our moderator Andye explored and shared the recent tracks with fellow fans recently. Listen in:
Review: This is a refreshing change from anything I’ve heard the two of them do up to this point. I’m a big DelaQ fan and my friends and I were moved to tears after hearing Robert’s “Song for Andye” back in December. The lyrics to ‘All Together Now’ are true to life and describe kind of what we all discuss on facebook every day put to a trendy club-like beat. I could easily see this as a background for some sort of fan project or “global cause campaign.”  It did get a few replays from me and aside from being family friendly, it’s got that Euro soft-pop feel that works on a number of levels. I like it. It’s cute and catchy.
Review: Dreams is much closer to the spirit of Julian’s past work. I really enjoy this one. Julian has an edgy side but you get his softer, quiet (slightly loving if I may say so) tone on this track. It’s a warm blanket for your soul on a day when you’re just not sure you can keep going in difficult times. Hear that line, “love is a lost memory to alcohol and chemistry…” Omg, what in the world has this person gone through? It’s  a powerful song wrapped up in soft and comforting music notes. While I’m usually all about club beats and lively music, I know there is a time and place for pieces like these and that time is now. I’m currently cherishing this one.
*Hear other works by both artists on their facebook pages:
TFF Response~Getting Ready To Tour~
The tour will be here before you know it and so will Curt’s latest album featuring other members of Tears for Fears. It is a musical extravaganza in the works and more pleased we could not be… Like runners in need of water on a hot day, we are thirsty for their music. We love all of the material that the “Bath Boys” are producing and sharing with us. All of the updates, interactions and news have been a blessing.
Curt Solo Show
In other news: Quick shout out to our travel fan team member, Cammie, on getting her MA recently!  Even the band put their stamp of approval on that! All praise be to the Higher Power that our travel fan pals in the mid-west part of the states were spared during some tragic tornadoes. Carri, Lisa and Becky are all safe. Please note during bad weather we do ask that all members check-in so we can know you are okay or at least send for help in the event that it is needed. Follow us on Twitter (@papasfans) to interact and stay in touch. And always follow the band (@curtsmith) & (@tearsforfears).

Wishing everyone a great summer season as we perch for travel. It’s all about the band 365 days a year!

The Graduates -Cammie and friend pose for their MBA photo shoot...
The Graduates -Cammie and friend pose for their MBA photo shoot…thanks to the Band for the Graduation love!

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