Tears for Fears Making Dreams Come True for Lady Mel ~ A Travel Fan Story

Young Travel Fans
Young Travel Fans and mum Melissa

*The Travel fans would like to dedicate this to Mr. Gormont. Husbands in fan clubs play a special role in many lives. Thanks for your support! Enjoy Melissa’s amazing memories…

The concert at Mayo was the best time ever. I couldn’t sleep for days leading up to the concert due to the anticipation of seeing my favorite band. My kids were so excited as well. My youngest, Rachel is 7. She kept counting the days down. Sam was hoping they would sing his favorite song, “Advice for the Young at Heart”. Daniel, my son who has cerebral palsy can not talk. We know his likes and dislikes by facial reactions. His absolute favorite song is “Sowing the Seeds of Love”. We have the DVD for it. Any time we travel we have to play it. When it comes to that song, he goes crazy and smiles from ear to ear.

Daniel loves watching TFF on his road trips
Daniel loves watching TFF on his road trips

On the day of the concert, we started our 4 hour drive. The other kids wanted to watch a movie. Daniel pouted and was agitated until we put his TFF DVD in and turned it on. He knows what he wants. We were ecstatic when we found out we were going to be able to meet the band. I jumped up and down like a school girl on the cheerleading squad. My kids thought I was crazy. My husband just laughed. He knows how much this trip meant to us.

We loved every second of the concert. I had fun watching my children get to experience the TFF Magic. When they started Seeds of Love, I had to videotape Daniel. He just sat there like wow where is this coming from. He was completely amazed.


That night during his sleep he kept laughing. He would even open his eyes and giggle a little and fall back asleep. We knew what he was thinking about. When they sang Advice Sam got up and danced. He never dances but the music moved him. Rachel loved it all. She started to fall asleep at one point since she woke up super early to get there, but when monkey monkey monkey, her nickname for Head Over Heels, came on; she woke right up and started dancing. The only thing that could have made the night better was Woman In Chains. That is my favorite song. I would have loved to have heard it. I can’t complain though.

TFF touches my heart and soul. Their mesmerizing melodies and thought-provoking lyrics can not be beat. I couldn’t sleep that night after the concert. Dare I say my excitement after meeting Roland kept me in such ecstasy that words fail to describe it. He is such a compassionate man. He spoke to my husband, Rachel, Samuel and even Daniel. Some people are intimidated by special needs children. Not Roland. He was and still is one of the sweetest men I know. I will be forever grateful to him. He made the dreams of my children, my husband, and myself come true. He is truly an inspiration. He should be the role model that all new artists regard as the one to be.

Pre-Show cool settings at TFF shows...
Pre-Show cool settings at TFF shows…

Roland And Curt 1

Starting them off right, Gormont Kids know, Sunflowers are the way to go!
Starting them off right, Gormont Kids know, Sunflowers are the way to go!
The Good Sir & the Gormont Family
The Good Sir & the Gormont Family

*Moderator Notes*
We were unable to download the videos of Daniel and the kids enjoying the show. We do not usually feature “children” in our blog for their safety because the world is “mad.” However, we’re going to make an exception and work hard to get the videos uploaded. I must attempt to paint a picture of Daniel’s face. It was just priceless…like every dream had come true. His expression was just beautiful. Thank you Lady Mel for answering the roll call bonus, driving down with your family and spending time with us! Welcome to the Travel Fan family!

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Tears for Fears Making Dreams Come True for Lady Mel ~ A Travel Fan Story

  1. As a teacher of children with special needs, it is thrilling to hear this story of Lady Mel and her family. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. of course i knew this story, but cried AGAIN today reading your words. amazing, special man roland is, and so are you and your family! x x

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