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photo courtesy of Lax

No frills on this announcement, just straight forward info. Tears for Fears are scheduled to play in Los Angeles at the Forum for the iHeart 80s Party hosted by 102.7 KIISFM. Be sure to explore the website of the radio station as they have a lot of contests and opportunities to win tickets to a wide range of events…not saying they’re giving away tickets to this event but you know how it is. They have giveaways, so sign up.

The Line Up
Tears for Fears
The Culture Club
Missing Persons
Rick Springfield

That’s CLEARLY going to be a stellar show. The concert takes place on Saturday night, the 20th of February at The Forum in Los Angeles, California.  Tickets went on sale some time ago. Fans got notice from the Tears for Fears official account just a bit before the tickets went on sale. Prices range from $30 to $135 retail and have already hit 3rd party sellers for much more than that. Third party sellers have tickets around $225 to $491. Again, buy at your own risk but given the short notice, what choice do you have if you really want to be in the front/floor seating? If you want us to help you find these third party tickets, you can send us an email to the Tears for Fears & Kooks – Travel Fan Page

Photo from The Forum

Venue Location: The Forum – 3900 W. Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, California 90305,

Parking is $20 – $40 (preferred parking) depending on which lot you choose – For those who need their private limo to wait on them, there is no charge for that. Limo waiting has a designated spot in the area. Don’t judge…sometimes it’s that crucial.

Accommodations: There are a ton of inexpensive hotels in that area. Our suggestion is the Le Meridien. Prices vary from $200USD+ depending on room type. It’s in the Santa Monica area and as you may have seen from past blog posts, it’s worth it for a short getaway.

Meet & Greets – contact the radio station, this is a third party event.

Hope that helps everyone out.

TFF Travel Fan Team Mods

Tears for Fears loyalists and travel fans ready for ROCS! #ItsMagic – Tears for Fears make it worth your while! Travel to shows! Go!

*Tune-in to Periscope tonight for a quick chat with Brit-Pop, New Wave and Snyth pop music guru Minka of Media ATL for insights on the history of this era of tunes in the states. 5:45pm ET set up and going live shortly after. Follow @papasfans (travel fan team account on Twitter) for live details.

*Info on UK shows coming up… just awaiting final notes from Travel Fan team leaders in the region.

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  1. Hello ladies, you look fabulous, thanks for all your hard work for all of us TFF fans & freaks 😉 it would be nice to put names to the faces in this picture 😁Keep up the Great work!

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