Tears for Fears – Love from London & Family

Feature Photo

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks in the Tears for Fears universe. After an outstanding week and a half swooning, crying and existing in a constant state of “shook af,” we got two INCREDIBLE SHOWS in one of the world’s most historic cities…and the nation where the awesomeness that is Tears for Fears began!

Big thanks to Captain Julian Orzabal, Andrew W., the team at the BBC and staff behind the BBC Red Button streaming services for everything!

Andrew had an amazing time and shared this awesome photo with us which we’ve made the feature picture on our FB page. Here’s what he had to say.

“I finally got to meet both Roland and Curt after the BBC show in London. What lovely guys they are and what a show. I also saw them last night at the Royal Albert Hall which was one of their best gigs ever in the greatest venue in London. They didn’t play the new single but did play Broken at the end of HOH. Badman’s song was awesome. My highlight was Change as it really comes alive in the live setting. Can’t wait to hear Stay of the new CD…” -Andrew W. on his Tears for Fears concert experience this week

Captain Julian snagged some really great shots that he has kindly allowed us to scoop up and display.


Royal Albert Hall

And the BBC just spoiled us rotten with these great live streams for all fans globally.

Here’s the scene from the tiny HQs all around the world



Good Lady Bumbleward was there, that’s always awesome! We love her!



Tiny HQ version

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Break It Down Again

Memories Fade

Pale Shelter

Head Over Heels

Woman in Chains


30 min snapshot of show highlights

Well wishes from fans and travel fan team members around the world!


But then we had to wake this bloke up to the genius that is Tears for Fears…

Now let this be our inspiration going forward to exercise, get some sleep, and take good care of ourselves as we get into the new year because there’s lots more to come! New music, BIG TOUR and other cool stuff! Can’t wait!

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