Hugging the White Elephant

The number of email received regarding The Sun’s publication is enough…we will not address it beyond this…

Last week The Sun, considered a tabloid newspaper, released some information that we chose back in September to stay out of and let the band be the ones to speak about their families. We’ve always held that position. It wasn’t that we want to keep secrets but we don’t talk about their families…that’s sacred ground. We have Curt and Roland’s trust and we’re not about to blow it by being forward and considering ourselves Tears for Fears’ Public Relations… However, The Sun seems to think they have the right… mmkay. Karma is a bitch – time will take care of that faux pas.

It wouldn’t have been nearly as bad if they could have just waited until after the concerts. To bring this up a week before two major shows FEELS not like reporting but something else entirely…were they just trying to be messy? What good was served reporting such things ahead of the shows? If The Sun wants to be taken seriously (which seems unlikely), wouldn’t it have been better to say something this week vs. right before the concerts? I mean…what the f*ck?!

The Sun Damage
Clip of the anger toward those that advertise in such publications – advertising is how media survives…


Our inbox is full of really sad and hurt people who genuinely care about Roland’s family and children. Many of us gently and respectfully follow the family tweets, Raoul’s artwork and enjoy Pascal’s fun tweets and publications. We are big fans of Curt’s daughter, Diva Smith, and enjoy the few times we get to see Wilder peek her precious head into the social scene. And that’s how we like it. Wholesome, clean and unintrusive. It’s no one’s place to know more than what they care to show us. For those who were kindly informed of the details by officials, kudos for just keeping quiet – we, too, are not saying anything. Let the band the talk about it… There’s a big line between being “fan family” and a blood relative so we have decided we will not share the details. It’s not our place. When they are ready to talk about it so will we…

-AA, Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team Moderator

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