Exit Strategy, by Reverend Charlton Pettus #TFFBookClub

I came home and found Exit Strategy on my door step. So I dived into it immediately after tearing out of my work clothes – a black polka dot dress with a poofy petticoat and into my Tears for Fears pajamas. I had planned to read it using the Kindle app if the book didn’t arrive in time to start today’s awaited first chapter read. But I’m sitting here like my former grade school librarian eating this book for dinner.

One of the first things that caught my eye is the use of angel numbers in the “before.” I’ve been bombarded with 444, 1117 and the scariest of all 11:11 for a few years now. Reverend Pettus has begun with 12:34. That’s the number for step by step, pacing and so much more.

After staying in Boston with Deb in Jamaica Plains this past year post-tour for the TFF 2017 Wrap Up as we call it, I squealed as mental images surfaced by street name. I also finished a series of novels by a wild author and there is the mention of car speeds that end a few chapters. Those were my idea to that author. Kind of exciting to see them here too.

Why does this matter? Perhaps I’m hyper vigilant but I find it odd that anything to do with Tears for Fears, be it remotely and removed to a degree (e.g. Roland and now, the Reverend’s publications), coincidentally have very strong connections to our waking and real lives. It’s beyond coincidence at this point. While I’ll sit back and read this without vigilance, I’m pretty sure enough of will leave me with my hair standing on top of my head and chilly with goosebumps.

Looking forward to listening and reading the reactions, thoughts and deep moments with fellow fans.

Get your copy on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

– Andye, TFF Travel Fan Moderator

#TFFBookClub or #ExitStrategy

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