Saluting Musicians!

Every now and again you run into someone that isn’t aware that (insert band) is still touring. It’s overwhelming when you have so much information on said band and you don’t know the person well enough to even say, “Hey, did I hear you say you like Culture Club?” For many of us, finding out that someone isn’t aware that Tears for Fears have had newer music past Seeds of Love is enough to make us faint and fall out. Who else has chocked on their drink or clutched their pearls on those rare occasions you hear someone ask, “Whatever happened to Tears for Fears?” By the time you get your bearings the person has already wondered off and it’s too awkward to say anything in passing.

But there you are the loyal soldier of sound attending shows, active on the bands’ social and interacting with other fans. You are the meat and potatoes of the music industry! But so are the bands. These guys are spending their days and nights working hard to get music to us, leaving behind families and relatives, other money making opportunities to bring you a song from your past. It’s a cyclical support and each of us plays a part. So pat yourself on the back and dance your arse off at the show. May we always be able to support and be there for one another…long live the band and fan relationships!

Enjoy some snippets from the recent 80s Music Extravaganza Tour and two artists from Retro Futura’s summer sensational series!

Scenes from Plato de Oro – Benefit Show @ Cafe Pinot

Wow! Whether you were on site or remote, we got to see a great show yesterday evening. Curt Smith and members of Tears for Fears including the awesome Rev. Charlton Pettus, author of Exit Strategy, performed one of their iconic acoustic sets last night at Cafe Pinot in Downtown Los Angeles. What a joy! We’re so happy that several amazing people were able to attend and represent! This post is dedicated to each of you and a BIG HONOURABLE mention to Artemisa, OWN Ambassador, for her check-ins, attendance at the show and continuous shares and follow-ups throughout the night. Such a lovely gesture.


Also want to thank Katia and YoGiNo for sharing glimpses from the night. Very kind of you all!

Thanks Katia! We were expecting this song and the Good Man Curt delivered!

Seven of Sundays – from Curt Smith’s solo work

Shoutout to 3TenEvents for this great video!

There’s still an opportunity to help others by visiting the Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles site. You can also follow them on twitter @TheHHCLA. Tell them you learned about them from Curt Smith of Tears for Fears. Let them know his fans are all about caring and supporting their efforts!

Thanks again!
-AA, TFF Travel Fan Team Moderator

Curt Smith (plus Tears for Fears) at Cafe Pinot

Good News! Mari Moon, an organiser with Plato de Oro Dinner & Auction, sent this message to us this week. We are permitted to attend and take part in the Plato de Oro Dinner & Auction which will feature Curt Smith and members of Tears for Fears (likely Charlton, Doug and Jamie). This is a great opportunity to donate and be a part of an amazing cause. Read more…

Tears for Fears Travel Fans and Kooks! You’re invited on SUNDAY, JUNE 3 @ Cafe Pinot in DTLA to a special, intimate performance by CURT SMITH and the TEARS FOR FEARS band at Homeless Health Care Los Angeles’ Plato de Oro Annual Fundraising Dinner & Auction. It will be a spectacular night of music, dinner and cocktails at Cafe Pinot in DTLA, and an exciting silent & live auction.

Tickets are $250 and sponsor tables are also available. We’re already close to selling out so please buy your tickets soon! For tickets, go to or click on the link below. To know more about the wonderful charity you’ll be donating to, please visit See you on Sunday, June 3! Get excited!!

Stay at the Line Hotel near the Wilshire Hotel. It’s a nice spot and you can Uber to the venue. Because this is such short notice we are willing to send a proxy on our behalf. You can reach out to us on the Tears for Fears Travel Fans & Kooks FB page if you plan to attend.

Those nearby do your best to attend. Otherwise consider making a donation. Hashtag it #TFFFan so they know that the band’s fans are supportive of their work. Our goal is to push and promote philanthropic causes and teams. We’re not just enjoying the music, we are helping people as much as we can.

If you’ve been following this Travel Fan blog for any length of time you will know how much FUN it is to see Curt Smith in Los Angeles. It’s a really big deal and it’s spectacular! You’ll be happy you went!

Sunday 3 June
Cafe Pinot
700 W 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90071
$250 tickets – includes dinner & show (worth EVERY penny)
5:30pm – 9:30pm PST

Thank you for attending!
AA, TFF Travel Fan Moderator

Tears for Fears – BBC Appearances 2018

You must be living under a sound proof rock if you’ve not been bombarded with the news about Tears for Fears and the numerous times they’ve been on the BBC in the past six months! It’s brilliant and soul stirring all the same. Week after week there’s a post about a replay of the 2017 appearances. So here we go again with another chance to see them live and we are all steeped in excitement!

This time it’s for 27 May. Tickets already went on sale – this was another one of those reasons to always have your Travel Fan Cash Stash stacked as much as possible so you can be “perched” to purchase the good stuff.

If you’re familiar with how Coventry works, click for direct ticket link. Otherwise you may want to explore the site first with “purchase the good stuff.” As for accommodations and where we plan to stay. Our suggested hotel is the Ramada Hotel and Suites simply because we can’t find much closer that we like. However, do note that there are plenty of others at reasonable rates. You’re looking to pay about $100USD a night for this one after taxes and fees. That’s not bad. You will want to go through the website directly simply because we’ve seen way too many third party snafoos. Now, if you’re one of those Travel Fans that NEVER has a problem with discount sites and third party vendors, you go right ahead with your bad self and book through whomever. But we’re going to play it safe, get the membership and book directly through the hotel to take advantage of the perks that booking through the brand entails. Those who travel with us regularly will understand! Some of us will already be in the UK at this time so airfare is not what we’ll focus on but if you’re flying in just for this show – we suggest booking with Delta NOW for the best prices.

Because the venue is so close to the suggested hotel, you can get there in 6 minutes by ground transportation. Otherwise it’s a 30 minute walk to the venue. So just take ground transport and save your dignity vs. arriving bloody warm and tired.

There are tons of places to eat and hang out! That means it’s a perfect opportunity for a fan meetup. We’ll go ahead and make an event page on the main TFF Travel Fan Facebook page for each of the events including this one so that loyal travellers can plan accordingly and know who all will be in attendance. Numbers have grown exponentially in travel fans. We used to be about 75 per show – 80% of the time and now it’s in the 100s. Very hard to find venues to accommodate us all at once. So let’s just say we’ll see each other there!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment or an email on Facebook or Twitter. We are connected 20 hours out of the day and are pretty quick to answer. Can’t wait to see everyone partying in the name of Tears for Fears!

Thanks for reading!
TFF Travel Fan Team

Stay – The Ultimate Healing Serenade

Can we talk about the song Stay for a minute? Clearly it’s about a relationship that is just in the midst of confusion and discomfort. Many of us can relate and for far too many of us, especially one, it’s quite timely. Curt is more than comforting on this one and it reminds many of us of some of the dreamy and engulfing tracks from Mayfield, Halfway Pleased and Deceptively Heavy…this is a grand reminder of his talent and power to heal. He has a gift. You’ll always remember his voice. It tattoos itself on your heart and soul.

*For those that didn’t get their copy of the album when promised, a digital copy was provided and we were able to download the entire release of Rule the World. It’s certainly a wonderful gesture. This release contains a booklet, some or all are signed. Curt has a silver pen that many of us who’ve been to his solo shows have seen and it seems that few of those feature that signature silver script. Very exciting! You can see why so many of us flocked with lightening speed to his solo shows and we can imagine in the future if and when he gives a speech or something that is announced in a reasonable amount of time that we’ll be rushing back out to his area so we can be present. Meanwhile, enjoy these lyrics and for those going through any type of emotional pain, book a nice spa afternoon or create one yourself and put this in your ears. You can thank Good Man Curt for the euphoric experience right after…

Lyrics to Stay by Tears for Fears

Speak, don’t speak
Go, don’t go
Damned if I do, damned if I know
Wait. don’t linger
Wait, down, slow
Stay for the open hand
Or let it all go

[Early Chorus]
Young enough
To play the game
Old enough to know
It’s all or nothing

Stay. don’t stay
Go, don’t go
Stay. don’t stay
Go, don’t go

Dust to dust
We all fall down
Runfor the hills
Until we’re safe and sound

[Early Chorus]
Are we young enough
To play the game?
Old enough to know
It’s all or nothing?

Stay. don’t stay
Go, don’t go
Stay. don’t stay
Go, don’t go
Stay. don’t stay
Go, don’t go

It’s all or nothing

Stay. don’t stay
All or nothing, all or nothing
Go, don’t go
All or nothing, all or nothing
Stay. don’t stay
All or nothing, all or nothing
Go, don’t go

Just beautiful…song is as gorgeous as he is. Heaven bless him. Thanks for reading.
AA, Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team

Tears for Fears Tour 2018

New Dates – Unofficially announced – see article:

Tears Updated


Some early notes for Tears for Fears Travel Fans coming in from the states…
By now, you know, you need a passport. We are recommending flying Delta or British Airways to get to the U.K. and, once there, use the series of trains and ground transportation to get to the hotel and venue. If you have questions, we’ve got of TONS of fans who are on standby willing to assist with how to get from point A to point B. For this tour, we will be choosing hotels that are a little different from our norm in order to cut down the cost (though some are far from a steal). Remember, buy your pre-sale tickets first, let everything else fall into place.

*picture: First Direct Leeds Arena concert venue seating

POSTPONED – 27 AprilFirst Direct Arena LeedsHotelTickets
We’re in for a treat, this venue was voted Best New Venue in the World 2014!

POSTPONED – 28 AprilMotorpoint Arena in Nottingham, United KingdomHotelTicketsSeating Chart

This venue offers hospitality experiences and since we have a few days between shows this is a perfect time to think about something nice prior to the concert (not after).

SEC Armadillo Seating
SEC Armadillo has a big gap between the stage and the front row but really nice! Room for dancing!

POSTPONED 30 April SEC Armadillo – Tickets – Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow Seating Chart
*Some of the Travel Fan team members have lots of friends in Glasgow and with this added show, it might be nice to just stay on a few days – if you do it’s understandable. Great opportunity to do some real meeting up and hanging out. If you can’t do the first two shows, try to do this one!

POSTPONED 2 May3 Arena Dublin Ireland – TicketsSeating Chart – Hotel: Hilton

Cardiff Motorpoint Arena detailed seating plan
Cardiff Motorpoint Arena detailed seating plan

POSTPONED 4 May Motorpoint Arena Cardiff – This venue is 30 minutes from the airport. Hotel suggestion is: The Big Sleep Hotel prices are as low as 57 GBP a night and this hotel just underwent a renovation.

Birmingham NIA National Indoor Arena seating plan

POSTPONED 5 MayArena Birmingham Buy Tickets – Seating Plan – Hotel: Hilton Birmingham

*You have time to relax a little for this show with that one day in between so be sure to use the suggested hotel. Save the cheap ones for the nights you’re not really staying long in that particular city. This is more about seeing the band and hanging out with fellow fans vs. site seeing for us. Now, about those untiered floor blocks…whaaat? Gracious me!

POSTPONED 7 MaySEC ArmadilloTickets – Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow
This is the original show that was planned, a new one was added above due to demand. Remember – *Don’t bring a large bag to this venue. Try to leave large purses, etc. at home for this show.


POSTPONED 8 MayEcho Arena in Liverpool – TicketsSeating Chart – Hotel: You’re spoiled for choice – from furnished flats that are within walking distance to one with The Beatles theme…you already know which one we’re gonna pick! You get a little time here so make it count!


10 MayThe O2 – TicketsSeating Chart – Hotel: Intercontinental The02
*That venue link takes you to their VIP experience. This is different from buying a premium seat VIP ticket to see TFF. Our idea of premium seating is on the stage or in front of it…preferably the aforementioned. LOL! O2’s venue option provides extra comfort around “a” show. This is a great pre-game/pre-show thought that we will explore. We certainly don’t plan to sit in their VIP suite to watch R&C on a screen. But it would be nice to do something in advance or afterwards.


POSTPONED 11 MayBournemouth BIC WindsorTicketsSeating Chart– Hotel -this hotel isn’t that close to the venue as others but it’s really nice. It’s also a bit less expensive than the closer options which include Park Central and a the Bournemouth Marriott.

VIP options – just read through them all and see if you want to do something fun pre-show. Great time to meetup with fans. Pick one, let us know which is your favourite.


POSTPONED 12 May Brighton CentreTicketsSeating Chart– Hotel
*Sometimes we say, “Hey, if you’re gonna go…go all out” and you certainly will with our hotel choice. It’s over $200 a night USD but worth it. If by this time you’re broke from buying enough merch to wear a different TFF t-shirt each day of the month there’s a Travelodge nearby as well.


Airfare hasn’t really dropped but if you book now you can save a couple of hundred dollars on Delta. If you’re in Europe already I’d say fly Air Italia or Lufthansa to all of these locations. If you’re flying Air France, let us know because we’re just curious about the service. There are also a number of trains that will help you get from point A to point B but we’re going to stick with planes because it’s just a little faster and if you miss something you can usually get the next flight to the following concert location within an hour. With shows this close together we can’t take any chances.

AFAS Live Berlin Seating

14 May AFAS Live – Netherlands
Venue Link:


Hotel: Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam Arena Boulevard $78+ USD


16 May Berlin Germany’s Tempodrom
Venue Link:


Hotel: Crown Plaza Berlin – Potsdamer Platz

Seating Plan:

mehr theatre

17 May – Hamburg Germany’s Mehr! Theatre
Venue Link:

Tickets (ticket link should be live soon):

Hotel: Hyperion Hamburg

le dome

18 May Paris France’s Palais des Sports (Le Dome de Paris)
Venue Link:


Hotel: Okko Hotel Paris – good price! $118 USD approx. per night

Travel Fan Contact: Patricia O. @PatricaTFF on Twitter

20 May Antwerpen Belgium’s Lotto Arena
Venue Link:


Hotel: Radisson Blue Antwerp

Mediolanum Forum

23 May – Milan Italy’s Mediolanum Forum


Hotel: Hotel NH Milano Congress

26 May – Bath FestivalsClick here for details from venue

27 May – BBC Radio Biggest Weekend – Sunday Show – Click here for TFF Travel Fan detailsClick here for TFF Travel Fan details

What to expect next year – a good, powerful set list! We’re hoping Michael Wainwright will stick with the band as well for the majority of 2018. He is very enjoyable and friendly. He’s known to come out and speak to fans as he is a very personable person. We consider him to be a member of Tears for Fears as much as many others before him. MW of whom you may see us refer to as Nice Guy Mike (NGM) was with the band prior to Carina Round in case some of you who are just now getting back on the fan train didn’t know. He’s real cool and we’re looking forward to more. We’re also hoping Mr. Moyer gets a good spin with the band so we can enjoy his marvelous sax on The Working Hour.

Meet & Greets + Fan Conferences – no word yet…still on the EMFH RSVP for that. So we’ll see…

Stick around, more news to come in this space…

Thanks for reading,
AA, TFF Travel Fan Team Moderator

*Feature Photo Cover used with permission by Captain Julian Orzabal

Hugging the White Elephant

The number of email received regarding The Sun’s publication is enough…we will not address it beyond this…

Last week The Sun, considered a tabloid newspaper, released some information that we chose back in September to stay out of and let the band be the ones to speak about their families. We’ve always held that position. It wasn’t that we want to keep secrets but we don’t talk about their families…that’s sacred ground. We have Curt and Roland’s trust and we’re not about to blow it by being forward and considering ourselves Tears for Fears’ Public Relations… However, The Sun seems to think they have the right… mmkay. Karma is a bitch – time will take care of that faux pas.

It wouldn’t have been nearly as bad if they could have just waited until after the concerts. To bring this up a week before two major shows FEELS not like reporting but something else entirely…were they just trying to be messy? What good was served reporting such things ahead of the shows? If The Sun wants to be taken seriously (which seems unlikely), wouldn’t it have been better to say something this week vs. right before the concerts? I mean…what the f*ck?!

The Sun Damage
Clip of the anger toward those that advertise in such publications – advertising is how media survives…


Our inbox is full of really sad and hurt people who genuinely care about Roland’s family and children. Many of us gently and respectfully follow the family tweets, Raoul’s artwork and enjoy Pascal’s fun tweets and publications. We are big fans of Curt’s daughter, Diva Smith, and enjoy the few times we get to see Wilder peek her precious head into the social scene. And that’s how we like it. Wholesome, clean and unintrusive. It’s no one’s place to know more than what they care to show us. For those who were kindly informed of the details by officials, kudos for just keeping quiet – we, too, are not saying anything. Let the band the talk about it… There’s a big line between being “fan family” and a blood relative so we have decided we will not share the details. It’s not our place. When they are ready to talk about it so will we…

-AA, Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team Moderator