Tears for Fears Travel Fans’ Quarterly Update

Dedicated to the birthday week lovelies, Lady Wilder Smith and Young Lady Vivi Orzabal, plus dedications to the Curry family and Radio Bath who have been super supportive of the band and Travel Fans worldwide!


We got more than we asked for or expected from the band in the fourth quarter. The new music, more new merch, great notifications, email, reminders, tour schedule and the requested ticket options were incredible to say the least. These gifts were followed by a number of truly impactful and touching interviews with Roland and Curt. Big shout out to Gwen of TFF UK for often making sure we had those interviews as soon as we woke up. As far as the year goes, we had a ton of great gifts from the band’s families as well. Be sure to revisit their music and art noted in the Q2 & Q3 updates of this site. Shoutout to the Curry family for providing some great pieces from Raoul Orzabal’s artwork. Truly extraordinary! Also, big high fives to the families who bought their children tickets to the shows! There were lots of cool photos of kids getting their concert tickets for their birthdays and as holiday gifts. Proves how multigenerational the band is as we’ve noted for several years now.

The Second Single

Most of you have already heard it and play it often. For those that haven’t, it’s called ‘No Small Thing’ and as much as it has excited many, it has also flustered some. Thankfully, for most it was a “wow, they went there, good on them” moment. Not going to sit here and act like everyone embraced it immediately. After watching and reading comments for several days after it was released, here’s what several of us noticed. There were a number of men who said they didn’t “get it.” They questioned why the band did not (in their opinion) produce a “catchy pop song with a hook.” Dudes, since when have Tears for Fears produced music for superficial reasons? For some of us, we feel just producing pop for pop’s sake is a cheap distraction. Instead, the guys gave us a rich and bold song that acts as a mirror to look at ourselves – be we the problem or part of the solution (and or, may we dare say, the picked on – which in itself can make one think of how one can improve one’s situation). The song shows us who we are as a global community. This is what Tears for Fears have done so eloquently, in their way, for years.

It’s a very strong song and just like Darren Hull, moderator of the Tears for Fears Fan Forum says, (paraphrase) “get a good headset and have a listen – it makes all the difference.” And it does. The song is what you’d want in a strong smart global leader. If humans could embody this song, we’d be close to Utopia.

It came at a very auspicious time, as with The Tipping Point. The 3rd of December is a very tough day for a few fans. It’s the anniversary of family members’ passing, our condolences. The song thankfully comforted several of those individuals experiencing loss and we’re all just taking a moment to accept we’re in the middle of a world at a crossroads. We hope the band will include this song on the tour. We all need a moment of reflection as we enjoy our freedoms – or what’s left of them. *Several pieces of imagery in the song feature photos that coincidentally reflect recent laws that have caused major issues for some citizens or in some cases were created to protect the freedoms of others. The reactions that followed the song’s release revealed a lot about certain individuals – some of whom we may need to just stay away from because the root of their “anger” was inequality and that’s not the way of TFF or their music. Thankfully, as the weeks went on, posts emerged noting how people play the song daily, or in the morning and how it is the first song on their minds at the start of their day…and, by miracle, a lot of former critics said… “We get it now and we love it!” Thank goodness.

The Tickets & The 2022 Tour

We examined things that went well with the ticket buying process and things that may need to be addressed. The prices for the tickets ranged from the low $100s up to $495 before taxes and fees. The higher end tickets included some great incentives such as VIP entrance, lounges for some venues and the beloved soundcheck plus other gifts. This coincidentally matches a request made back in 2019. So that was a good thing. Many feel this offering will make up for the absence of meet and greets due to Covid. We can add this to what went right as we kind of got what we asked for two years ago. We got a presale code that allowed us to buy our tickets ahead of others. We did not have to fight with scalpers who often bought the tickets for $150 then drove the price up 300% on a third-party site. This also removed the need for those desperate to be able to see the band, from going bankrupt purchasing third party seats only to find out that some of them are not even valid tickets. It also eliminated the pain of sitting in a Ticketmaster waiting room one hour early only to still find that premium seats were completely gone. So we got a deal this year, gifts and great seats all for one price. Now let’s pray Covid and all its complicated restrictions are removed by then so we can go to the shows with ease and little to no anxiety.

So, what went wrong? Some fans reported they didn’t get the code until late at night. We don’t know why and we should really investigate what happened. Some thought they could only use the code once which meant they bought one ticket with the code and then fandangled a way to get tickets to other shows when they should have been using the same code for every venue. Many of us were online trying to explain to others and hopping on calls throughout the day to show other fans they can use the code and go to more than one show.

But overall, that code saved us! Would really appreciate that becoming a standard with the band and the ticket distributor.

A lot of us bought a lot of extra tickets because some just weren’t able to get tickets at that moment. We do recognise there was some sticker shock for some. Looking back at prices, $400 is the highest we’ve ever paid for a show in the past and that was 2017 when the guys tagged along with H&O (Shaky Knees $1000 each tickets were the exception as that was a 3 day festival with free beer all day). Knowing this, we have, as mentioned, purchased extra tickets. We distributed some already to those we knew needed a few more days. Here’s what tickets are left that we know of. They are all for face value, no one is selling for higher than they paid.

Reach out to us on Facebook if you need one of these. We’ll get you in touch with the original purchaser.

2 Orchestra seats for Atlanta

2 VIP for Cincinnati

1 extra non-VIP for Cincinnati

2 VIP for Cuy OH

1 extra non-VIP for Cuy OH

2 left side orchestra non-VIP San Diego (on hold)

2 center for Los Angeles

1 right center Los Angeles

2 VIP Irvine TX (Dallas)

2 extra Irvine

2 VIP Tampa

RSVP to the Show

Right now when you search Tears for Fears + city of the show you plan to attend on Facebook, it should produce an event page where you can note you’re attending. The purpose of the event pages are to help fans connect and travel together if they wish. These are fan generated event pages meant for fan generated fun.

Annual Holiday Song

Curt’s WamU video in Psych 3: This is Gus is the holiday song this year and it was so damn good, people took cold showers to calm down after watching it. That ice cream though… If you haven’t seen the new Psych movie featuring Curt and all his pals, you need to go watch it. It’s funny and you’ll be rewatching the ending if not the whole movie at least three times. It’s delicious! Here’s some behind the scenes chatter on it – minus Curt though, damnit – where is he in this!? And who is serving ice cream sandwiches?

More Music:

photo by Wiley Price of SLA

TFF Alumni member, Oleta Adams, had a great start to winter. She was featured in a holiday parade and also performed with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and IN UNISON choir. It was absolutely beautiful! Be sure to catch her on tour in spring 2022.

Michael Wainwright also has a new holiday song called ‘Don’t It Feel Like Christmas‘ and we’re super thrilled! Be sure to get your copy of that!

Libre Stone released a beautiful enriched black vinyl of their latest album Mark of Cain. It’s a real beauty. Like a black stallion horse, it’s got power and is an awesome album for a road trip. We’ll definitely be playing it as we get around town.

TFF for a Good Cause

The UK’s largest independent music therapy charity, Nordoff Robbins uses music to enrich the lives of people with life-limiting illnesses, disabilities and feelings of isolation. They are currently partnered with the band on this marvelous piece of art. It’s the audio from EWTRTW. The music therapist within the travel fan team, Deb, would be able to better explain how powerful music therapy is for patients. This is another amazing way to salute the band all while participating in a wonderful cause. It looks like all are signed and you can also choose framing depending on which option you pick. Be sure to have a look.

Next Steps:

So now, we count down to the 25th of February, an auspicious date. This is the day that the new album is released (and coincidentally the same date that the band’s SFTBC album was released in ’85). The Tipping Point will be available in full and our merch will be released from SandBoxLLC. If you haven’t purchased it, please do not hesitate because the album and merch might all be sold out by that time. Go ahead and grab your tour couture and garb now!

Also take time to listen to the interviews. There are many and they are so important to understanding the roots of the band if you have, for some odd reason, never done that deep dive. You will love them more and feel closer to your fellow fans as we surge forward in support of the band’s extremely healing work. Here are a few of the ones that really stood out:

Consequence of Sound

Consequence of Sound – a second one

#474 Greatest Music of All Time Podcast


SDE – on how Tipping Point unlocked the whole album

Tape Op

The Creative Independent

The Stereogum

Rolling Stone

The New Cue


Retropop Magazine

Ken Bruce – BBC2 (all week featured Curt Smith from 2-7 Jan, 2022

My Turning Point

Fans’ Reality

We have to understand we have a bit of a threat on our hands. While many are so eager to get the vaccine and said they’ll get as many vaccines as necessary, some people can’t do that. For medical reasons and more, some just aren’t physically able to take the current Covid vaccine. There’s also questions about the health and safety of vaccines and how many are too many. Therefore, a lot of Covid testing has to take place if current venue rules stay in place. Prior to the show, those without the vaccine(s) have to be tested and if they are positive they are mandated to rush away and isolate. What a heart crushing and horrible thing to endure. If you are for whatever reason testing positive (Vaccinated or not) you can’t enter most venues as of now – we hope that as this virus goes away the rules will change. Because, here’s the deal, you spend all that money on a great seat, you’ve got your tour couture on and all of the sudden you can’t even enter and are sent away like an outcast? We get it…health and safety first. We want everyone to be able to get to the show and actually get in. So, for now, consider isolating and testing two weeks to a month prior to the show. Make sure you’re in best health (take your vitamins, exercise, sweat in a sauna, eat more veggies, etc.) and ensure that you are travelling with healthy people. If you have to take a flight, be sure to wear a mask or maybe rent a car, disinfect it and drive to the venue yourself. Our goal is to get to the shows and actually enter, Covid free and spend the summer together.

Meanwhile, please know that we’ve got some great moderators out there in a few groups. Shoutout to the fan forum for providing a free ticket opportunity recently. The Travel Fans were approached by Live Nation for a ticket giveaway but as with all things we get band permission first before conducting giveaways in their name. We’ll let you know how that goes. Right now, interacting with fellow fans on Facebook and Twitter is enjoyable. Yes, sometimes there’s a lot of repeat information and often the same songs and photos show up but the moderators have been great about deleting things that were previously posted. The Travel Fan team and the TFF Fan Forum will continue with the Tears for Fears Tuesdays #TFFTuesdays. We’re chatting and happily highlighting cool things from the band. Be sure to join in and interact with other fans!

Be good to yourself, be good to each other! Thanks for reading! Have a great new year!

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Tears for Fears Travel Fan Quarterly Update Q4 2020

This post is dedicated to The Curry Family, Darren H., Michael Magno, Lady Tamara and Lady Gwen! Huge thanks to each of them for being so super incredible and taking such good care of everyone. Gwen captured some media for us, Darren hosted some tune-in parties on the fan forum and musician Michael R. Magno always gives TFF shoutouts during his sets. Each of these fan family members always check-in with a lovely word and more to cheer up fans around the world.

Big thanks to Valerie Confections for delivering Curt’s birthday cake experience! It was so good and we still have some of the crunch pieces, mixing them into ice cream, morning coffee and everything else! It’s awesome to be able to enjoy it! #TeamCrunchCake

Let’s start off with Tears for Fears Alumni members!

There was an incredible interactive interview with Oleta Adams on Instagram hosted by Mykal Kilgore. She was his guest during his music show called “Singers Comprehension.” Fans were able to leave lots of love and questions in the comments section. Oleta answered MANY questions. Early on she confirmed that she’d get into conversation about Tears for Fears but time ran out as they got to singing and discussing what it feels like from a songwriter and singer’s point of view to deliver a song to an audience. It was incredible and quite spiritual. People were bawling their eyes out in the comments section. It really moved a lot of people and we’re so super happy to have been able to take part in that by representing the fans who travel to see her. She’s scheduled to return to Atlanta in two months at City Winery. The show was postponed after Covid broke out. Tickets were transferred to the January date and we expect to hear updates on that very soon. The City Winery has rearranged the seats so we’ll see how that works out. Meanwhile, see if you can rewatch the online show here. This link should take you right to the host’s page.

Oleta Adams was also a part of Divas Simply Quarantined hosted by the famous Sheryl Lee Ralph. During this deep conversation, we got to know how Oleta is doing during this time and what’s it’s like to be an artists during Covid. Many musicians are not working and that’s a serious situation to be in during a health crisis. She confirmed that she is okay but she talks about the fragility of the time and how important it is to re-examine the saying, “we’re in this together.” This is the first time in 102 years when people of all walks of life are having to live differently and empathise with one another about everything. She deep dives into all of that and includes the meaning of many of her important songs past and present. It was very helpful to see an artist up front and close like that and to know what it’s like for them during this tough time. Many are not sitting on the French Riviera with their feet up sipping cocktails as we await a vaccine and volunteers to actually get it. They are trying to feed their families with zero additional income and a year’s worth of cancelled shows. Their weekly gigs have been paused and, in some cases, vanished for good. This hour long interview helps you melt with others who are finding ways to survive this with all emotions on the table. We loved it for the realness! The show was sponsored by Cadillac. Rewatch using this link. Please leave a donation to Project Angel Food when you join the recast.

John Baker – Member of Graduate Band (pre-Tears for Fears)

Graduate member John Baker was also interviewed not that long ago on some of his work. Listen in and enjoy! (hopefully this link still works)

John has spent a good deal of time online interacting with the Tears for Fears fans and sharing graduate memorabilia. He also had a great pin that we’re hoping will be replicated so we can all wear one and show how far back we go as fans and the fact that we want a Graduate reunion (or at least an appearance at the conference). Also, check out this great piece of history that he shared. It’s the first time he and Roland had a gig as Graduate. This was in 1978. Curt joined the following year. This is great!

Tears for Fears

In September there was an incredible interview with Roland where the interviewer (a fan and media professional that works at Virgin Radio) did a deep dive that was very well orchestrated and free of cringe. Like a good fan, he let Roland speak and didn’t bombard him with the same run of the mill questions that commercial radio hosts and journalists have been known to ask. It’s one of the rare times they were not asked about the past in a very dramatic, nosy parker or inappropriate way. There are only a handful of great interviews where the band was engaged with intelligent topics related to the music business and being artists. In the past 20 years two of them have been the one at CNNfn (thanks Andye for alerting the network about the band’s new album release) and this one with Virgin Radio Classic artist host Eddie Temple-Morris. Listen here.

Shortly after that, the 80s Radio Show on BBC Radio 2 treated us to a Tears for Fears mashup of their top songs and we got to hear Roland and Curt talk about their favourite songs of the decade. If you participated in the recent contest where you could win a Tears for Fears vinyl from one of our TFF Travel Fan Team members and sponsors, you’ll know this already. The below was part of the trivia! Congrats Dave H. and Jennifer S. – winners of the Seeds of Love vinyl.

Roland’s top picks are World Party – Ship of Fools, The Smiths – How Soon is Now, Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) and Talk Talk – Happiness is Easy from The Colour of Spring.

Curt Smith’s were Robbie Robertson’s ‘Somewhere Down the Crazy River,’ Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Sweet Child of Mine,’ Peter Gabriel’s ‘Biko’ and The Blue Nile’s ‘A Walk Across the Rooftops.’

The stories behind these songs and why they liked them are so moving and touching that merely typing this out led to tears streaming. It was a very emotional experience listening to it and that portion of the radio show should be played over and over. We need to start recording these – update we got that recording today.

After that our sister group, Tears for Fears Fan Forum hosted a huge giveaway. Our silent sponsors donated 4 box sets of the Seeds of Love album which sparked a lot of the interviews and reach outs to Oleta Adams and current members of Tears for Fears. The album reached #20 on the charts, what a come back for such a brilliant piece of work! Darren drew names out of container and one of those names was our very own Lael, TFF Travel Fan Team – Arizona. The first two box sets from our silent sponsor include a ton of cool things including books by the band and Captain Julian Orzabal. The contest was designed to allow hard core long time followers of the band to win. We helped donate some of the questions used in the trivia. The second two were just the box sets themselves which is a gem in itself.

Beautiful Roland was featured in a recent edition of Classic Pop xox.

An incredible photo released by ClassicPop featuring Roland appeared earlier this month. Be sure to read that article! Subscribe if you can. It’s a great magazine! Tears for Fears seem to stay in it!

Photo shared by Simon S – member of the TFF Fan Forum


The band was in the studio recently and Curt shared some inside pics including one of Charlton at the desk (Curt’s Docs included). What looked to be Roland’s feet were also in a second photo. This, of course, got tons of people excited and the photo began to circulate through the fan boards. Turns out they were wrapping up what may be ‘The Tipping Point.’ As always we do not announce releases or anything related to their work until the band stamps their approval on it. So, until they post it, we’ll say they were having a good ol’ time up in there and we are here for it!! Come through Tears for Fears, come through!!

Someone’s Docs are in the studio! @mydocsarehere

The Election – we feel that part of being a Tears for Fears fan is standing up for justice and what is right. How can we be fans of this band if we don’t believe in their message of “Shout, Shout, Let it All Out…”? It can mean many things but it also should apply to so much of what we’re going through in the world today. Curt has always been very clear on what he stands for and is a staunch supporter for equality in every sense of the word. Roland’s son Pascal, Curt’s daughters Lady Diva and Lady Wilder all voted and have provided lots of resources and links that can help people help themselves and their communities. The band also associates themselves with likeminded people and some years ago shared an event venue in Atlanta, Georgia with the band Arrested Development, who around the same time as the Greatest Hits Album was released, had the hit Mr. Wendall. They, much like Tears for Fears, have not stopped creating music and as many remember, Curt named them the best openers they’ve had. They are super kind, very conscious and awake to the news and global topics. Andye stays in touch and meets up with one of their members a lot and makes sure we stay abreast of their releases. Their latest is ‘Don’t Fight Your Demons’ and it is brilliant! It aligns with what Curt has been tweeting about throughout the election season and in general when it comes to staying conscious/aware of the world we live in and how to improve it while dismissing anything that can divide it. If you’re feeling like making a difference you will feel solace in this album. It’s all about unification and moving forward. There’s a lot of work to do in the world. Let’s move forward together. Congrats to Nikki Merritt, a Tears for Fears fan who won state senate seat district 9 in Georgia – a state that suprisingly flipped blue in an effort for change (Andye, Arrested Development and Nikki all reside there in the greater Atlanta area). Curt shared a photo in his blue Doc Martens to celebrate peace and moving forward in unity.

Coming Up Next! Tim’s Twitter Listening Party featuring key and core members of the band’s success. Curt will be hosting alongside David Bascombe and Chris Hughes! David and Chris! OMG! Long time fans will immediately recognise their names and lose their minds. This is EPIC!

Tim’s 4th of December Twitter Listening Party will feature Curt Smith, David Bascombe and Chris Hughes! OMGAAAHHH!

A Red Letter Day for Tears for Fears

Last but not least, an application was submitted to get Tears for Fears Day on the National Calendar for 7 March (hopefully 2021 but we can also request it for future years). Why? What does that mean? It means that we’d have a day on the National Calendar where Tears for Fears would be noted just like Valentine’s Day and other red letter days of the year. The 7th, 8th and 9th of March are actually red letter days already. Tears for Fears’ released The Hurting on the 7th of March. We also celebrate Michael Roland Magno’s birthday on the 8th. Michael is Filipino-American and we all know how much the band LOVES The Philippines and their Phils fans. They mean a lot to all of us. There are additional cool things on the 9th. It’s a great time to celebrate the band for these reasons and so much more. We’re still having meetings about how to best conduct this and what celebratory locations and parties would be realistic given Covid is still alive. We’ll keep you posted!

Shoutouts and Remembrances

Rest in Power Eddie Van Halen. He certainly was appreciated by members of Tears for Fears and their fans.

Big shoutout to all those bands who have remade Mad World and are sharing the power of Tears for Fears to multiple generations of fans all over the globe. Tears for Fears for life! There were so many remakes of the song this year and rightly so!!

Big thanks to Bonnaroo for adding Tears for Fears to the 2020 virtual line up. Loved starting off the event with their powerful music!

We’ll pause for now and start working on 2021! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to grab some cool holiday merch from the official Tears for Fears store this season!

-TFF Travel Fan Team @papasfans | Facebook.com/KerfuffleOfKooks

Follow the band at @tearsforfears on Twitter, @tearsforfearsmusic on Instagram, Tears for Fears on Facebook, @curtsmith on Twitter and @curtsmithofficial on Facebook. Please see past posts for contact information for additional members of Tears for Fears and TFF Alumni.

Thinking of Curt on His Birthday…

Happy Birthday, Mr. Smith!

It’s hard not to think about Curt Smith, he stays on our minds. It’s obvious! There are many days where we gather and talk about great moments that he helped make happen or relive the numerous fascinating pre and post show events he created for fans. When we need a moment of respite and joy, we think about how Curt has been there and helped us all. From the many conversations on his greatness, we’ve put together 59 amazing moments about Curt and incredible memories from the past 10 years. It’s one of our many ways of celebrating his birthday. Big shoutout to James Colah, UK’s #1 indie Smooth Jazz artist who met Curt back in 1985 while touring with Tears for Fears as the keyboardist for the band’s openers, The Adventures. He too sent a sweet Happy Birthday which is detailed in a recent interview featured here on the TFF Travel Fan site.

Curt is one of those really great guys that the Universe gifts the globe. Enjoy some fun moments, remember cool things he has done and read the great things about him featured in the list below. Feel free to share some of your favourite memories as well! Tweet him @curtsmith today on Twitter.

59 Blessings and Moments of Bliss with Curt Smith

1. Making sure that all fans had a ticket to his show in 2010 at McCabes. One fan didn’t have a ticket and he made sure they got on the list anyway.
2. His incredible kindness at his show at Bardot Hollywood to fans who flew out from a variety of cities
3. Follow all the winners on Twitter for the charity project win in 2010
4. Having an amazing residency show at the Whitefire Theatre and buying dinner for fans
5. Always being polite and speaking to people despite his busy schedule
6. Sharing his family with us – we love his family! #TeamLadyFP #TeamDWAngels
7. Raising two incredible daughters
8. His love for nature and animals
9. The encouragement he gives fans
10. Being a real ally on EVERY level
11. Standing up for justice and what is right no matter what
12. Spending time online with fans well past the designated time during online events
13. Introducing us to great people in his circle of friends (e.g. Zoe Keating, Eric Alper, Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), John Taylor (Duran Duran) to name a few) *Happy Birthday John Taylor (21 July)
14. Being tolerant (of everythinnnng)
15. Playing on despite any discomfort (e.g. sang while sick in 2019 & on his birthday – Curt don’t do that, we want you well, we can wait.)
16. Taking us with him virtually on trips to Toscana, Italia
17. Sharing his dogs Bella and Ivy with us online
18. Being honest yet diplomatic
19. Keeping in touch and checking in when he didn’t have to
20. Honouring diversity in music
21. Psyche and everything he did on the show (we still want revenge on that panther)
22. Sharing his health routine and giving useful health advice
23. Humouring us as a Kerfuffle of Kooks
24. Great shows and events in California
25. The way he waves at the start of shows and walks the stage waving at everyone on all sides
26. Calling out fans at shows and saying hello is the most incredible thing EVER!
27. Being amazing without an ego
28. Birthday shoutouts
29. Incredible ability to forgive
30. Retweets on quality content
31. Nice hugs during photos – like genuine kindness and hugs
32. Being present and visible, accessible for a hello and thank you
33. Dancing at shows
34. Skittle Showers (if he had a hose..omg Make it Rain!)
35. The Mayfield Bundle with all that cool merch – we still wear it and use the cool bag
36. That Mayfield longsleeved tshirt
37. Suffering crazy fans (We have most of that under control but once in while…smh)
38. The ability to not get angry and remain composed during the most difficult of times
39. Proper use of the word ‘Fuck’
40. The love he displays and shares with his wife – it’s impressive to see couples like that!
41. Listening online
42. Answering tweets
43. Keeping us updated on shows and the latest information that he has on the band
44. Writing music – Deceptively Heavy was a really great gift
45. Staying the course – we know that being a musician isn’t all peaches and cream, yet he is here!
46. Saying, “’Insert city’ we are in you!”
47. Sharing the details of the crunch cake
48. Those Thanksgiving dinners!
49. Merch, there’s always good merch, either his or the band’s. It’s always good and wearable.
50. Kind words to audience members at shows
51. His memory – we love his memory – he just knows and remembers so much!
52. The great song selections at his shows!
53. Having Psych members and the pineapple on stage in 2010 at McCabe’s
54. Incredible opportunities to chat before shows on so many occasions and the overall miracles he provides for people he knows need them. We should call him St. Curt and not just Superman. Pretty sure he’s over these nicknames…but we can’t help it.
55. Being an amazing model and music ambassador for Tears for Fears, guitarists and musicians
56. Style – he knows how to wear anything very well and inspires us #TeamDocs
57. The time he featured Janice on Trees
58. The collaboration with Zoe Keating and All Is Love
59. Being an amazing humanitarian – he’s a master at it in every way

We’re not the only ones who had some amazing memories of Curt and Tears for Fears. During a recent Tim Twitter Listening Party, Curt and Tim took time to re-explore The Hurting. For over an hour, love and likes, RTs and replies flowed in from fans around the globe who stayed up late or made it part of their afternoon to enjoy these tracks and Curt tweeting about them. Curt and Tim spent quality time with fans deep diving into the music and it was marvelous! Checkout the replay of tweets and turn on The Hurting for the full effect if you missed the party.

Tim Burgess

We’ll never forget that time we got to sing him Happy Birthday in person (thanks Sheila “SheeShee”) and the time he lost a bet with Charlton and had to sing, “I Feel Pretty.” He’s hilarious! Let’s continue to celebrate him throughout the day! Celebrate Curt with us! We’ll be enjoying a collection of his personal solo music, praying, fasting and thinking of him as we are known to do. May he and his family remain blessed. If we had it “like that” we’d buy him a ton of cars and gifts he could share with charities. He’s super generous and led us to some great charity groups to which to give. That’s the kind of guy he is! We’re forever grateful for Curt Smith!

Halfway Pleased
Deceptively Heavy
Soul On Board

You can also celebrate by recreating your favourite album cover! Here are the recent winners from our Tears for Fears Travel Fan Fun – Tears for Fears Tuesdays #TFFTuesdays

Photo credit: Curt Smith photo shares from his collection

Winners: Katie Sunflower, Karlie, Penny D and Pam R. – won $15 each to use in the TFF merch store.

Thanks for partying!

– TFF Travel Fan Team (@papasfans)

Scenes from Plato de Oro – Benefit Show @ Cafe Pinot

Wow! Whether you were on site or remote, we got to see a great show yesterday evening. Curt Smith and members of Tears for Fears including the awesome Rev. Charlton Pettus, author of Exit Strategy, performed one of their iconic acoustic sets last night at Cafe Pinot in Downtown Los Angeles. What a joy! We’re so happy that several amazing people were able to attend and represent! This post is dedicated to each of you and a BIG HONOURABLE mention to Artemisa, OWN Ambassador, for her check-ins, attendance at the show and continuous shares and follow-ups throughout the night. Such a lovely gesture.


Also want to thank Katia and YoGiNo for sharing glimpses from the night. Very kind of you all!

Thanks Katia! We were expecting this song and the Good Man Curt delivered!

Seven of Sundays – from Curt Smith’s solo work

Shoutout to 3TenEvents for this great video!

There’s still an opportunity to help others by visiting the Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles site. You can also follow them on twitter @TheHHCLA. Tell them you learned about them from Curt Smith of Tears for Fears. Let them know his fans are all about caring and supporting their efforts!

Thanks again!
-AA, TFF Travel Fan Team Moderator

Tears for Fears – Casino Rama Concert Travel Fan Info

Two,, count them... Two shows!
Two, count them… Two shows!

This is another show that has fans buzzing and more than excited. Tears for Fears will return to Canada (Casino Rama just north of Toronto) this September for 2 days (25th and 26th). This will be immediately following the Michigan show (24th). The venue has a variety of seating options. Most of the front row seats are gone. Reviews on this venue are mixed. Some say it’s just not their favourite place to see a band in Ontario, Canada. However, many are going anyway. Looks fine to us as all the floor seats seem to be in clear view of the stage. See ticket links below  for both shows and examine the seating chart carefully. Yes, you have to be at least 19 years old to attend. This is not an all ages show or one where you can bring your teens, tweens and toddlers.

Click here for tickets to the Friday Show

Click here for tickets to the Saturday Show

VIP & Meet/Greet Inquiries
We’ve had several slightly aggressive requests for meet & greets plus “demands” for tickets. Please know we don’t have much power in those areas. It’s been a miraculous coincidence that we’ve been able to get the extra seats we had and so we decided to share those tickets. We always share or offer anything we can including any meetup opptys. We just don’t have them this time. Very sorry.

Stay at the casino… period. That’s our suggestion. Click here to reserve. We’ve stayed at a number of casinos during our travel fan years and thankfully all of them have been very nice. We feel this one will live up to our standards as it offers quite a bit just like Sunset Station and Red Rock Casino in Vegas.

If you are not a Canadian citizen, you need to get a passport. Not having a passport is not an excuse for not attending the show. You can get a rush passport. You can get the snailmail passport. The way we did it years ago was as follows: Download the application/pick one up from the post office. Passport photos were taken at a local Walgreens for a small fee. We filled out the passport info and submitted it. It was returned to us in 2 months. Passport prices vary depending on how fast you need it. A renewal is cheaper than a new one. You can also get a rush passport at most major airports. One girl forgot hers at home and had to get one on the spot in order not to miss the flight. I think she paid about $300 because it cost more to get one post-haste. This is not something you can leave behind. As you can see in the link. Gotta make a checklist before you get to the airport. Do a double check before you get to the airport or begin your drive into Canada. There have been too many issues where someone can’t find their tickets, travel wallet or passports. Put them in your Tears for Fears Travel Bag (made available in 2011 in Los Angeles). Do your best to keep up with your travel documents, pictures, etc.

That heart is for both, it just generated on Mr. Orzabal's leg.
That heart is for both, it just generated on Mr. Orzabal’s leg.

How many people are going?
A lot! A lot…that’s all we can say… the show has not sold out but tickets have been on sale for quite some time. We tweeted about it prior to the announcement by the venue and we tweeted about it the day the venue put the tickets on sale. We are also talking/blogging about it right now. Few can say they just didn’t know. Anyone that reached out to us at shows or in the hotel was told about the blog. Again, just no excuse here. If you really want to go to this show and have the resources and time to travel then it can be done.

If there’s anything we have forgotten let us know.

Thanks for reading
AA of the Travel Fan Team

Tears for Fears at TBD 2015 – Concert & Travel Info

TBD Photos - Reddit
TBD Photos – Reddit

***This post has been updated, please scroll to the end for the line up info in the graphic. Thanks! Single day tickets are also available. 

Sacramento get ready! Tears for Fears are at the city’s doors as are a slew of other bands scheduled to appear at the TBD Festival. The line-up isn’t final so even more bands are going to be announced. (please see update below, the line up is now ready). This, like several other shows this summer at iconic venues, is a big deal. It’s more than a 3-day music festival, it’s an artists’ hangout that welcomes foodies, shopaholics and wine lovers from far and wide.

This festival has a VIP option that will most likely sell out. It’s currently $275 (after fees, etc) and includes air conditioned WC/Loo (No clue if they have a bidet), preferred viewing and drinks…and a few other things if we’re not mistaken. The price goes up after the 31st. Regular ticket price is a cool $159 right now …so again, if you’re going you need to buy fast. There are no refunds…once you buy you do not have 3 days to return your tickets the way you can w/other box offices.

This festival has been in the news for its amazing and diverse opportunities that it provides attendees. Reviews note it as really exciting with an upscale village appeal that attracts a number of festival attendees in a way that other festivals do not. It’s also undergoing the mindful eye of those concerned with money and the financial side of hosting such big events as these.

Fork to Table - TBD Fest
Fork to Table – TBD Fest

It’s still rather early to know how many travel fans plan to attend and we only know a few people committed to attending this particular show. There’s no word or hint yet whether or not the band will do additional dates in the area. Many are hoping for San Francisco, Fresno and L.A. featuring Mr. Moyer. If you’re in the area we suggest going to this and one more additional show if announced.

Festival Dates – 18, 19 & 20 September 2015
Buy Tickets – click here –
Hotels -click here-
Flights – right now it’s about $400 round trip from the East Coast on the major carriers. Of course SouthWest has some awesome deals as well at a much lower price.

Subscribe and return for updates. We’ll be tweeting about it as the date approaches.


Tears for Fears play on Sunday, single day tickets are available.
Tears for Fears play on Sunday, single day tickets are available.

Tears for Fears Fan Travel Vegas 2012


Andye and Carri’s Travel Fan Experience

While in transit to Sunset Station where the next set of meetups and show were to be  (Carri and the team headed on over to the SF show) I got a distressed phone call. It was Carri…in transit to San Francisco. She explained that she couldn’t find her show tickets. I had feared this being the case since the day she got the tickets. We bought several sets for the team and now ours were in jeopardy. I had extra tickets but I knew others wanted to buy some of them and I knew our show experience should match that of Orange County…and that meant we needed her particular seats. I told her she would most likely have to fly back to LA and help Kai search her home for the tickets. We hung up the phone. I felt sick.

Then I remembered Curt sending me a message that I left my tickets with them. I told him those were just receipts and I was so sorry that such debris was left in the box (good heavens, what else had I left behind? A tear soaked tissue? I dreaded to think). But at that moment, I realised he was talking about Carri’s tickets. I began to shake and tremble dialing Carri’s number…I’d have to explain to her that Curt had the tickets and she didn’t leave them in LA. I braced myself because I knew she was gonna freak out…and she did. I warned the driver that it was about to get loud in the backsteat. Speaking loudly, with long drawn out OMGs, Carri said she kept telling herself to be careful with the tickets but must have forgotten to separate them from her stuff and the band.  I replied to Curt re-confirming that he was right (egg all over on my face, spilling onto my lap). I said something like, “Good man, I’m sorry, those are Carri’s tickets. She got nervous…blahh blaah…” even the driver (who is also a fan) was shakng his head in shame for me. Wow, how embarrassing… :/

SunsetStationI checked into the hotel and casino and started setting up electronics, working remotely on media assignments and juggled fan logistics for those who were coming in early. I was stressed but I knew I had to stay focused. Captain Julian and Alisa (Scurvy Dawg) of WildWorld  were coming in and I (Alice, the Salty Dawg) wanted to be ready to roll for whatever was needed. I took a long walk through the hotel and checked out the pool area. I couldn’t tell if the tiny white chairs were set up for the show or something else. The set up didn’t look the same.

Relieved and embarrassed, Carri was able to retrieve the tickets from the TFF  team later that night (I know lady Tanya was uber helpful in that…and I heard Janice Whaley was too? Thanks!!) Apparently, it had become quite a conversation piece among the band. We were mortified and came to an agreement that “I” will handle all logistics under all circumstances going forward.


With that taken care, I went to bed in my new Turquoise Peacock blue TFF shirt and drumstick (I couldn’t find the Captain and didn’t think it was appropriate to hunt for him). Just before that, I lept in the bathtub, swim suit and all (it was new, the pool was closed and I wanted to try it out) then fell asleep with band merch all around me. Silly? Ridiculous? Pft, ain’t no shame in my game, I’ll do whatever it takes to get to sleep after a stressful day like that.

Friday-Monday -The Orzabal Ship comes to life w/Kooks &Shipmates in tow


I got up at like 8am, ran downstairs checking every social media platform, my phone, everything… Fans friends had sent me a ton of material and pictures from San Fran. I was clicking this and saving that. Still Josh Debord’s material won out over all and Jeanie Paloma was spot on it making sure we got his contact info.

Tears For Fears Stage Area Andye

I went to the pool area and the concert venue to see how everything was set up for the show. The tiny white chairs from the night before were still there. I did not like this. It looked uncomfy and I was sure we’d be miserable and too close together in the blazing heat of the day.

It got hotter as I stood there. I went over to the staff and got a Cabana because I knew we’d never manage in that heat. Traci showed up, then SheeShee and Mark…and many others…I started drinking…slowly floating into this sleepy state of no-man’s land. I realised, Andye and heat don’t mix…When Mark and SheeShee left I started to pass out…I laid down…and Traci was talking…I heard only 10% of it…and then the next thing I knew I was having a reaction… Not causing a scene I get up…and I ask Traci to follow me in case I need to be rolled to the door. It’s about 2:30pm. I’m headed back upstairs to get benadryl…cause Im looking like a balloon. Then Traci stops talking…I think I hear my name…I’m thinking what the hell is the hold up? I turn around…and I see… CAPTAIN JULIAN ORZABAL… and there I was looking…like…a balloon. Soaked and unhealthy…I start to gasp…

Now we adopted a no scream policy two years ago and I’ve been good if not damn near perfect at not passing out or superfan screaming when I see the band or their families close by. In fact my blood pressure drops and I’m quite civil and cheery when they are around. But not this time. I let out a loud gassppppp and went slowly to the ground. In my head I’m screaming, It’s Hiiiiimmmmmmm. But sanity kicked in and I quickly stood up and shook his hand as if we were about to have a business meeting. It was a lovely encounter.

Mortified and angry with myself for drinking in the heat, I contemplated going to the hospital because I was THAT sick and looking nothing like my online photos past or present. But I scooped myself together and went back for what turned into Cabana nights…

We hung out all afternoon. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! More people arrived…Carri and the San Fran crew made it safely to the hotel and the SS DelaQ party began. I don’t know what more to say. I was fairly speechless…(there’s a video of all the hugging going on at the lower end of the page). We stayed until the pool closed and then it was time for the night time shenanigans.

Carri and the Captain
Carri and the Captain…

We went upstairs to get ready for dinner. I told Carri to just please bear with me because at some point I knew I was gonna cry from gratitude. Didn’t take long, I fell on the bed and wailed…and wailed..and wailed some more. I have admired Captain since I was 14yrs old. Why? That’s between me and G-d. To finally see him…was more than I could bear…I had to cry and get it over with. My ultimate wishes had been fulfilled. Just as KMK asked us back in 2004 on the official TFF fan site, “What would you do with 24 hours and the band…” I said…a resort and a show.. and there I was…living the dream.

Then we went to dinner with Deb and team in tow. Captain went with Rise, Alisa and other pirates to sweet Lady Liz’. We tried to stay up late but I was still sick. Back in the room Carri and I sat in bed looking at each other, Jamie’s drum stick in my hand. Hers on the suitcase. We could barely speak…just staring at videos from San Francisco, watching Pale Shelter and all the songs from Josh and other fans…anticipating the next 24 hours.

Tears For Fears Fan Club Cabana Days
Tears For Fears Fan Club Cabana Days 8am and waiting…

Day of the show. I’m nervous. Where are Roland and Curt? Are they already in the hotel? I get a note from the Captain asking what’s on the agenda for the day. I say, “drinking and cabana time” to be funny. Then I went downstairs to camp out in the cabanas and swimming pool. And that’s exactly what we did. The Cabana teams brought us drinks til 3pm (instead of strait shots mine were mixed with various berries of this, that and the other to prevent any repeats of yesterday). Then Carri and I headed upstairs and started getting ready. Poor Carri didn’t eat a thing. She couldn’t find her contacts and accidentally ate my previously chewed bagels because she couldn’t see hers. I let her deal with her blindness while I pulled out my jewelry and turned on “Floating Down a River” so I wouldn’t get verklempt and forget the words. Cause, remember Curt caught me slip up in Orange County… I was determined to keep that from happening again.

DelaQ shipmates

We made plans to do a group picture that night around 5pm. People trickled in off and on and the location changed about 4 times. Some came upstairs like Becky (Texas) Candra (New York) Yyvette (Armenia) and her husband. I wasn’t much of a host as I was sidetracked when Curt posted a picture of himself in the Keep Calm and Carry On shirt, a slogan I had been tweeting all day to remedy the confusion and panic of the ticket situation.

Sheila/SheeShee was sweet and kept a group together so at 7pm and we all got crazy shots with Captain Julian. Then we rushed off to the show. Rushing and forgetting my infamous yellow fan, the incredible Captain J comes running over to me and gives it to me. Weeks after that you could see pictures of Julian floating around the internet with that fan in his hand. It’s mine. LOL.

Tears For Fears Merch Andye

Merch table was sweet. More items and brightly coloured tshirts. More waterbottles and Carina Round souveniers. You name it, they had it, we bought it…there are very few items left.

!!!The Show!!!
Carina Round didn’t get upset at the audience and was well received.We sat extremely warm and snug in those seats connected together. We were careful because if you moved too much you really pissed off the person next to you. I think my arse fit just perfect which was a relief.

The show started big and bold, Curt right in our faces, Roland to his left just as gorgeous as the day is long and the supporting team of talented guys Charlton, Jamie and CJV blaring on their instruments. Life rarely gets any better than this. EWTRTW and the whole set from before was played… and like clockwork we danced, moved, sang and hit the notes right on time with the band. There were jokes…about dolls. Now, anyone that follows me on Facebook knows I love dolls and have wanted some Tears for Fears dolls since I began collecting in my youth. Roland said that one fortunate person would find a set of dolls and could go backstage afterwards. Now, I believed it. I looked under my chair but Roland then said, “wait, looks like we have a winner in the back…see us after the show.” I didn’t cry but I was effin pissed. I wanted a doll and I wanted to see Roland again. Just for a few minutes.

The Girls

More songs played and then afterwards Roland talked about his brother being there and we all screamed “We love you Julian.” Then he said he too had a doll under the seat…that’s when I realised it was the Orzabal humour, the same humour that let me know there would be no garage sale on the lawn of the guys’ homes and I couldn’t purchase the toaster, kitchen wear or socks…yeah, that was me. Now you know. I’m so gullible.

The wind blew a little but Curt’s shirt was wet as was my salwar kameez. I fanned Carri so she wouldn’t pass out, we sipped water between songs as if we were onstage with the band (We need to work on that, come on guys, let us sing along onstage one day in a clap section on Head Over Heels. We’ll clean up good! we’ll practice). I couldn’t get enough of that night despite the heat. Who cares how hot it was…we were with Tears for Fears baby!! Gold!!! It was Gold!!!

After the show we interviewed an gentleman named Graham (originally from Birmingham England) who was escorting his family on the tour. He has been in the US for 33years. He said he played Tears For Fears latest ELAHE for his neighbourhood and his family. They became obsessed with it and travelled from Ohio to the show. We have video of some of the conversation and will try to get it online soon.

TFF's Charlton after the show  with Liz, Brigitte and Judi
TFF’s Charlton after the show with Liz, Brigitte and Judi

That night we hung out in the lobby til the wee hours of the night. I think we drank and planned future meetups, fan conferences, etc til Julian went to bed. Then we followed (not with him but to our own beds)… Although I’m sure many of us were up for a big slumber party and I’d have gladly hosted the whole crew in my suite…blankets and a shot of baileys for everyone!!

Sunday was recovery day…back to the Cabana, more drinks, snuggling with each other til we nearly cried. Roland and Curt came downstairs and were on their way out. Then Alisa comes walking out to the Cabana and tells me to shake her hand. She smells lovely and I’m trying to figure out what it is she’s wearing. She says, “I just shook Roland’s hand.” Ahhh so that’s what it was, Roland’s cologne!! The cologne of which we’ve been trying to get the name of for over 3 years!! I start wiping it on me. Then she tells me the story of how she nearly knocked him down because she ran in the door to go get her children. She was scanning the room in a rush and almost ran right past him til she caught herself just before twisting into an upright angle to shake his hand unconsciously. Again, we try not to bother him so not even a handshake is gonna be initiated from us and that’s an order. He shook her hand and she gave up the chase for the kids who by chance came out with me. Alisa can tell the story better than I can. Go on and ask her.

Captain J, Alisa and Charlton, photo taken by Judi
Captain J, Alisa and Charlton, photo taken by Judi

I swear from 10am til 4pm we just hugged and sat in the Cabana and drank. Carolyn drank the Captain’s beer (by accident she says). Deb and I started crying (not necessarily b/c Captain’s beer got nabbed -we made sure he got replacement…poor Lady Carolyn has been deemed the mead nabber since the day). Deb had a great excuse for our tears; she claimed we had a case of the vapors! Then we sang EWTRTW together. I messed it up and we had to start all over again.

Then it got too hot. Time for a pizza party in my suite! Then off to the strip to take care of business…yes, the shipmates running around down the boulevard making it do what it do…hilarious…and hot. I was of no help (I seriously felt useless), melting but majestic running around with the team. We got done late in the night and headed back to the casino to get ready for Monday plane rides. I wanted to die. Why did this have to end?

VegasParkingLot VideoShoot

I scored a cool Hello Kitty doll while walking with Julian. I cherish it. It’s a band cat. And that cat and I curled up in our cushy Delta seats. When I got back, I gave myself a week to unpack slowly, then donated everything to charity as it was Eid, and I perched, sitting ready for the next one…which I trust is in 2014. Plenty of time for us to get ourselves together.

We all sat online with TFF Japan fans and The Philippines’ TFF Kooks. We slowly got back to eating normal and buying luxuries like nail polish. And we’re just waiting patiently cause nothing else matters but G-d and the band right? This is our family and we’re sticking with it.


ShipShenanigans …everyone’s grabbing hugs from the Captain…SheeShee shure got hers! high five!

One of our absolute favourite pictures! Captain Julian and shimmering shipmate Lisa!
One of our absolute favourite pictures! Captain Julian and shimmering shipmate Lisa!

Captain Julian makes a hot night cool! #VegasBaby
Captain Julian makes a hot night cool! #VegasBaby

Posing with the peeps...
Posing with the peeps…we were so calm and behaved…

Shipmate Shenanigans
Then it just got all out of hand… Shipmate Shenanigans… Becky makes a bold move and sits on the Captain’s Lap. 😉 ::giggles:: now we’re having too much fun.

Band Fashion
Band Fashion

International superfans and shipmates with the Captain
International superfans and shipmates with the Captain

And we all lived happily ever after…

(snippet from Pale Shelter, Cheers Carri! &Thanks!)

Curt Smith Performs at Bardot Hollywood

picture taken with permission by SnapHappyPamCurt Smith performed at Bardot -Hollywood 19 September 2010. It was a night to remember! Here’s Superfan Andye’s story:

Curt had tweeted that he’d be performing there for DJ Chris Douridas‘ birthday and at the time I didn’t even think of going…simply because media assignments called and…well…I have to work right? And also, I figured I had gotten on his nerves by now. I mean all that tweeting in Atlanta, showing up at the show, going to second row and then first…and just well…being a fan and remaining ultra excited about anything he was involved in. So, I thought it best not to even dream of going out to California. Until…

One of the leads on my team said I’d be heading back to California for a media week. When I looked at the schedule I noticed it was to start the day after Curt’s performance. Still reluctant for the reasons stated above I decided to not to bank on it…and then I thought…wait, I’ve loved this band for way too long to be worried about these petty issues. I’m going to make an effort and go to this show. Besides he wouldn’t have published it if he didn’t want people on board. So, I asked my leads if I could head out early and after finding out for whom I’d be flying across the country to see they approved, wishing me the best.

I RSVPd and it stated something like, “you’ll know if you’re on the list the day of the show.” Well, that wasn’t going to work in my case. The ride from Dana point, Monarch Beach was not an easy one. Without making it seem too major, the cost to get from Monarch Beach to Hollywood and back was more than the plane ticket from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Reaching wayyyy down into the fanclub funds (thank goodness for ING) the money was available for me to make this trip. And I got my “on the list approval” two weeks before the show which took all my fears away. I wouldn’t have wanted to show up and then find out I couldn’t get in.

andyeandpambwThe day arrived…by now I had tweeted at least 2-3 times that I was going to be there  because I was thrilled to have the opportunity to sit and hear his voice again so soon. It was miraculous for me. I made a new friend, my band  sister Pam (SnapHappyPam) and she and I met up at the show where my new best friends (Summit Limo Company) dropped me off and waited. *I really wished I could have gotten Steven, my driver, into the show. He didn’t stop talking about them the whole way there.* Pam sent me a text stating, “I’m right up front.” I joined her and there we sat through an incredible evening.

CurtBardotAbout the show
A talented young lady sang, then a big band came on to sing happy birthday to DJ Chris D and…and then Curt walked up to the stage along with Charlton and another kind chap whose name I didn’t catch:(. I couldn’t see the other side of the very unique stage and I didn’t want to wiggle around and become a distraction. So I sat there guessing it was Doug? I have no clue, sad sad sad!

Well, sitting there Curt begins to talk and the crowd is hanging on every word. He thanks everyone for coming and mentions how this show came about. Then there was a bit of a pause…he said something else and glanced over toward Pam and I…the band was still tuning things and settling into the setting. He looks away and then I hear, “Hello Andye:)” And I could swear the world just stopped for a brief second. Red lights paused between green and yellow. A fork was mid air from falling to the ground. Wine had not yet touched the lips of the man next to me…and when the world snapped back,  I responded *grinning from ear to ear* “Hi Curt” with a little wave. I’m sure the fans that were with us there in spirit were saying, “Bravo Andye for not fainting on the spot.” Then he says, “Andye flew in all the way from Atlanta!” The crowd begins to clap and people on the balcony lean over to see who he is talking about.  I nodded with ultra humbleness to those sweet, kind souls around me. G-d bless everyone of them…
He concluded with “though I think she’s had other business out here too…” 🙂 I reassured him I was there for him and I was. I could’ve easily wiggled my way out of that conference but knowing I’d see him to start the week off was more than enough for me to high tail it out to California early and get ready for media week…which turned out to be one of the most informative and helpful events coupled with his performance. I’m truly grateful for the opportunities given to me by my fellow team members and leads. I’m truly one of the most blessed people on earth because of them. Not enough gratitude in the world to thank them for the assistance and also to Curt for being such an inspiration over the years in many different ways.

Curt sang his solo works and also included the song “All Is Love” for the first time to a large crowd. He said he didn’t feel it went over well but we in the crowd sure did and we let him know it. He also ended with Mad World (more of the Gary Jules re-make of his original classic) which sent the crowd into an enormous roar. Seven of Sundays was also included as was Aeroplane…ohhh, that man can sing! It’s awesome to see him live and in person. It’s like a spiritual experience mixed in with one of the most incredible music highs known to mankind…nothing compares. Nothing! It was a spectacular night and I’m still uncertain if that’s the right word to use…it just doesn’t do justice…Curt is incredible! **and he looks great! Fit as a fiddle!”

I didn’t really want to leave but Steven was outside waiting and I knew we had a 2 hour ride back to Monarch Beach. But you only live once right? So, Pam and I stayed outside chatting, taking little peeks over at Curt’s cool car. Some of the familiar road crew was around. Just moments before we left, Afton came over and gave me the play list cards from the stage. I kept them in my bag for nearly a year and then handed them over to the archives for safer keeping.

That night was a new beginning for me. Since then I’ve always tried to make it out for shows on the west coast or anywhere else I can reach within reason. I appreciate how he tweeted about me coming all the way from Atlanta on social media and well, I just think Curt Smith is one of those ultra awesome musicians that no matter what he always finds some kind of way to make his fans feel like the effort they put into getting to his shows and buying his work was more than an investment in great art but an investment in the good life…a real blessing. pam and andye car shotMany thanks to Pam (ProudMom27 on YouTube) for her continued support and love. Huge thanks to Curt Smith, his manager and fellow bandmates for smiling and being kind. It keeps the energy of the industry alive and thriving!

Eileen and Traci D with Curt after the show.
Eileen and Traci D with Curt after the show. This was an amazing evening!