TFF Travel Fan Quarterly Update – Q2

Summer is almost here and that means another year to celebrate Tears for Fears and their turn around the sun. It’ll be the guys’ 60th starting with Curt Smith on the 24th of June and Roland Orzabal on the 22nd of August. We’re dedicating every TFF Tuesday from now til the last bit of cake in August to celebrate their lives and contributions to music! We’ll have fun facts, travel fan flashbacks, giveaways and more!

The Tears for Fears Travel Fans and the TFF Fan Forum have already started with some cool gifts and trivia. Be sure to join the forum for daily discussions. Congrats to the most recent winners including those who guessed which two songs from ELAHE had not been performed live. That was a tough one! Be ready to answer questions like these and get entered to win some pretty cool keepsakes and merch. Big TFF high five to Craig, Mary, Lisa and Pam on their recent wins as well. Craig won an autographed Seeds of Love Album and Lisa won a digital copy of Roland’s book, SDO. More to come!

Rockin’ n’ Rollin’ with Radio Bath

There are a lot of people involved in keeping the legacy and life of the band alive and well despite this past year of extended pauses for musicians and shows worldwide. Radio stations like Radio Bath and their Friday drive time led by Shaun Smith (yes, he’s Curt’s Brother) have kept us energised and excited about music past and present in addition to sharing the band’s music with multigenerational audiences. Radio Bath provides a classic radio experience that many of us who were toddlers in the 80s and 90s will remember. Back then, you turned on the radio and the DJ decided what would play along with a long list of requests from listeners. The cool thing about Radio Bath (located in the band’s hometown) is you actually get to hear the songs you requested. Each time we’ve requested a song – be it during New Years or a random Friday afternoon – it gets played. One of their loyal listeners is our very own super travel fan, Tamara Hanson, author of BunnyLou’s Adventures. She tunes in not just on Fridays but throughout the week. She’s great friends with the Friday Night Fry Up team as well – another absolutely awesome show that features the music you want to hear! We’re beyond grateful for the radio station and encourage you to click here and listen as you catch up on band land news. We’ll have that link at the top of the menu for fans to listen to while they visit the site and enjoy photos and information from the archives. You can also listen throughout the week, get to the know the team and have a blast!

Well Done, Diva!

While we await the new music from Tears for Fears, their children sure are taking care of the waiting aches. You talk about talent…maaan, these young men and women are THE BEST! We’re pleased to say we’ve been serenaded by this single of Lady Diva Smith (Curt’s daughter). If you haven’t heard her new song ‘Bet’ take some time to listen and watch the video. She worked really hard on this and put her soul into it. It’s absolutely phenomenal! Congrats to her! We hope she’ll go on tour or make some appearances with the band next year. This was truly impressive!

Stepping Out’ with Janice

In addition to Diva’s great work we were excited to hear from our friend Janice Whaley, who collabed with Curt on ‘Trees’ a few years ago. She’s got a new album out and her single share was promoted by Curt as well. Janice is an inspiration in many ways and we encourage you to follow her as she is a pillar of strength and super talented.

Roland’s Sons

Raoul Orzabal Art is Available for Purchase

Raoul, has an amazing series of art that has won awards of which we’ve mentioned a few times before. Our moderator Andye received a piece of his art recently and it is stunning and large! It will be framed and put on display. “I wish I could wear it, it’s the perfect print for haute-couture. I’m obsessed with this piece!” – Andye

photo by @bendath – Pascal referred to it as an “accidental photo,” how brilliant it turned out.

And we courage you to continue to keep Pascal (Quarterboy)’s music in your iPod and music list. He’s just confirmed he has new music on the way. You can find him on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and more. He’s an outstanding artist that we hope will tour also. Heck, why can’t the kids just be a part of the show open as well? We’ll pay and we’ll enjoy it! It would make for a very long show but we are here for it. Bring it on! Diva, Pascal and an Orzabal art show in the background of the music…we’re ready to petition for that!

Captain Julian just finished work on a new album as well and let us know his new music will be ready soon, that’s exciting!

Mazel Tov to Mr. and Mrs. Orzabal!

It’s not often we discuss the band’s family as we believe in privacy but they did make the following rather public. It’s very special. Mazel Tov to Roland and Lady Emily! They finally got a chance to have one of their first wedding ceremonies. Lady Emily wore a lovely white gown with complimenting flowers. She looked beautiful! We’re excited for them. Following that were several photos and fun moments shared including a curious Mr. Orzabal with his camera taking pictures. He looks like he’s having a great time and a great life. We wish him and them well!

Countdown to the 60th Bite of Birthday Cake!

Okay everyone, it’s the incredible 6-0 (which by today’s standards and longevity is equal to 30 years young) and we want the band to feel loved. Be sure to dedicate a few of your Tears for Fears Tuesday uploads to their coming birthdays. Post your big wishes for their future filled with lots of success, love and hugs. If you’re posting a video we may ask to use it in a montage that will be shared with the band. All those tagged with #TFFBDay will be included in a drawing for a cash gift card – there will be two winners. One announced in June and another in August. *Video or posts referencing any type of impatience for the new album release will not be included. We encourage everyone to share their appreciation for the band and note one of your favourite moments in the history of Tears for Fears. We’ll have a great summer together celebrating the band’s music and legacy.

Big Superfan Shoutouts!

Brian W made this! We love it!

So many fans take the Tears for Fears 365 life to a whole other level and it is not going unappreciated or unnoticed. Brian Wenner created the above incredible four leaf clover tribute piece, Carbrona’s nephew Alex was seen sporting his Songs from the Big Chair t-shirt and carrying iconic sunflowers – he’s just a toddler but he’s one of us. Remember when we were toddlers running around singing the lyrics with loyalty like this little kid? Love it! We also want to send some love to Ski, Becky’s husband who has been supportive of her band loyalty. We wish him good health! Big hugs to super fan Bobby Russell who sends out cool texts to fellow fans from moments on the front row. He’s always giving us a much needed reminder of the fun we’ve had with the band over the years. Patty in California recently retired from her service with Marriott hotels. We’re grateful to her for answering all of our questions re: reservations and accommodations when we were planning events. Our Lady Gwen has created a lovely sanctuary with the sun and the moon leading – this is the best backyard garden ever!

Speak to you soon!

That’s all we’ve got this time around. It is crucial to do your daily check-ins and spend time with fellow fans online just to say hello. As we move toward 2022, being able to recognize names and do roll calls will help you have a more engaged fan experience. When we plan events and more, we can easily go down the list of comments, responses, likes and tweets and make sure we get you included in anything we do together. We never promise that Roland, Curt, Charlton and team are going to show up, but obviously they do often enough and you don’t want to miss that. Stay in touch! Enjoy the fan family life. Big thanks to those past and present who have made fan life so much fun! You are loved, missed and appreciated! Big hugs to our global fan family in West Africa – nations including Nigeria, Senegal, Morocco, Ghana, The Gambia and Cameroon! So many fans in those beautiful countries! We see you!

Before we go, enjoy this throwback video from Nick’s archives


-Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team (@papasfans on Twitter)

Follow the band @tearsforfears on Twitter @tearsforfearsmusic on IG @curtsmith on Twitter and @curtsmithofficial on Facebook. All band members and some of the technical crew have accounts. You can find them online using their names. Charlton Pettus, Jamie Wollam, Carina Round, Doug Petty, Bill Lanham to name just a few.

*Travel fan activity moderator is Andye Andinha @andyeisthenews on Twitter

Quarantined with the Coolest Fans – TFF Travel Fan Q2 Updates

We imagined, by now, we’d be out of quarantine completely. It’s surely temporary, right? Either way, we’re getting on by focusing on one of the main sources of healing for many of us which is Tears for Fears’ music. This update is dedicated to Superfan Shelly who let us know she’s getting through her battle with the COVID19 virus – a virus which makes any other ailment twice as complicated. We wish her continued healing! Here’s a message she recently shared…

Shelly Healed

Another way we are staying focused on the music that heals all ails is #TFFTuesdays. How did this come about? It happened during a conversation between moderator Andye and Superfan Lady Tamara. Tamara lit the fire by deciding that we should all wear our merch on Tuesdays during the lockdown. Andye originally called it  “Tour Couture Tuesdays” because Roland liked the term “tour couture” which was coined back in 2013 but Tamara had an even better idea of calling it #TFFTuesdays because it allows everyone to mention Tears for Fears. So, there you have it! And yes Curt approves! We’ve been participating in TFF Tuesdays since the second week of the quarantine and we’re still going strong. We imagine we’ll be dressing up every week until the end of June or right up to Curt’s birthday which comes to us by the Grace on a Wear it Wednesday – have two shirts ready for that week if you can. But we’re not just wearing t-shirts, we’re in everything from earrings and pins to a field of sunflowers. Take a look at a few of Tears for Fears’ soldiers of sound in uniform!

You name it, we’re wearing it and sharing it while enjoying great conversations online –  some of which include band members! One really meaningful conversation was sparked when fan, Rodney W., decided to gently nudge Curt that someone wanted to ask him a question. Curt kindly decided to spend what was initially to be 15 minutes (it  joyfully turned into well over an hour – thank you, Jon Cryer “Duckie” from Pretty in Pink and many other great productions) with fans, chatting and discussing all sorts of fun topics. One of the questions asked was when could we expect a virtual show like so many other musicians have been doing with their fans. Curt mentioned that when he starts scratching at the walls, sharing a song was likely to happen. Well…boy did it! World renowned designer Tory Burch and dear friend of the blessed Smith family, got a video of Curt and Diva singing Mad World.

Over 3 million have viewed it in a month! We knew within the first few days that it was going to go big and it was. Ended up on KTLA where an extraordinary interview took place. Lady Tamara grabbed her phone and recorded it for us and Curt sent this link from KTLA.

While on camera, the pups (yes, we know Bella and Ivy are no longer small dogs, but they’ll always be pups to those of us that watched them grow up virtually) sat quietly in the background as the interview took place. KTLA was really respectful (you know what we’re talking about) and focused on the band’s bright future as well as Diva’s current career in music.

Tory Burch also shared some cool pieces from Curt’s second daughter, Ms. Wilder and we love it! While we don’t and won’t focus too much on their children as we like to respect their privacy,  we can’t help but shout our joy in seeing that Lady Wilder has chosen a career in graphic design and perhaps more. We hope to get some things commissioned and designed for our future events. Again, HUGE THANKS to Tory Burch and to KTLA. Be sure to check out Lady Wilder’s work and designs. Here’s one tweeted by Tory Burch.

Wilder's photos

The buzz around that video, the interaction with Good Man Curt Smith and his delightful daughter Diva (she put on a show for @music2meals later on that day after the interview) were some of the most exciting parts of the quarter thus far. We appreciate getting to spend time with Curt and his family especially during this time of COVID19 madness. Speaking of spending time, Curt mentioned he’s down for the fan conference which is a green light for us to continue with the plans and pray that we can move forward with it. Dawn and Jack have agreed to be there too! They’ve been travelling to shows for years and helping create amazing fan experiences – they are part of the original Travel Fans from the 80s. So much respect for these two and how they make sure everyone get to Tears for Fears events!

Dawn and Jack

Right now, all but a few band members and Tears for Fears alumni are spending time with fans in the “Tears for Fears Fan Forum (without the drama)” which can be found on Facebook. This specific group is filled with fans who like to focus on the non-superficial side of being a fan. It’s all about the music, savouring those cool moments of the band’s past and present and talking about how things came to be. Members of the Graduate band (pre-Tears for Fears) are present there and making friends with all in a wholesome, deep and thoroughly outstanding thread of insights into their music. They regularly share photos and video clips. Jamie Wollam just joined as well and participated in a Q&A. And today is his birthday!! Happy Birthday Jamie! Check out the drummer cake on the Tears for Fears Travel Fan social media channels.

To join the group, come with a focus on the band. No band family photos are allowed including the public ones that Roland’s fiancée, Emily, shares. It’s all about music. No long ballads of “Dear Charlton Pettus how I love thee, let me detail the ways in this long post and 40 photos of you in cute jeans.” Nope. That will get you warned and removed as it should. Both the Travel Fan Team and The TFF Fan Forum are strict about content and purpose. We stick to our mission statement: “it’s about the music.” If you truly love the lyrics, the shows, videos and the fun that comes with being present alongside fellow fans and the band, then you’ll love these teams and can link up with them via the connect tab on the header. Again, no one is allowed to rule the world except the band members in the forum and we’re super happy about that. These two groups are also where the majority of the #TFFTuesday photos are being shared in addition to Twitter and Instagram. You can find those when you search #TFFfanFamily and #TFFTuesday. Focusing on the band’s music been a great way to stay healthy and this dear fan hopes you’ll stay home and help flatten the curve so she can make it to some shows when this is all over.

Covid Response

Has “The Tipping Point” tipped?
Not yet. That teapot of tunes hasn’t steeped thoroughly. We did try to wait on that musical brew before going into the Q2 updates but we’re still excited about the new Music that was released from Roland’s son Pascal and Blessed Queen Oleta Adams.

Pascal Orzabal_Andye Find_IG

Pascal Orzabal released two songs this year – two singles that are absolutely incredible. We by no means want to compare him to his father. But the music is as powerful as several pieces on The Hurting. We’re in absolute LOVE with the work he put into his music. Yes, we’re also begging for merch so we can wear our fandom. The best way to support Pascal is to follow him on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram (search @Quarterboy ) and on Bandcamp. Now, when you use Bandcamp, it’s important to make a profile for yourself. Once registered you can listen for free a few times and then you get cut off. So, we suggest you buy the music at the equivalent of $2USD per song. Just for disclosure we paid about $10 for one track and $15 for another because it was THAT good and worth more than $2USD. No matter what donation, you can listen to it without restrictions when you pay for it. That’s how Bandcamp works. Make sure you get registered and enjoy. We look forward to hopefully a full album and some appearances by Pascal/Quarterboy. As much as we don’t encourage lusting and expressing “desire” (Lady K in Atlanta, we’re looking at you and your undie flashing friend from 2010), if somebody drools or passes out over him we’re gonna look the other way and understand because Quarterboy and his music are 100% fine as…(af)! 

Trope band did a cover of SHOUT! Many feel they made it their own and rightly so as it was not the exact same but a glorious tribute. We’re happy to see such a band with special history (and legends assisting with their production and success) find the same joy we do in the song. You can watch the video below and follow them online @tropeband. They’ve been very responsive and we’re happy to have them in the fold. Trusting they’ll be at shows in the future.

Our Queen, Oleta Adams has also released new music (complete with Spotify interview ) and has shows scheduled for summer 2020. We’re praying the July ones will be saved because we’re so ready to see her again and plan to meetup in Atlanta like last year. Be sure to download the song, follow her at @realoletaadams on Twitter and Facebook. Continue to support her and yes, we’ll always pray she shows up on this side of bandland  just like she showed up for interviews in that Tears for Fears BBC documentary. That was so cool! She also celebrated a birthday this quarter – 4 May!

Oleta Adams

Click here for another preview with a link to Apple Music where the release can be purchased


Here’s a release you can read – it’s from Captain Julian! His Wonky Woo series published a new book “The Wonky Woo & Friends Lockdown Adventure” and it’s ready for purchase. It was illustrated by his team member and fellow Tears for Fears fan Lady Rise of California. We love that all proceeds go to help great groups like the NHS. You can follow the Wonky Woo on Twitter @thewonkywoo and also follow the incredible @antonyedensays – the voice of the Woo family series. Buy your copy here.

How about that app?!
The Fan App is going through the complications of copyright laws. Our hope is that we will have a clickable prototype to play with this year. Much like the album, we’re not giving an exact release date. So many things to refine and get just right. Quality over speed and quantity in this case. We’re not asking for it to be implemented immediately but instead it will be a “a nice to have,” or something extra in the pocket of the band that they can use when they see fit.

We’ll pause for now with this great piece from the Cello Covid Project sent to us by Rob Bethel and shared by Curt Smith. Thanks for reading! Cheers!

-Tears for Fears’ Travel Fan Team
Follow: @CurtSmith @jameswollam @charltonpettus @dougpettyla @TearsForFears @carinaround on Facebook and Twitter

Moderator: Andye Andinha

P.S. If your superfanitis is flaring up, watch this video and visualise a healthy 2021 with fellow fans and the band. Ms. Diva Smith made it.

Libre Stone & Feeling ALL the Music

Captain Julian Orzabal and Dion Smith recently released a new album under their band Libre Stone. It is available on iTunes and makes an excellent road trip companion as you head out to see Julian’s brother and music comrades, Tears For Fears in the UK this summer. Julian has collaborated with musicians in the past including Tears for Fears, DelaQ and with Alisa McCathern to name a few as mentioned on the Members section of this archive. He’s got some great work and it has a style of its own that is captivating and hits the spot. You’ll really like it so be sure to get your copy while it’s available.

Being swept up in this circle of audio artistry and musicians is actually quite relaxing and euphoric. The emotions their music bring forth are spiritual in nature meaning it feels rather divine and rooted deep in the universal bond we as humans have with rhythm. Whether you feel you can dance or not, we all move to music in our own way. Tears for Fears have certainly pulled on our emotions, often from a place we didn’t know existed. When you listen to tracks from Captain Orzabal under DelaQ such as Butterfly and 20th Century, which are top picks, one can easily be swept away. Like a good meal, you want to hush up and enjoy it. It’s the kind of music that fills the void of silence in just the right way as you travel or contemplate. It’s a piece of fabric that is woven into a moment in your life. When you listen to it you don’t forget where you were or what was going on in your life. It becomes part of your life’s soundtrack.

TFF Soldiers
Mr. Wenner’s pristine TFF collection includes this rare find – EWTRTW soldiers…

Fans’ dedication is shown in so many ways. For example, there are several who keep immaculate collections of their work, the concert t-shirts and guitar picks thrown into the crowd. Some have been lucky enough to get more than one set of drumsticks from Jamie Wollam and have shrined those as well. Just look at those well kept, next to new soldiers that were part of the EWTRTW collection. As soldiers of sound, we certainly find this to be a thing of beauty! Nice job Mr. Wenner!


Again, the way Tears for Fears’ music has become vastly memorable and important to pop culture, the Orzabal and Smith families’ work has created a sort of virtual island for many fans to live on daily. A great example is a newly formed Facebook group called Tears Roll Down (administered by Darren Hull). After being a part of another of the 56 TFF dedicated groups on Facebook, Darren wanted a space where superficial details were not the focus. Instead, it’s about the collection of the band’s music as well as gathering with others at concerts. But most important, it’s to celebrate the legacy of the work and the various tracks.
While sharing photos of his recent concert attendance at Hampton Court where Tears for Fears played back to back on the 18th and 19th of June, Darren mentioned the reaction of a guy three times his size and how overcome with emotion he was at the show. He states,

“Last nite was the nuts 4 rows from stage. TFF on fire Best crowd reaction/atmosphere I’ve been in. The guy crying next to me, a lady in front kept turning round and fist bumping me while we sang. A couple behind me dancing away like crazy Amazing it was.”

He also noted that the man bear hugged him after the show and then went his merry way. It should be noted that this happens A LOT at shows. The band brings out some of the most comforting, soothing and, again, euphoric energy. It’s very lifting. People who did not know each other before, soon know each other VERY well. For example, in 2015, at Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey, a man turned around and smooched Andye, the TFF Travel Fan Moderator. They’d never met before and he was vaguely familiar with the work of the travelling crew.

“We were all drenched with sweat from head to toe and as if it were Woodstock. He had been taking amazing photos all night. At one point we were all intertwined on that front row, as if we’d all just shared an UBER ride to the show. When the concert ended no one left. Instead, people just starting turning toward their neighbour hugging and smooching. It was like someone had sprinkled brotherly love dust over the venue. I’ll never forget that night. It was surreal. You usually only see people that interlocked at airports when a loved one is about to move away.”

This isn’t the first time, it continued in 2017 in Tulsa Oklahoma after the show among the fans. Tears for Fears and those musicians that are a part of the sphere bring out a sense of humanity, brotherhood and humbleness that is indescribable.

The dedicated love the band and respect their families. Their level of respect and love goes as far as being willing to sacrifice a moment to say hello if the band members are spotted heading back to their hotels or on their way out. Julian, DelaQ, Alisa and others that are present in the TFF Universe, are a bit more accessible and one can pour their feelings into their appreciation of them via Facebook wall posts, Twitter feeds and Instagram. But we still want to keep our wits about us. One fan from Boston noted that she’s often just looked the other way because she knows they need their privacy. “After the show I went back to my hotel and I just happened to be on the same elevator as one of the band members. I politely smiled and then got off on the wrong floor because I didn’t want them to think I was going to share their location. I’m very aware of that type of behaviour and I didn’t want them to live with that fear.” She also noted that she’s seen them before at their hotels on countless trips to enjoy and support their music but she goes the other way because she just doesn’t want them to feel like they have to keep performing even after they get off stage. “They’re musicians, they need their rest more than most. That’s an hour and a half show. That’s a lot to give. Once it’s done, they’re done. That’s all we should respectfully expect.”
We hear that! That’s all we should respectfully expect.

“It is tough when you’ve flown over one or two continents and you REALLY want to tell them what an impact they have made on us. Or perhaps they finally came to your town after you waited to see them for 20 years…however, we have to learn to enjoy the energy they have at that moment and call it. It is one of the hardest things we have to be brave enough and self-controlled enough to do/be as fans. It’s excruciating really.” -ANM

All emotions and expressions of admiration within the space of those shows or online when conversing with members of Libre Stone, TFF and those residing in this sphere are valid, understood, shared and expected. Many talk about how much they cry at the shows or while listening to the band’s music. They don’t know where this emotion is coming from but it is such a release. You literally let it all out. All your woes drain you and you are on cloud 9 for quite a while. Coming down from that can be as painful as sugar, coffee and stimulant withdrawal. In some cases, it is essential to seek medical attention just to get through it. That’s how intense the shows are in addition to new albums or events where they are present. It’s a miracle we can even hold it together.

Thanks for reading!

-TFF Travel Fan Team

P.S. Friendly reminder the online birthday party starts at midnight BST on the morning of the 24th. Get your crunch cakes ready and sing happy birthday to Mr. Curt Smith!

Tears for Fears Live at the Wiltern 17 September -SOLD OUT SHOW

Tears for Fears sold out show -17 September Photo: (@SnapHappyPam)

2011 show recap – TFF Wiltern 17 September 2011 I wanted to wait a bit before posting the recap of this show. It was as Carri would say, “EPIC!” I’m still not sure if that even sums up what happened that life changing evening. This concert took place on the anniversary of the TeamCS formation, which can be explained on the profile of (@papasfans) on twitter.

Waiting for the Plane

I was whisked off to the airport at 9am in the morning from the Red Rock Hotel in Vegas. Mind you, this was just 30 minutes before seeing what we have to assume was one of “the band” skidaddling into an elevator. My heart was already racing. Now, a higher power had to be watching over me as I dropped my drivers’ license, all cash, etc after checking my bags at the flight counter. Some kind soul walked up to me afterward and handed them to me. I’m not joking when I say these shows are spiritual experiences that make a believer out of you. I get to the boarding terminal to learn that the plane is late. So I take this time to turn this excitement into what I call profitable tweets.

Twitter, Tweets and RTs

Between the hours of 9:30am and 11am I sent about 50 tweets to Michael Wainwright, Curt Smith and the Tears for Fears official profile that included what I felt were profitable ideas for the band. Of course, I didn’t expect the band to take me seriously, but if they did, then more power to them. It’s just that after the Vegas show I knew there’s was no way I could possibly handle a day to day without Tears For Fears podcasts, subscription based guitar lessons, etc week after week. Call it insane but those concerts leave you on cloud 9 and eager for more. Rumour has it that these tweets nearly drove Michael Wainwright up the wall. So I’ve taken him off the list of profitable tweets to save his sanity. I’ve also scaled back to 1-2 tweets a day and fewer RTs.

The plane finally arrived. I slurped down the last of that Vinti Frappucino (the only thing I’d consume that entire day) and boarded the plane. It was a tiny thing. Crammed inside, we flew across the desert and I could see cars below. I was looking around wondering if by chance any other fans were on this flight. I didn’t recognize anyone…just a bunch of men in suits. We were all clearly in a hurry to get to point B. Getting off the plane I hit my head on the overhead cabin…numb from excitement I didn’t even feel it. Others around me seemed worried and shocked that I recovered from that ghastly cranial crash as I looked back to make sure I hadn’t left anything since I was prone to dropping items. I scuttled off the plane and met my driver at baggage claim. He dropped me off at the Wilshire Hotel and I checked in immediately. On the way there I could already see people lining up along the Wiltern’s sidewalk… at 2:30pm.

Perfect Time to Perch I get inside, I immediately clean up, again, wash my hair…the whole nine yards. I’m in OCD mode at this point. I put my DelaQ Tshirt out and my fan jacket. I put these new jeans I bought just for this show and some TEVA sandals. I phoned every fan I knew and said, “we need to meet up now…let’s just go line up.” They thought I was crazy. Pam was the only one who came right away and we walked over to the line to find ourselves numbers 7&8 behind a very organized group from L.A. inclusive of Penelope and Kim Tang. Over the next few hours the line grew and grew. People came and played cards decked out in their Tears for Fears t shirts. Most of us were in the same section (The Pit) so we got to know each other’s names and exchange Facebook profile info so we could keep in touch and share photos.

Vexed by VIP Around 5pm members of the band could be seen either driving by or coming out of the Wiltern. Gruno came out and handed Kim Tang some guitar picks. She showed them to us and then put them in her pocket so they wouldn’t get lost I imagine. Forbid she drop one of those…that would’ve been awful. Pam would leave the line and come back, go make a phone call, come back…restless she seemed. I was too afraid to move. Alexis, her friend, Traci and others came. Then about 5:30 a woman with the Wiltern comes out offering us VIP for $20. “What does VIP entail?” we asked. She said, “You get access to the VIP bathroom, can get drinks at the bar, access to the exclusive lounge and that you’ll get to go in early.” We bought it. I got one for Pam who had again walked off at this time. I figured she’d want one too. We then went over to a different line placing Penelope and I at 1st and 2nd. Then Carri shows up with Kai…and some hottie blond trailing with them. I told them to get a VIP pass and get in line, no time for hellos and all that, just get the pass.

A Mini-MeetUp In Line This is where the life changing moments began. It’s about 5:55pm…we did a roll call and saw that just about every fan that promised to come to the Wiltern show was there. We took turns swirling in and out of line having people save our places so we could take pictures together. It was then that Carri brings forward Sir David Esquire. “This…is David…” she says. My chin had already dropped from seeing him Moments ago. We thought he was a member of Duran Duran…because we knew he had worked with them in the past on something…and that he took some photos of Curt…long story short, a few of us assumed he was a member of some band but we knew it wasn’t Tears for Fears. Turns out he has some sort of connection with Duran Duran…and he looked the part. It was insane. He kissed our hands…who does that? We were impressed and struggling to keep from drooling like sick children every time he said anything. We met a lot of other cool people that hour but the whole Sir David Esquire encounter would then drag on for another 7 months inclusive of some online fun, wild promises, fun phone calls, cherished gift exchanges and total admiration for his work of which we still promote. We considered him our new Best Friend Forever…

VIP stands for what? Around 6:30 we were moved about 3 feet forward next to a gate. From there, Gruno shows up again followed by 3 women who were all wearing TFF lanyards. They went into the theatre. We stayed behind and waited…then about 10 minutes later were led downstairs to a very small room that was dimly lit. The line we had so carefully formed with respect to those who had been there since noon that day dispersed. I cleaned my hands and got a drink from the bar. I knew I was going to need it. I think at this point chaos broke out. There was nothing VIP about what we got to do. We paid $20 to go to the bathroom pretty much. Only a handful of people bought drinks. Penelope went back to the woman who sold us the passes and explained that we’d been waiting in line all day and now that line was ruined and we weren’t guaranteed to be first in for this general admission show anymore. Security came, reorganized the line and we stood down in that small room (over 100 of us) for another hour and then later led to the top of the stairs …where we were finally allowed to go into the theatre. I think that’s the worst VIP experience I’ve ever had. I don’t know what was VIP about it…I really don’t.

Security checked to make sure everyone was in the right place. Pam and I were slammed against the stage, our chins literally sitting on it…the photo shown is a chin shot. It was front row nonetheless and I wasn’t moving. In fact, I couldn’t. I was so oxygen deprived I began to feel light headed. I laid my head on the stage…Penelope beside me, Kim Tang beside her and some people we’d never met before who admitted they hadn’t even heard of the ELAHE album (that’s a crime in itself) next to Pam while others who didn’t buy Pit seats were on the front row of the floor section just above us.

Waiting We’d been on our feet for what felt like forever. A screen came down and allowed us to text messages to the monitor. People text how upset they were about the VIP, people text that we were waiting too long, that many of them were old now and couldn’t do this concert scene anymore if it meant standing forever…there were funny tweets, marriage proposals (fake ones and real ones). Simultaneous oohs and awes for certain tweets. We kooks got a few messages in and then finally the screen went away and Michael Wainwright came out.

Michael Wainwright opens the show

You’d have thought it was POTUS Obama cause the crowd went wild. He did his same set inclusive of the sad clown (Blue). That freaked a few people out. It was a beautiful set as was the night before and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Pam got most of it on camera either via video or picture. When Michael left the screen came down and people began texting their thoughts about his performance saying they liked it and hoped he’d turn into a happy clown one day. Some who were new to him expressed their thoughts about the clown make up more than anything. Overall he was well received and Blue seemed to be a favourite as was the award winning song “Heart Shaped Man” of which many sang along. At this point I was feeling even more light headed. My heart was racing, I was so excited but very much drained. I knew at some point I was going to pass out. I decided, “Do I want to have a heart attack thus causing severe damage to my body or do I want to go home and try again in a year or so?” I thought to myself, “I’ve gotten this far I thought I might as well die doing what I love. If I pass out and die from excitement then so be it…what better place to go than with the two men I’ve loved since I was a small child.”

The Show  When those lights went down I nearly lost my mind. Relief swept through me and the heart palpitations decreased as Curt stood above my head, his shoe was level with my chin. He laughed when he looked down at Pam and I…the proof of our dedication was right there where we stood. Roland shook his head and just stared as if he was amazed as we looked over at him. He too looked surprised that two nights in a row at a General Admission show we’d somehow made it to the front again and were staring him in the face. That moment was classic.  

The set list was the same as that which was in Vegas if I’m not mistaken and full of electric energy. I, again, sang every single song. There’s something about having these two men towering above you. It’s like looking at two magnificent statues of talent and grace. Roland had on this olive coloured button down and I had on an olive coloured jacket. It was quite a coincidence and I just couldn’t get enough of it. At times he’d look over at us (the loyal Kooks of which he may or may not be aware of, perhaps we were the loudest?) and he’d just stare…maybe because we knew every word to every. single. song. Now, mind you…I had no voice and was lip synching because no sound was coming out. I was done after Vegas. I barely had enough energy to stand there let alone belt out a song. But I put passion into it…whole heart and soul. We all did. We swayed, we danced out songs, we danced out the moves according to the videos (i.e. Roland’s dance during Change, Mad World Flying Wombat, the four leaf clover)…we fans did a complete set. We left nothing out.

During Sowing the Seeds Roland did just as we had asked the day before in a tweet. We wanted him to give Curt a brotherly kiss instead of a hug. It was charming and we all went absolutely mad. I think I started crying as expected. I can’t remember if Curt threw any Skittles. I think being that close I would’ve caught at least one. The night was just full of everything a fan could ever want. The songs sounded even better than the album recordings.

Curt and Roland really haven’t changed that much. I feel they are stronger in so many ways musicially as a group. Roland looks amazing. Curt is fit as a fiddle and looking mighty fine. The fan base has grown to include the children of the earlier fans and those of us who were too tiny to get into shows as toddlers are now front and center at most if not all shows. We follow them around like puppies or as Curt calls us a “Kerfuffle of Kooks.” As a band, they are crystal clear and nothing is out of place. Everything looks and sounds stellar and the reviews that went out the next day by various magazines, bloggers and music critics all sang their praises. This was a sold out show so the confidence by fans for this band isn’t going anywhere…it’s set in stone. Tears for Fears are truly a timeless band with a classic sound that remains “ahead of their time.” Their lyrics, topics, thought provoking phrases and general “tone” are a force!

Encore The encore was twice as exciting as the night before. Those who didn’t know Michael Wainwright was covering for Oleta Adams got the shock of their lives when he belted out “Calls the man the great whiiitte hope!” Like clockwork the crowd goes nuts! And rightly so…it was absolutely beautiful…

The set ended with Shout (and me singing on Roland’s microphone, no I didn’t jump on stage, just keep reading or click on the blue link above)…[and what was so beautiful was that the song was the full version with the extended instrumental opening…ohhh, if you’ve never heard it check it out in your Tears for Fears collection. It’s worth opening the box set to hear it. I know many like myself buy their music and don’t open it these days because it’s worth it’s weight in gold so you preserve it in the plastic package, etc. So, if you can’t bring yourself to opening it then at least find it on YouTube] Okay, so the band starts singing…Curt’s youngest daughter is out to the left of the stage with Michael and she’s singing ”Shout…Shout…let it all out….” and they go into the chorus and something happened…Roland pulled the microphone out of the stand and it separated from the cord. So Curt had to cover for him on the second verse I believe (by this time I’m just a live wire, too excited to believe that I’m still on the front row, jacket all awry and my DelaQ tshirt showing…yes, Roland saw it ;)). The song goes on and Curt fills in while Gruno fixes the microphone. Our attention is on Curt and we’re singing along and then Roland joins in with the repaired microphone and heads toward our area…next thing I know that gorgeous hair of his is in my face and his microphone is right at my chin and I’m singing the chorus with the 10% of voice I have left. Somehow I get out the rest of the chorus in a lower pitch thank G-d so as not to hurt Roland’s ears. Something must have gone right cause he gave me a thumbs up and Curt said, “Go Andye…” …all I could think was…”My family is gonna go bananas when I tell them what happened, I hope someone got that on video.” Poor Pam was so in shock she didn’t even record it (though many others did, see here). She asked me some weeks later, “Andye did you sing?” We were both in a daze of disbelief and awe that night I couldn’t blame her for not remembering cause had someone not gotten that on camera, the details wouldn’t have been what they were just now.

Rosaline and Rochelle flew in for the show… Canada, The Philippines

I owe Roland a kidney if he ever needs it. I’d gladly hand over a lung to Curt if it was necessary. They made, not just my day but my life right then and there…and I thought the Vegas show was awesome…my goodness, they just get better and better with every show!! Whaaaaat!? Ohhh mannnn…I’m still speechless nearly a year later. I think about that moment and I have to sit down…and just thank G-d because that was more than anything I’ve ever wanted in the realm of the band. Just to see them singing together was enough for me…now, front row and a sing-a-long opportunity..ohh mannn, somebody form the clap section, I’ve got choir outfits, we can take this fandom on the road!

The After Party Well, there wasn’t one…just a lot of us hanging out on the street corner after the show. I got swept away by Carri, Sir David Esquire and their pal Kai of whom I’d really not had the opportunity to hang with before. We went out…and we rehashed that show til 4am in the morning. I remember being nervous as Sir David sat next to me…I kept thinking, “Do I really deserve everything that happened tonight? Why am I receiveing all of these blessings…am I about to die? Do I have cancer?” And I don’t blame myself for asking because it was just overwhelming good stuff. My hearing was completely gone, David’s voice was merely a whisper. He had that awesome camera and showed it to me with all the pictures from the show, every single moment caught on camera…They were all so very nice…Still, I was more worried if I sang the song correctly. If I ever get the chance again, I’ll show Roland that I not only took singing lessons but used sign language to help me get the lyrics to every song just right. 

I didn’t sleep that night/early morning. I phoned my relatives around the world, didn’t care what time zone they were in…they had to hear this. I wrote to one of Roland’s brothers and told him what happened. I knew he’d be up, it was 9am BST, so why not? Then, I called the drivers to come get me as early as possible and take me out to the Hills. Not far from “their homes”

I sat quietly in ultra gratitude, talking to Carri, thanking Sir David for showing such mercy and adding Kai to my facebook friends list. And sending tweets…It took me a long time to get all of this out. Almost a year… It was beyond a blessing. I’m so thankful and overwhelmed that I’ve not ever been the same. I’m sure there are parts I left out. I hope others will find a way to get their speechless sentiment into a phrase or two to recap the whole event. There’s no way my 1 review could sum up what was the ultimate majestic night with the band that continues to rule not just our lives but a huge chunk of the music world.

Other Highlights: I know of recent we’ve been discussing mentioning Roland’s whereabouts. As of July 2012 he was in Los Angeles, for a fact. He joked at the show that he was surprised at his lack of stalkers with this statement: Responding to “I love you Roland…” He said, “No you don’t. If you did you’d find out where I live and drive by a few times…” or something to that nature. There was a review that stated his exact words. I have no idea where that is right now. If anyone has it please post it in the response section, the full link please, so everyone can read the entire review.

After the show, people stood around getting their picture taken with Michael Wainwright. There was also merch available. I got a totebag for $25 and I use it to bring my lunch to work every week so that I’m not tempted to buy out and thus spend any extra cash that I can use toward future tours. It usually hold’s some sort of soup, we call it “Tour Soup” as that’s what many of us eat in order to save up enough to attend more than 1 show.

Again, I’ll add more memories as they surface, I never really “recovered” from that 2011 tour. It was overwhelming. We’re in a our 3rd year of talking about something Tears for Fears related each and everyday. Rekindling the sparks that united the fan club years ago…

Thanks for reading.