‘Deceptively Heavy’ -is ready…download now!


One of the first downloads in Brasil by our Travel Fan Team Member Marcio Campos
One of the first downloads in Brasil by our Travel Fan Team Member Marcio Campos

Our Good Man Curt Smith’s latest solo album is out, it’s here, it’s ready for digital download in several countries. We want to hear from you. Have you listened to it, what are your thoughts…exactly how much do you love the album?

Several of us already heard a few of the tracks live and they stuck to our souls. We were fortunate over the past year or so to hear ‘Beautiful Failure’ (Live at McCabe’s) and read the lyrics of ‘Porn Star’ on the Good Man’s Facebook wall. We’ve also heard a fan favourite, ‘My Point Being’ and the second “Kook Track of Choice” -‘Well Enough’ (Live at McCabe’s). Before each song, the Good Man allowed us further into his world with background stories on how the lyrics came to be. It was such a touching moment and very surreal for many of us. It’s been an impressive and fun ride counting down to this day. Now we can have these magnificent songs (and his memories, which feel like a touch of his soul) in our own musical library. The album is currently available digitally worldwide (Japan is waking up to their copy as this is being typed) on Tuesday 16 July -which again is right now in parts of Asia…superkook Manami of Japan is already downloading it this very moment.

The blessed  brotherly smooch  from Tour 2011 -fans continously say it was one of the best moment of the tour. Amen.
The blessed brotherly smooch from Tour 2011 -fans continously say it was one of the best moment of the tour. Amen.

But that’s not all…unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Tears For Fears are currently working on a new album with a possibility of a tour in October or Rocktober as it is being adoringly named by fans. Here’s the deal…a few people are a bit concerned. So…let’s say the album is released in September… then it goes immediately to tour in October? Is that the plan? No one has said so but some are worried that this is just too soon. The album needs time to stick…one month isn’t enough. It needs TV interviews, it needs social media buzz, merch and tons of other things right? Not necessarily. Some bands have been fairly successful with this “immediate release and tour” method because they interact EVERYDAY on a number of social media platforms and engage with fans. The fans already had snippets of songs and enough exposure to the new album that taking it on the road shortly after it dropped led to great concert turn out. But a few of us are like…but isn’t that a lot of work? Shouldn’t this be a fun music project not an adrenaline rush of stress to produce an album and hurry up with a tour? At the end of the 3 week long chat, we felt if Tears for Fears treat this album the way that Curt markets his solo albums (sharing parts of it in advance, interacting with fans, etc) then this is gonna be absolutely awesome because we’ll already be “half way there” (at least) and will have shared snippets with our family, friends and others creating further buzz ‘on the street level.’

Roland and Curt on stage at OC Fair
Roland and Curt on stage at OC Fair

When we discussed this in several private fan groups we (including a few fans who are also in the music industry, bands and general media) still felt that the album needs some traditional advertising time coupled with MEGA social media presence so that it is truly visible online and, in turn, will be well-received in the crowd. Given the band members are top notch legends, they don’t need anyone to tell them that. They know what they need and we know they know…there’s just this hope that the album will be given time to gel…and not rushed and shoved on tour in its entirety leaving people fumbling over lyrics or heaven forbid leave people to whom the album hasn’t reached sitting down watching versus up singing, being thoroghly in love with the lyrics. One person stressed, “The band deserves outstanding amounts of love not just fans halfway into the new album. Maybe the whole thing shouldn’t go on tour so soon?” To that we say, “They know what they’re doing…they’ll make it work.” More importantly and hopefully to calm the nerves of those that may think we have lost our minds in discussing such a pause, WE KNOW TFF are professionals, WE KNOW they are intelligent “LEGENDS” who will make the right choices and come out like the ROCK ROYALTY they are. This will be an exciting time so let’s just claim it right now; it will be a successful album on the road and off when and wherever they decide to take it and we’re’still not opposed to waiting til 2014. This is a piece of GOLD they are carving, refining and detailing at this very moment. We support them 100% beyond the best of our ability…always!

2nd meetup in Sorocaba Brasil
2nd meetup in Sorocaba Brasil

In FanLand, more meetups took place in Brasil, the Tears for Fears meetup captial of the world. You can tweet Ju V. for information on the most recent one. For information on Brasil’s branch of the Travel Fan Team, Marcio is your man!

imageWhen we’re not hanging out in person having tea (or waiting on it), running up and down the streets of Los Angeles sharing skittles and shipping macarons francaises (our official TFF travel fan cookie) to each other, we’re hanging out online chitchatting with GoodMan Curt Smith, band family and fellow fans…about anything and everything from politics to family pictures. Join us: Follow @papasfans on Twitter, Tears for Fears & Kooks on Facebook and most important, FOLLOW THE BAND:

Curt Smith -@curtsmith
‘Curt Smith’ on Facebook (fan page)
Twitter (@tearsforfears)
“Tears For Fears music” on instagram
Tears For Fears on Facebook
*JW, Charlton and CJV are also on Twitter along with past drummer Manny Elias and other members of this life long team. -Enjoy!

Tweet us your download screen when you get it! We’ll put your name in a fan pool and one fortunate Kook will get a hard copy of the album mailed to you when it is available as a gift from the TFF Travel Fans.

7 thoughts on “‘Deceptively Heavy’ -is ready…download now!

  1. Hey, how great material and high quality info about the band of our hearts. Please, send my copy of Deceptively Heavy with the signature of YOU ALL in the front booklet page, my friends from USA, Tears and KOOKs International Team, deal? ;^p

  2. Just wondering what your thoughts are on the songs “wild” and “mannequin”, like what they’re about?

  3. (Tears for Fears & Kooks -Facebook) There are lots of thoughts on Wild & Mannequin. Both have been highly spoken of online -on Twitter- Mannequin right now seems to be a growing on a few fans like Kudzu. As far as meaning…it’s bold sentiment and expression at its finest as only Curt (and Roland in his own solo work) can do. If you’re asking for an intepretation and breakdown, leave that to your own soul. But feel free to discuss. (AA)

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