Friendship and Art at its Highest: Tears for Fears in Denver, 2015

Tears for Fears – Beyond “Cool” in Colorado…
Over the last 5 days, the praise for Tears for Fears went beyond the usual… It was more than a virtual pat on the back or sweet, loving journalist turned fan for Tears for Fears, it was more than that. Countless reviews and articles were posted stating how absolutely important, vital and relevant Tears for Fears are some 30 years on. We as the travel fans would normally share our own personal experiences at these shows for each re-cap but, I think it’s crucial to include the words of not just global fans but of those who are detailing these musical extravaganza’s for their network and for the news. As a newsie myself, I feel it detrimental to share these fine writers’ emotions. Please enjoy this particular articles brought to our attention by Travel Fan Carolyn. His words on the Denver show hit home.

Again, as always, thank you for reading, sharing and most important showing up at concerts!


Last night, my wife and I—just about to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary—treated ourselves to a concert by Tears for Fears.

For those of you who read regularly, you know that not only do we as a website love the work of TFF, but I, Brad, have been rather obsessed with Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith since 1985.

Yes, 30 years—just four more years than I’ve been in love with Rush.  And, of course, what a comparison.  Can you imagine Peart and Orzabal writing lyrics together?  Tom Sawyer meets Admiral Halsey!

A blurry iPhone picture from last night's concert in Denver: Tears for Fears. A blurry iPhone picture from last night’s concert in Denver: Tears for Fears.

I came to TFF in the same way almost every American my age did, from hearing “Everybody wants to rule the world” on MTV.  What a glorious song.  Here was New Wave, but New Wave-pop-prog.  Here were intelligent lyrics.  Here, to my mind, was…

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One thought on “Friendship and Art at its Highest: Tears for Fears in Denver, 2015

  1. I love his words, “Simply put, these two men belong together. In a full-bodied Aristotelian/Thomist kind of way, nature meant these two to walk the earth together at the same time.”

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