Tears for Fears ‘Turnt Up’ the Farm – TFF #FTW at #Bonnaroo

Stu watched from the UK
Stu watched from the UK

Well, as expected, TFF proved they are a force, a powerhouse of pleasure, serenity for the soul and simultaneously “f*cking” awesome! Reviews from around the music writing world, words from those peeping in via Periscope and tons of praise on Twitter support the posts about this band’s popularity. Roland and Curt are more than well-respected, they are Rock Royalty.

imageLast night’s show at @Bonnaroo was streamed live thanks to @RedBullTV. Not only did fans attend in person, but also on their way to upcoming shows, crouched in airports or riding to the next destination in their cars. Hundreds tuned-in to hear a fantastic set that included many of the band’s greatest hits. The show was beyond exceptional and the crowd and fan reaction online stood out among the Bonnaroo praise. Roland was even pleased with the crowd. He shared a tweet from his personal account about their enthusiasm. That kind of crowd spirit is what we as travel fans hope for (and try to bring) at every show.

Tears for Fears Bonnaroo show

This is just the beginning. We’re only on show #2. Show #3 is tomorrow night in Denver Colorado. It’s another festival and an opportunity to go mad during Mad World, scream and sing for Shout and let the world know who really rules the throne of Rock and Roll. As one young fan said, “It’s Tears for f*cking Fears baby! They rule this world. F*ck yeah!”

@nerdist (TFF plane pal)'s followers joined in the Periscope love
@nerdist (TFF plane pal)’s followers joined in the Periscope love

Congrats to the band on their success. Wishing all fans very safe travels. We still have a few tickets left for the Tulsa show. Contact us on Facebook, follow on twitter (@papasfans) and be sure to follow @curtsmith @rolandtff & @tearsforfears.

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2 thoughts on “Tears for Fears ‘Turnt Up’ the Farm – TFF #FTW at #Bonnaroo

    1. Hey Lael! Driving to Tulsa from Houston to see TFF. So excited!! After 30 years I finally get to watch them live. Trying to find meet and greet passes but has been unsuccessful. 😦 Any idea where I could get one? I’ve tried searching at the usual ticket sales places.

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