Tears for Fears Concert Info – Sterling Heights Michigan (Detroit)

courtesy TFF page
courtesy TFF page

We should be discussing the Canada show first but this one has been on everyone’s radar so let’s look at it right now before it gets too late. As noted on Twitter and our Travel Fan FB page, Tears For Fears are scheduled to play at the Freedom Hill Amphitheater on the 24th of September. Reviews for this venue state that it’s intimate and a great place to see a band. Maps show that this location is right off of 16 Mile Rd but the official address is different (see below). I haven’t been in Michigan since I was a toddler so I can’t even picture where this venue is exactly.

Past attendees wrote about VIP options, saying they are hosted by the theatre for some events. They take place off to the side of the stage toward the back. If you are able to snag VIP tickets then do it! Performers and season pass holders are said to gather in this area together. Again, no confirmation but I will say all VIP events I’ve attended thus far have been worth it. Nothing confirmed for this particular show. Was told all seats are pretty good, even those on the lawn. Original ticket prices are $25 to $85 USD. Third party ticket sellers are pricing rows close to the stage at $584 each. Cheapest we’ve seen by third party is about $198.

Purchase options: Click here or visit http://freedomhill.net/event/tears-for-fears/

Venue Address: Freedom Hill Amphitheater 14900 Metro Parkway Sterling Heights Michigan 48312

Valet parking $5: Reviews say it’s a bit hard to get out of the parking lot so note that when you get there. Be patient…though knowing us  travel fans we tend to hang out after shows and this may not even be a problem. We may be the last ones to leave.

TFF Travel Fans spend lots of time together...
TFF Travel Fans spend lots of time together…

Who is going?
Well right now several fans on Twitter want to hold out for shows in their home states. We do not suggest that. If the band is coming one to two states close to you, it’s best to make an effort to see them in whatever state that is. These venues and locations have not been visited by TFF in quite some time. So, this might be it for a while. If you can go to two shows then do it. We, as fellow Travel fans will help you with info and hotels. We do carpool where possible and try to sit together. The shows are worth every penny even if you end up paying double the original ticket price…though we hope you can avoid that by going through the box office.

We suggest the following hotels based on their online reviews. We have not stayed in these brands in Michigan but in other states. Remember if you are a member of AAA or are a Military Vet, Government employee, etc. bring your ID’s. Just recently one of our travel fan team members got a full $100 off their room rate.

Extended Stay America approx $75 a night + tax and other fees. If you’ve never stayed at this ESA brand, note that they come with a full kitchen in the room. You could buy groceries and eat in your room/suite vs. eating out if that is important to you. Most rooms and suites can hold 3 people comfortably.

Hampton Inn & Suites We’ve stayed in this brand once… price $125+

^^ both locations are not too far from the venue

Flights are usually a bit more expensive in the fall lately. This was not always the case. Not sure why. Delta is quoting approx $150 for one way from southern states (some of you are headed to Canada right after this show so we’re listing the one way price). It’s $500 from New York City. So…try Southwest but direct flights, we’ve found, are rare with that air carrier.

Courtesy TFF
Courtesy TFF

That’s all we’ve got for this show… we’ll keep you posted on any discoveries and finds. Not going to pretend that people are jumping for joy about the location and are hoping like crazy that the band adds more dates. We recently spoke with the band in person and no other dates were mentioned aside from one abroad. We’ll leave it at that. The band can announce that nation, not us…we’ll just do our best to help you get there if it is something that is open to the public.

Thanks for reading!! Next concert info alert will be re: Canada – Rama Casino 25/26 September headed by veteran Travel Fan Team Member, Denise.

(AA & Travel Fan Team Contributors)

2 thoughts on “Tears for Fears Concert Info – Sterling Heights Michigan (Detroit)

  1. Hi! Does anyone have any idea if this show is going to be a continuation of the greatest hits tour of earlier this spring/summer? Or is there a chance this is going to be part of a tour supporting the new album? Thanks much!

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