Tour 2015 – Part Two – Highlights- Tears For Fears Concerts

Another fine tour they’ve gotten us into! 😉 There is clearly very little time to capture emotions because we’re rushing and relaying the tour torch #FollowThatShow. People are so “excited” and happy to see the band. Some are speechless. Others are just beside themselves…not to mention the Tears For Fears fever swept through the southwest and even some parts of South America, pushing people east with delight. So, see you tonight and tomorrow night? We hope so!

Meanwhile, here are some videos (photos to come) from the first 5 shows. Set list includes “Falling Down,” “Creep,” and in “Billie Jean.” Roland’s plaid is back as is the best black shirt ever for all you digging his concert threads. Curt is as fine as wine in his Ben Sherman couture and the entire team is as fit as a fiddle. See for yourselves in the clips below.

Vina Robles
Hadn’t seen stage jumpers in a while…but they were there! Stay in the audience folks. Don’t give the Rock Royals a heart attack with “fan antics…” Lol. We want them to be around for a very long time. #DontScareTheBand – but notice though, they were cool as cucumbers like… “We got this…” They just sang on…

Head Over Heels courtesy Alan Todd

Billie Jean courtesy Alan Todd

Carina Round is with Tears For Fears on this tour ... She'll tour w/Pucifer soon after.
Carina Round is with Tears For Fears on this tour … She’ll tour w/Pucifer soon after.

TBD Fest
Many thanks to Melissa for Periscoping nearly every song in the set. Remember those videos last only 24 hours so once you get the link or hear the Periscope alert, check out the video because you won’t get to see it after the second day. We’ll try to save all of the videos we scope on YouTube.

Check out this crystal clear beauty… Thanks Morpheous!

Mr. Ekasone shared Shout – check out the cool background graphics.

Be sure to connect w/fellow fans on Instagram

Connect w/fans on Instagram
Connect w/fans on Instagram
Stage lights lit up this spectacular night, fans and newbies loved the band!
Stage lights lit up this spectacular night, fans and newbies loved the band!

Sterling Heights
*Very happy Lady Kim was able to see Curt and Roland. Great to see you in the mix! Nice seats 🙂

And somebody in Detroit got the Twitter memo… He’s Roland who?

#Seats #TwitterThrowback - well timed...
#Seats #TwitterThrowback – well timed…

Mad World courtesy Katie Palus

Packed house in Detroit w/only 2-3 seats left for purchase the day of the show.

Audience picture by Ms Randall, member of one of the many online forums
Audience picture by Ms Randall, member of one of the many online forums

Canada – Concert at the Casino (Orilla)

Falling Down – video by The Concert Goddess

Change – video by TheConcertGoddess

Shout – Video by TheConcertGoddess


Susan B, long time travel fan, was there too!

Hello Fellow Travel Fans!
My name is Susan Burkhart I live in Michigan and I was at the there concert in Michigan and let me tell you IT WAS AWESOME AS ALWAYS. I have been a fan since the eighties but just in the last ten years been going to concerts my favrotie is LAS VEGAS, I even drove in a hurricane in Virgina several years ago and it was well worth it. Here are some pictures and video sorry they are not the best the lighting was bright need to be in the first row next time. And this time I got to meet Kim Cass what a doll and beautiful too.

Big thanks to fans checking in, flying and driving in from insane distances to be a part of these additional tour dates. You are incredible and one can only hope you are enjoying the scenery on your travels and getting enough sleep!

We want to make sure we get group pictures of fans so take a moment and snap photos of all in your individual travelling parties so we can celebrate your efforts and show attendance! Our next meet up is tomorrow on the steps of the Mayo Performing Arts Center steps at 7:15p. Let’s do a group picture.

imageWe should try to have dinner at some point as well but that will take a bit more coordination given our very tight show turnarounds. Breakfast might make more sense. Again, huge hugs to those contributing videos, photos and stories from the road.

-TFF Travel Fan Team Mod

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