Travel Fan Info: Tears for Fears at Meijer Gardens in GR Michigan 26 Sept


Tears for Fears will play Meijer Gardens in Michigan as part of the reschedule. The show will be the 26th of September. This will be a Gen Am show, meaning, no assigned seats. Tickets are a very reasonable $85.25 and can be purchased on their site. Those with memberships please note there is member pricing you need your passcode to purchase.

Venue: Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park 1000 East Beltline Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525 (phone: (888) 957-1580 & (616) 957-1580

Accommodations: The closest and the least expensive is The Knights Inn at $75 after taxes. We’re going to suggest one a little bit further down the road which is the JW Marriott. It is not cheap but it is comfortable especially if you’re driving in from a long distance. You can also use their site to find hotels on your own.

Airfare: is a cool $300 max on major carriers from Eastern most coast to Grand Rapids


Meet & Greets/Fan Fun
Lots of fans headed to this show however, this is a Gen Am show. Because of the traditional GA lining duties we don’t schedule anything beforehand. Due to the fact that many are hopping a plane to get ready for the TFF Indiana concert a few hours after the concert, we’re merely counting on having fun chatting with each other in the line. So, we do not have anything planned through our team due to the tight turnaround. Let us know if you want to host something for those not in a rush.

Let us know if you have any questions via @papasfans or FB email. This will perhaps be the easiest and cheapest show to attend on the whole schedule.

-TFF Travel Fan Team

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