Long Time No See Nashville – TFF Concert

Soundcheck special

Dad came through with band swag!! #tearsforfears

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Talk to us Good Man Curt!

Mad World

Billy Jean

Creep Cover by #tearsforfears #radiohead

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DID NOT EXPECT THIS! Radioheads Creep covered by Tears for Fears #creep #radiohead #tearsforfears #nashville

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Pale Shelter


Shout!!!!! #tearsforfears

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Head over Heels

Head Over Heels!!!! #tearsforfears

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Something happens and I'm head over heels. #tearsforfears 5/24/2017 Nashville

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You had to be there for the epic ending. #tearsforfears #shout

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Head Over Heels ๐Ÿ‘  #Bridgestone #bridgestonearena #hallandoates #tennessee #tearsforfears

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Lots of people to love for their contributions! Shake hands!
Thanks for watching and reading!
-Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team


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