Happy Birthday Curt!!

We’ve been waiting’ for this day! We counted down, we got well so we could live to see the day, we worked out to be fit enough to party hard and we made it! We are with you Curt as you take this 60th turn around the sun!

While Curt is over in Italy lookin’ fine and fit as ever (We see you! Alright now!), fan pages have been jumpin’ all week with celebrations! Katie Sunflower got so excited she just threw her face in the cake! 

We ain’t mad at that – we get it! It got her 2nd place in our Curt Smith fun celebration fan fun! Speaking of cake, you all know that one of Curt’s favourites is the Blum’s Coffee Crunch Cake from Valerie Confections. That thing is KING! Click here to order one. We’re getting another this weekend. It’s worth every cent!

As mentioned, Curt is living his best life this week in Toscana, Italia, his home away from home. We’ve seen him on a fun run and his daughter also shared some blissful moments with her majestic Papa Smith. Don’t forget to download Diva’s new music. Subscribe to her YouTube channel, hit that like button on ‘Bet’ and be sure to follow her on Spotify!

While we can’t possibly fit every single birthday wish on the page because this would be an update that lasted for several days, we do want to draw attention to the beautiful Penny Dahl who went all out in one of her iconic album cover remakes. She didn’t know we were giving out prizes! She got first place and her gift card was sent this morning. Cheers Penny!

Shoutout to Sharon and her classroom of kids who helped her create a Happy Birthday Curt collage! Karla Amaya gets a high five from us as she has taken on the challenge of learning how to play ‘Pale Shelter.’ She did this in honour of Curt. Well done, Karla!

Aileen honoured Curt with this cool remake of him in Head over Heels. She’s even sporting Doc Martens! She knows what’s up!! She was also a winner today and received a cash bundle in her currency today! Congrats Aileen!

We enjoy celebrating 🥳 Curt’s birthday annually and one of our faves was in 2011 when we got to spend some time with him at Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks. This wonderful man even bought several fans dinner. What a phenomenal memory that stays with us and thank you Sheila “Sheeshee” for helping us get a chance to sing to him on stage. To say we love our dear Curt and his family is a huge understatement. We ADORE AND APPRECIATE Curt & The Smith-Pennington family to the NTH DEGREE!!

Speaking of love, what’s not to love about the many fans who rushed out at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning in the rain, humidity and stale Covid air to get to specific record stores for Tears for Fears Live at Massey Hall Vinyls! Darren, moderator of the TFF Fan Forum was the music magician this year! Much like Carri and team helped fans get copies of ‘Ready Boys n Girls,’ Darren made sure many were able to grab the limited Massey Hall masterpiece! Thank you, Darren!

Go out and get some cake, share Tears for Fears music with the world the rest of this week and right on through the weekend! Get copies of Halfway Pleased and Deceptively Heavy for your music collection! Let’s keep the Curt Smith celebration going! Honourable mentions to JT of Duran Duran who also turned 61 this week! Curt and JT go way back! Love that! And hey…if somebody asks us how old they are the response will be, “They’re 60 and SEXY AS F***!”

Cheers everyone!

Laissez lês bons temps rouler!!!

Long time fan, Danny Cricks shared his keepsake from Curt’s Soul on Board album in honour of Curt’s birthday!
Adrian Perucho wishes Curt a great birthday from his home in Argentina!

We’ll be partying all weekend, join us online @papasfans on Twitter

– TFF Travel Fan Team

Moderator @andyeisthenews

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Bonne Anniversaire Roland Orzabal!

We barely know how to act on this day…it comes every year and we go absolutely nuts with excitement and joy that knows no bounds. The traditions continue with birthday cards, artwork, video compilations and more. This is the day that feels as though the whole world is Head Over Heels for Roland Orzabal. Cumpleanos Feliz to the Honourable Earl of “Everything That Is Right In the World.”

Our team members Carri and Manami lead this year’s 2013 Jour d’Orzabal with the following. 2nd Card by Manami from the Japanese branch of the Tears for Fears Fan Travel Team.

Designed by Carri -Sherlock, the Silver Kitty
Designed by Carri -Sherlock, the Silver Kitty

Want to send a VERY special SHOUTout 2 thee illustrious Roland Orzabal!! A MEGA talented MOST ILLUMINATING and UNFORGETTABLE *Fascinating* artist, genius of a mystic man. CHEERS & HAPPY 52nd B-day, Roland Orzabal !! We are so Proud of you. Lookin’ hella AMAZINGLY!! Sultry strong voice of the heavens…and beyond…sigh* *still* 2 this Day & Age, you’re My Ultimate SOUL enraptured captivatingly singer of All-time. Cheers to infinity to have My #1 FAVE BAND TFF 2 conquer and Rule Our world, again! Much, Luvs. Have a FAB Celebration! xx CaRRi xx

Designed by Manami of the Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team Japan Branch
Designed by Manami of the Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team Japan Branch

(From Andye)
It’s impossible to forget the kindness that the Honourable Sir Orzabal has shown to me, they are memories that last a lifetime. From the fun singing opportunity to fast-chats backstage. It’s been lifechanging and encouraging. I’m very appreciative and I celebrate this day with my fellow fans, filled with gratitude and awe. Bonne Anniversaire, Kol Sana ya Rollie Sunshine & Many Happy Returns. Our appreciation for you and Curt (plus team) has no ending. So hashtag that! -AA

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