Thinking of Curt on His Birthday…

Happy Birthday, Mr. Smith!

It’s hard not to think about Curt Smith, he stays on our minds. It’s obvious! There are many days where we gather and talk about great moments that he helped make happen or relive the numerous fascinating pre and post show events he created for fans. When we need a moment of respite and joy, we think about how Curt has been there and helped us all. From the many conversations on his greatness, we’ve put together 59 amazing moments about Curt and incredible memories from the past 10 years. It’s one of our many ways of celebrating his birthday. Big shoutout to James Colah, UK’s #1 indie Smooth Jazz artist who met Curt back in 1985 while touring with Tears for Fears as the keyboardist for the band’s openers, The Adventures. He too sent a sweet Happy Birthday which is detailed in a recent interview featured here on the TFF Travel Fan site.

Curt is one of those really great guys that the Universe gifts the globe. Enjoy some fun moments, remember cool things he has done and read the great things about him featured in the list below. Feel free to share some of your favourite memories as well! Tweet him @curtsmith today on Twitter.

59 Blessings and Moments of Bliss with Curt Smith

1. Making sure that all fans had a ticket to his show in 2010 at McCabes. One fan didn’t have a ticket and he made sure they got on the list anyway.
2. His incredible kindness at his show at Bardot Hollywood to fans who flew out from a variety of cities
3. Follow all the winners on Twitter for the charity project win in 2010
4. Having an amazing residency show at the Whitefire Theatre and buying dinner for fans
5. Always being polite and speaking to people despite his busy schedule
6. Sharing his family with us – we love his family! #TeamLadyFP #TeamDWAngels
7. Raising two incredible daughters
8. His love for nature and animals
9. The encouragement he gives fans
10. Being a real ally on EVERY level
11. Standing up for justice and what is right no matter what
12. Spending time online with fans well past the designated time during online events
13. Introducing us to great people in his circle of friends (e.g. Zoe Keating, Eric Alper, Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), John Taylor (Duran Duran) to name a few) *Happy Birthday John Taylor (21 July)
14. Being tolerant (of everythinnnng)
15. Playing on despite any discomfort (e.g. sang while sick in 2019 & on his birthday – Curt don’t do that, we want you well, we can wait.)
16. Taking us with him virtually on trips to Toscana, Italia
17. Sharing his dogs Bella and Ivy with us online
18. Being honest yet diplomatic
19. Keeping in touch and checking in when he didn’t have to
20. Honouring diversity in music
21. Psyche and everything he did on the show (we still want revenge on that panther)
22. Sharing his health routine and giving useful health advice
23. Humouring us as a Kerfuffle of Kooks
24. Great shows and events in California
25. The way he waves at the start of shows and walks the stage waving at everyone on all sides
26. Calling out fans at shows and saying hello is the most incredible thing EVER!
27. Being amazing without an ego
28. Birthday shoutouts
29. Incredible ability to forgive
30. Retweets on quality content
31. Nice hugs during photos – like genuine kindness and hugs
32. Being present and visible, accessible for a hello and thank you
33. Dancing at shows
34. Skittle Showers (if he had a hose..omg Make it Rain!)
35. The Mayfield Bundle with all that cool merch – we still wear it and use the cool bag
36. That Mayfield longsleeved tshirt
37. Suffering crazy fans (We have most of that under control but once in while…smh)
38. The ability to not get angry and remain composed during the most difficult of times
39. Proper use of the word ‘Fuck’
40. The love he displays and shares with his wife – it’s impressive to see couples like that!
41. Listening online
42. Answering tweets
43. Keeping us updated on shows and the latest information that he has on the band
44. Writing music – Deceptively Heavy was a really great gift
45. Staying the course – we know that being a musician isn’t all peaches and cream, yet he is here!
46. Saying, “’Insert city’ we are in you!”
47. Sharing the details of the crunch cake
48. Those Thanksgiving dinners!
49. Merch, there’s always good merch, either his or the band’s. It’s always good and wearable.
50. Kind words to audience members at shows
51. His memory – we love his memory – he just knows and remembers so much!
52. The great song selections at his shows!
53. Having Psych members and the pineapple on stage in 2010 at McCabe’s
54. Incredible opportunities to chat before shows on so many occasions and the overall miracles he provides for people he knows need them. We should call him St. Curt and not just Superman. Pretty sure he’s over these nicknames…but we can’t help it.
55. Being an amazing model and music ambassador for Tears for Fears, guitarists and musicians
56. Style – he knows how to wear anything very well and inspires us #TeamDocs
57. The time he featured Janice on Trees
58. The collaboration with Zoe Keating and All Is Love
59. Being an amazing humanitarian – he’s a master at it in every way

We’re not the only ones who had some amazing memories of Curt and Tears for Fears. During a recent Tim Twitter Listening Party, Curt and Tim took time to re-explore The Hurting. For over an hour, love and likes, RTs and replies flowed in from fans around the globe who stayed up late or made it part of their afternoon to enjoy these tracks and Curt tweeting about them. Curt and Tim spent quality time with fans deep diving into the music and it was marvelous! Checkout the replay of tweets and turn on The Hurting for the full effect if you missed the party.

Tim Burgess

We’ll never forget that time we got to sing him Happy Birthday in person (thanks Sheila “SheeShee”) and the time he lost a bet with Charlton and had to sing, “I Feel Pretty.” He’s hilarious! Let’s continue to celebrate him throughout the day! Celebrate Curt with us! We’ll be enjoying a collection of his personal solo music, praying, fasting and thinking of him as we are known to do. May he and his family remain blessed. If we had it “like that” we’d buy him a ton of cars and gifts he could share with charities. He’s super generous and led us to some great charity groups to which to give. That’s the kind of guy he is! We’re forever grateful for Curt Smith!

Halfway Pleased
Deceptively Heavy
Soul On Board

You can also celebrate by recreating your favourite album cover! Here are the recent winners from our Tears for Fears Travel Fan Fun – Tears for Fears Tuesdays #TFFTuesdays

Photo credit: Curt Smith photo shares from his collection

Winners: Katie Sunflower, Karlie, Penny D and Pam R. – won $15 each to use in the TFF merch store.

Thanks for partying!

– TFF Travel Fan Team (@papasfans)

Dissecting “Deceptively Heavy” -Curt Smith Solo Album

One of the first downloads in Brasil by our Travel Fan Team Member Marcio Campos
One of the first downloads in Brasil by our Travel Fan Team Member Marcio Campos
So, we had a discussion about Curt’s latest album, as we always do. We quickly said, “Let’s just snuggle up with this one and enjoy it on a whole other level now that the meanings of the songs are posted.” The goal of course was to have video dialogue on what each song meant for us individually (pre and post posted meanings by CS) but getting everyone together via Google Hangout is just …well darn near impossible for Japan, France, USA and Brasil plus our new fan friends from Australia. In a perfect world, we’ll do this. For now, let’s just get our thoughts in writing.

Album Title: Deceptively Heavy …that “feels” like something Curt would say. A sort of “Curtism” or one of his comebacks to the many questions and notes he gets all day long on varioius social platforms. So, it was no surprise that many of us were drawn into the fan fare that proceeded the album. He had us at the title.

Deceptively Heavy -Curt Smith's latest solo album
Deceptively Heavy -Curt Smith’s latest solo album

Beautiful Failure -yes, we remember that he wrote it for his daughter. I can’t remember if he sang this in 2011 or only in 2012. Seems like we heard it live twice. I was thrilled sometime later when Curt said it would be included. It’s a very touching song and several of us said it’s just…well, beautiful!

Listening to this feels like we’re having a conversation with Curt…as if he invited us over for tea and was just expressing his feelings toward her and concerns for her emotions. Not wanting feedback or advice, just getting concerns for his preciouos daugther off of his chest. This is a treasure in that he shared something so personal. It’s heartwarming for parents and those who are childless alike.

Suffer The Silence
This feels like advice to the busy bodies of the world, always in someone’s business with commentary or asking questions they already have the answers to but just “need” to be a part of the conversation for the sake of inclusion. It feels like a kind way to say, “Mind your own business…and grow a conscious antenna while you’re at it.” Who knows, the meaning was not listed…and that’s fine. This allows the listener to take the song as it best fits his or her own situation. Regardless, it’s catchy and you can easily find yourself singing it at random. It’s also a piece of therapy after a long day of putting up with the world’s ills.

Hold It Together
This is another enjoyable one. Curt says, “Done for an Indy movie called Meth Head. A couple dealing with one person’s meth addiction. Initially I thought I’d play the addict but Carina did it so much better than I ever could. I’m the voice of reason (there’s a first).”

This is one that we didn’t get a preview of from that film. He told us about it (as much as was legal to release at the time) and we were intrigued. The song itself is aboslutely brilliant, the opening…the whole thing. I mean don’t you get chills? We sure did. It’s a really strong piece that we seriously fear will be overlooked in the music world simply because the world isn’t looking in the right direction. I mean, there’s no reason this shouldn’t get heavy air time. Congrats to Carina Round for her brilliant contribution. This is good!

My Point Being
Curt says: One of the tracks written after my mother died. Having arguments with my brothers about stupid shit & realizing we’re family no matter how much they can piss me off.

Now, we totally got it all wrong at the start. We heard this song not long after his blessed mother passed away. There was a lot going on for many of us. Several fans (including myself) lost family/parents at that time. It was a bitter hell scrambling with those emotions and this rather came at the right time. There was speculation as to what the song was about because at that same time on the fan walls, there was chatter about this that and the other amongst loud cries from many countries wishing for the return of TFF to their areas. It was chaotic. Curt gave some meaningful responses and not long after that this song also came about so we weren’t sure if this was directed toward some of the fan comments (some of which were just superfanatically loud, commanding and outrageous) or something else entirely.

While we respect that it was for his mother we also found it perfect for bringing quiet to the hectic board. Seems like we all went in a peaceful direction right after that.

All Is Love
This is a great song, period. The fan boards all agree, it just feels good. I personally think it works for film and TV. I know I’ve played it as background music at various meetings and gatherings. I see the world as one big film anyway and Curt’s music often works as a coping method for times that just need to be reviewed “standing back” and away from the situation…if that makes any sense. Others I spoke with said again…this just “helps.” We all agree it would be nice to see this used as a part of a “feel good” campaign. I will aim to suggest this for future things in my own media dealings and hope for the best.

Porn Star
Curt says: A song about politics & our President. I was (and still am to a limited degree) a big supporter of Barack Obama, to the extent of gaining citizenship to vote for him. What I’ve realized since then is that the American political system is so broken that the only thing that gets you anywhere in Washington is money. There could be a poll stating that 80% of the country is in favor of something (you’ve seen them) but lobbyists & money will still win the day. I may be in love but he’s always going to go for the money.

This is huge…BIG! Fans loved it. We all agreed it was just freakin’ phenomenal and wanted to get deeper into the lyrics…to truly know what brought this song about. Leave it to Curt to put it into perspective…he spoke volumes with every line and even his opinion of POTUS. It sparked a little bit of political debate but we didn’t spend too much time on it…there was no name blaming or finger pointing by fans of various political backgrounds, instead, just lots of questions regarding the direction of the world and the nation. I must say you also get a good glimpse at how far a passionate CS will go to help a cause. It’s impressive and powerful. Go forth Good Man, Go forth. You have a swarm of people listening and eager for your leadership and opinions. We’ve often toyed with the idea of “What if Curt Smith were President and Roland was Sec of State? Hmm…”

Kook Coffe Mug
Kook Coffe Mug

Well Enough
Curt says: The most personal song on the album. I wrote the lyrics on the flight home from the UK after my mother’s funeral, the song was written to the lyrics. She wasn’t the best mother because of her family background & the fact that we had an absent father, but she did “well enough alone”. Also, to me the phrase summed up her solitary life bringing up three boys – well, enough, alone. Amazing what a comma can do.

Another conversation with Curt it seems…a blessing to hear him speak (or sing) openly about something very dear to him. Listen to the instruments in the background and at what time he chose for them to enter…is that a bagpipe? There’s a march in there…you can see everything in these lyrics. It’s very touching and rather painful. We thought at first this was a song from the movie Meth Head also, somehow we thought it had something to do with that movie, but no this is, as mentioned above, about his mum. We knew it was certainly something heavy…and tough.

Very few of us in the TFF Travel Fan crew have had perfect upbringings and our adult lives have had “enough” challenges. In fact, several of us gathered based on the miseries we experienced as a child and just needed others around us who could relate or “get” where we were coming from. The band’s music pulled us through those crazy times. Not much has been said about this song verbally but you can sort of sense everyone is pensive and going back to another time and place when this song comes on or comes up in discussion.

Heaven's Sake Iconic Image
Heaven’s Sake Iconic Image
Heavens Sake -it just works…what else can you say? While the song sort of highlights the cashing in on Christmas, it can certainly be used commerically on so many things… a lot of Curt’s work is perfect for TV and film as we’ve expressed before. Talk about a life’s soundtrack for the innocent.

Curt says: About my amazing younger daughter (both my kids are amazing btw) Wilder. I didn’t want to write a song about one child because I’d be in deep shit. This one is about the sometimes trying but mostly adorable contrarian in our family.

This is such a bright song. The instruments and overall make up of it is uplifting and full of thought. It brings about very sweet sentiments. Glad to know it was indeed about his daughter. You can certainly “feel” the love, bewilderment and joy in the relationship between father and fun daughter here. Makes you want to spend a day with them and experience it as well. Bless that family! Huge thanks to Curt Smith for again sharing his loved ones with us. It’s really special and makes us all feel closer to the fashionable Smith Family Rockers.

Curt says: “I love the manic in your kind of crazy” – the title is an amusing play on the lyric & became the inspiration behind the album sleeve. The song itself is about my mother-in-law who also passed away last year. She suffered from manic depression/bi-polar disorder her whole life, but when she was up she could be one of the funniest people you would ever meet. I prefer to remember her that way.

We had no idea what this was about. Was it a reference to the cover, that gorgeous statue of a doll in the Ben Sherman shirt? My first thought was how I personally felt about superfan Carri…the contagious mega-excitement in her written words and yet how calm she is in person but on paper you’d never know she was so tranquil, much like the starting lyrics. It’s rather fun settling in with both. Others said they had no idea what to think about it…all wanted to know exactly to WHOM and WHAT was this song referring? We never expected an answer …besides, we just totally loved jammin’ out to this song any chance we had. I personally can’t do that anymore. I just have too much respect for his wife and family that it makes me feel kind of odd rockin’ to her legacy, again if that makes any sense at all…I don’t know.

Reminds me a little bit of his song “Coming Out” which is one that many of us listen to when we travel to Los Angeles…a sort of preparation for being in Curt’s presence…calms us down.

The meaning of this song is not listed so we’ll just take it as it is. For me, it’s “keep your mouth shut…not everything needs to be televised and broadcast…whatever the heck it is.”

We only spoke to about 20 people and the concensus remained consistent. The album is MUCH brighter LITE-er to a degree than “Halfway Pleased.” It’s also much more dancable than Mayfield…and perhaps one of the more enjoyable albums in our Curt Smith solo collection because you can do so much with it. Deceptively Heavy has something for everyone in a major way. It’s commercial/film/TV ready, it’s club fit and fan club perfect!

Tell us your feelings about the album and don’t forget to look out for the hard copies coming to Amazon! Can’t wait!

Thanks for reading,