Berlin’s Beloved Night with Tears for Fears

Our friends from Germany did not disappoint when capturing great moments in the show. The Good Man Mr. Smith was kind enough to snap pictures and share the journey with all followers. We’re so grateful! This is dedicated to Ronnie, Mathias, the Tempodrom staff and the Good Man himself, Curt Smith. We’re super grateful for all that has been provided from the show. To our friends in Germany who were able to somehow get tickets at the last minute, good on you!

Rough Translation: It was worth the wait: Fans had to wait for it for nearly 30 years. On Saturday night, Tears for Fears played a concert again at the sold out Tempodrome.

Curt took some great photos as did several other members of the band. We’ll focus on Mr. Smith’s snapshots of beautiful Berlin. The city has seen a lot! And to think they had to wait all those years for a show…you know several of them have got to be suffering from Superfanitis…somebody send those fans some extra merch, they’re gonna need it! May this post help them remember the magical moments of the return of TFF to Berlin. Enjoy! Cheers!

Really great close up of the stage from Mr. Olsen.

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Head over Heels

Compilation (SOL, ADVICE)


Another Angle

Great photos from fellow fans. Be sure to say hi, leave them a message on their pictures. If you choose to share them be sure to note the photographer.

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Bidding Adieu to Berlin

Thanks for watching and reading!
-Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team

TFF – Looking Good in Liverpool!

*Dedicated to Marcio Campos in Brasil! Thank you for connecting us with additional fans for this show!

Wow, Liverpool! How exciting and historic given the Beatles’ beginnings here! We spoke to Jamie before this show and got permission to post some photos (one above). We’re excited to have some pictures from their point of view. It’ll be nice to add to the archives.

Also got this great photo from Claire Hartshorn Photography! Thank you, Claire!

Mr. L came through on the guitar picks and yes we asked that they be put into the online store so we can stock up. The last time we had such exquisite ones was 2012 during Brit Week.

*Some items will not be visible as they are linked to Twitter accounts. We’ll be sure to post photos vs. links to accounts in future in case fans decide to go private going forward. You can ask to be friends which will allow you to see all the great pictures.

Gig Girl’s video of EWTRTW

Set List – Gwen’s getting good at this! LOL!

BILL is the BEST!

Our dear lady Alison Moyet


The Gorgeous Lady Alison Moyet 

EWTRTW with Lorde Intro

EBWTRTW up close with Curt


Pale Shelter

Woman in Chains


Band to Fan Love

(post show nostalgia and chat with Joy)

Falling Down – courtesy of Chris and Caroline

Wishing our good sweet Tamara a safe trip home!


Fun Bonus: Ever seen this cool feature Jamie?! Nice!

Tears for Fears Knew the Way to San Jose! SOLD OUT Show!

Ingrid and Julie_DuranDuranTearsForFearsTravelFans

…and blew them away with their legendary awesomeness! We’re thrilled with this turn out of superfans including Duranies/Duran Duran fans from our sister travel fan team of that band. Big thanks to Ingrid and her friends for live streaming the show! Awesome! This was reportedly a SOLD OUT SHOW!

This entry is dedicated to Ingrid – superfan of Duran Duran and dear fan sister to us all! She and her friend are awesome for what they captured last night and provided on their FB wall. Much love! Many others shared some amazing clips. Enjoy the below and make sure you connect with them and become fellow fan friends!

Intro – EWTRTW


Mad World

Pale Shelter

Seeds of Love


Enjoy these links and be sure to reach out and like the photo. Make a new friend!

This looks like the photo in the music education book where some of us first learned about the band from a student perspective in music class.

Very surreal… full circle moment… SHOUT

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Look at the crowd!

Thanks again to all who shared and posted! Next show is like momentarily practically…

Stand up and represent!

AA, Tears for Fears Travel Fan Team Moderator

Heartfelt and Harmonious – Tears for Fears Return to Red Rocks || #TFF2016

*Dedicated to the TFF Travel Fan Team at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Curt’s Kerfuffle of Kooks. Huge thanks to Drummer Genius Jamie for the hugs!


“Such an amazing show tonight!!! Gorgeous venue!! The band has never sounded better!!! The crowd was so stoked!! There are no words to describe how incredible tonight was! Not to mention, the incredible gift from Jamie Jamie Wollam! The cherry on top was a tweet from Curt Smith!!! Wow! I wonder if I’ll ever come back down to earth! PS: As always CD & I were representing!!!” – Becky Boom Boom – Travel Fan Soldier of Sound – a real ROCSaTear

Soldiers of Sound armour… many hard core travel fans wear it to every show. These are the “ID” bracelets from the coveted, limited edition “Curt Smith Bundle.” #VIKForLife


Hard to say anything else really…just speechless. As mentioned in the travel fan info, so many fans headed out to this show. The venue was packed. Very grateful we had so many long time travel fans on the ground last night. Huge thanks to those who went the extra mile to support Tears for Fears. There’s a lot to be said about people who dedicate their time and energy to this group. Not enough thank yous in any language to sum up the gratitude felt all around. Cheers all, enjoy the shares below. Be sure to click through, like the posts, and make a new Tears for Fears fan friend…

Thank you Jamie for taking the time and welcome Lindsey R to the crew.


*Drummer Genius Jamie will probably never know or be able to fathom how much he  means to us. Some things are just left unsaid because it’s hard to express. Wishing he and the crew decades of good times ahead and we pray we get another 30+ years to enjoy them.

From Lady Carolyn: “The bag he is holding contains a couple gifts we got for him. Bobby Russell came up with the idea of finding out what brand of drumsticks Jamie Wollam uses and the size he prefers, and signing our names on them with different colored sharpies. Jamie is always giving the fans his drumsticks as precious souvenirs and we wanted to pay him back in some way. While we were at the music store, I saw a beautiful black cowbell, so we got that and wrote appreciative messages on it with a silver sharpie. He loved the gifts and said they were going in his collection. We (Bobby Russell, Silver Kitty, Becky and I….The ROCSatears) are extremely honored. Jamie is such a kind man.”

On that note, there’ve been many nights where we’ve wondered how to repay the band back for their kindness…nice to see he was open to receiving the gifts.

TFF Travel Fan for over 15 years Bblaze!

Always amazing weather and scenery, great venue, stunning and lovely…

Walking to the seats

All the Beautiful Fans


Break It Down Again

Sowing the Seeds

Mad World

Pale Shelter


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Tears for Fears Shout #shout #redrocks #tearsforfears

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What a Beautiful Night

To top of a great night, a nice note from the Good Man…


Thanks for reading and subscribing!
-TFF Travel Fan Team

Tears for Fears: (More) Highlights from L.A., Oakland & Portland

imageOne of the awesome things about travelling to see this band is meeting up with fellow dedicated fans. The group is very diverse with writers, photographers, up & coming artists, award-winning musicians and families, sometimes third and fourth generation…and all from different cultures and walks of life. We all make great efforts to get to the shows with one common goal; Celebrate Tears for Fears.

This year we were happy to find out in advance that our honourary Travel Fan Pal, Jason DeBord, would be in attendance. He mentioned he’d aim to join the crowd for two shows, L.A. and Oakland. Here’s his review of the L.A. Wiltern sold out show that took place last month.

But first, check this out from Sherlock SK – RADIO INTERVIEW WITH CURT SMITH (A Listening Experience)

Photo by Jason DeBord
Photo by Jason DeBord

Review – Tears for Fears – Los Angeles – Venue – The Wiltern
“Is that the new iPhone 6?” Roland Orzabal, early on in the show, as he and Curt Smith looked out over the sea of cell phones in the air, held by an exuberant sold out crowd at the historic Wiltern in Los Angeles last night. Tears for Fears, best known for their collection of timeless and classic New Wave hits from the 80s, do not tour very often, and when they do, the tours are usually not too many dates and cities. So there was a bit of an “event” feeling in the air, and based on some of their comments later in the show, they both seem to have quite an affinity for the City of Angels. Click here to read more.
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Also see: Paul Stamat’s Review & Photos (very touching)
Click here

photo by Josh DeBord - after 7pm at the Wiltern
photo by Josh DeBord – after 7pm at the Wiltern

Please read on to see the photos and videos from other professional writers and media team members and fans. Many thanks to everyone who contributed links, recordings and show photos. We’ve been sharing them for over a week and the excitement from this tour hasn’t left us…it lingers throughout the day and night, well into our dreams.


Tears for Fears – Oakland California – Fox Theatre

Where you goin’ Roland? Rolaannd?

Head Over Heels (crowd sing-a-long) posted by JeremyKirkf

Billy Jean posted by JeremyKirkf

Shout (Listen to the crowd’s excitement, it’s electric) posted by Flowen Production

photo  provided by KLF Barrett
photo provided by KLF Barrett

Tears for Fears Portland’s Project Pabst
First off, big thanks to KLF Barret for sharing photos throughout the evening, tweeting her show experience & filling our macaron dreams. Our travel fan team member Lael was too ill to attend the show but others stepped in and reported back with magnificent pictures and more.

Creep by Radiohead covered by Tears for Fears uploaded by Teresa Cook
(chose this particular upload as the others recorded the technical difficulties that were happening – check those out though, TFF handle everything like pros and are so crowd inclusive)

Sowing the Seeds of Love recorded by Bobby Digital

Ready to Start by AF covered by Tears for Fears
(there are so many great vidoes of this floating around, some featuring some eye-catching close-ups of Mr. Orzabal’s beautiful face. It’s breathtaking…so brace yourself.)

What a nice tweet from the band! Great picture! Lovely wrap up of 2014!

Pros and Cons of 2014 – Let’s Be Real + Live Tweets & Instagram Posts

5. We’ve already agreed the tour was short notice. But we learned it was not the band’s intention (nor did we assume it was). They aren’t a team of arses so let’s move on from this.

4. It wasn’t East Coast as everyone assumed the next tour would be. But let’s rejoice that the midwest was once again included…and we had a damn good time in Texas and Oklahoma! Big thanks to Becky for helping make that happen.

Don't be jealous, saddle up and ride the travel fan train. #GoToShows
Don’t be jealous, saddle up and ride the travel fan train. #GoToShows

3. 4 out 5 shows were general admission – Booo! Many fans reported to me that their bodies just can’t handle sitting on the ground outside or standing against a wall for long periods of time anymore. That is very understandable! As Carri would say, “We OVERstand your pain.” For those that mustered through the agony, thank you w/a virtual heating pad for those legs and ankles! We had a great time waiting in line and meeting new people! High Five to Katie and Snap Happy Pam…and to Jamie Wollum Drummer Genius for making it worth everyone’s while.

2. This was expensive! Actually, it was the same price as the last two tours with respect to hotel prices, food, merch, show tickets and airfare combined. The kicker was if you didn’t rent a car from the airport, it was easily $250-$333 each way from Dallas into Thackerville…adding an extra $500-$600.

BUT!!! Enter the Travel Fan Team —> ; We worked together. So, for those who carpooled or offered it, thank you! Huge thanks to Becky for clocking over 1,000 miles to get fans from point A to B and back again in time to catch their flights.

1. Missing Info & People… yeah. What was up with the lack of email newsletters from the offical tears for fears website? The official twitter handle was still only posting throwback thursday photos vs. show announcements. But that seems to be changing, so…let’s not be hard on band management, there are a lot of great folks behind that team. We owe them a lot.

**But can I just add that personally I missed Stand or Fall in the pre-show music series, like, maaaan, we were waitin’ on that track. Cool to have Seal but The Fixx, you know, that used to come on just before TFF on radio hit countdowns and…let me stop. I won’t kick up a stink over it. I should be happy in the pink.

See, somebody didn't get the memo and missed a show! Not cool! Not cool!!
See, somebody didn’t get the memo and missed a show! Not cool! Not cool!!

Annnd…a lot of people just couldn’t make it…but you know, it worked in the end for those that could. We were really worried if we could pull this off and by the Grace we did and were able to share the experience with the teams and families.

Shout out to fans who celebrated from home and a big congrats to Travel Fans Mark & SheeShee who got married the weekend of the Thackerville show! They of course played Tears for Fears at their wedding! As it should be done…

Mark and Sheila (Shee Shee is our DelaQ shipmate nickname for her) have been travelling the Travel Fan train for years, so loyal to the band and each other :)
Mark and Sheila (Shee Shee is our DelaQ shipmate nickname for her) have been travelling the Travel Fan train for years, so loyal to the band and each other 🙂


5. Beautiful Accommodations – Minus the indoor smoking in the Thackerville casino, it was a cute place. Huge too! You got your money’s worth! We also found some new places to hang out in Los Angeles – even after having spent several summers there we always discover something cool on each visit.

4. Great time of year to tour – We like the September dates, not too hot, not too cold, just right. Breezy, beautiful weather in every location

3. The setlists were FANTASTIC! No, it wasn’t a new album, but the show selections had a whole new feel. Songs were re-arranged, Lorde’s cover of EWTRTW was a great intro with all due respect to Dance of the Knights of which we enjoyed immensely for two tours. Adding Ready to Start was ultra refreshing coupled with Roland’s dancing and the band really getting into it…and of course the Working Hour stole our souls…unforgettable! #LegendaryHistoricMoment!

Shows are full of surprises!
Shows are full of surprises!

2. Okay, Roland and Curt were very generous in more ways than one. They were extremely obliging where permissible at their own will. THAT is more than any fan can ask for! Still overwhelmed from that.


So many people incredibly excited to see Roland, Curt + team! Makes our heart beam! :)
So many people incredibly excited to see Roland, Curt + team! Makes our heart beam! 🙂

1. Curt and Roland look great! The entire team is fit as a fiddle and in tip top shape. They were interactive, full of smiles, great fashion and stage presence, birthday shoutouts…and they did a mini-roll call with shout outs to the Kooks and those that travelled a long way to see them. Most of all…they are celebrating over 30 of music. 30 Years…And they still rule the world like a bunch of smokin’ hot badasses! BOOM! They ARE all that! Peace! :drops mic and walks away:

Thanks for reading 😉

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Roland during 'Ready to Start' - "If I was yours..."
Roland during ‘Ready to Start’ – “If I was yours…”


Shoutout to all those who brought their SDO books on tour and waved them around. Big thanks to Roland for signing several!
Shoutout to all those who brought their SDO books on tour and waved them around. Big thanks to Roland for signing several!
Curt during Mad World #CoolBandFashion #CoolAsEver #KookMeister #LoveForTheLegend #AllOurLoveForROCS
Curt during Mad World #CoolBandFashion #CoolAsEver #KookMeister #LoveForTheLegend #AllOurLoveForROCS