Meet Lael M – TFF Travel Fan Team Member (Arizona)

Lael of Arizona
Lael of Arizona
Lael has been so loving and kind over the years in her fan following of Tears for Fears. This year she is contributing to the Arizona fan fun by assisting fans with any questions about their travel plans. Read more about Lael and be sure to look her up before the upcoming TFF Arizona show to participate in the fan fun!

A Soft Place to Land

Tears For Fears has always been a soft place to land for me. I first heard of them in October of 1983 when their hit “Change” became a college radio hit here in the U.S. I was very drawn to them, as they appealed to my quirky, nerdy side. I was blown away by their ability to express childhood trauma in such an universal manner, at such a young age. It was intriguing that their harmony followed a classical idiom, which was not common for popular music at the time. I was raised on classical music, especially opera, so I loved Roland Orzabal’s operatic voice. Combined with Curt’s quintessential pop voice, they created a sound that was inviting, soothing, and timeless.

Their music has always been there for me during the worst of times: The passing of my mother, my highly dysfunctional upbringing, and my divorce. Due to the amazing strangeness that is Social Media, I was able to sing a duet with Michael Wainwright when he was the opening act / backup singer for Tears For Fears. This experience was life changing, as I discovered that there were people truly like me in this world. I finally learned that it was okay to express my creative side, and with insight from the band regarding songwriting, I am now able to write poems and sing much more freely.

I have met many other intelligent, talented, and compassionate people through my involvement with Tears For Fears; fans that understand the legacy of this band, and the overall importance of art and its relationship to our humanity. I look forward to this continued journey of self-discovery, self – actualization, and cultivation of enduring friendships.

We want to thank Lael for organising on two occasions fun things for fans to do and riding out through the desert to Curt Smith Solo shows in Santa Monica. Speaks volumes when people go above and beyond in the manner she has. Cheers Lael! Let the good times roll!

Roland’s New Book & a 12″ Vinyl? Yes, Please!

(From Amazon -available in March 2014)
(From Amazon -available in March 2014)

Yes indeed, we got word on Sir Orzabal’s book some time ago and didn’t know when the big announcement was going to take place. There were always rumours, then there was the confirmation and on Wednesday the first reports. We were patient…well Carri was…Andye, not so much (I wanted an advanced copy, lol!!).  So here you have it in all its glory 🙂 , ‘Sex, Drugs and Opera, There’s Life After Rock N Roll’ by the one and only (drum roll please) …Roland Orzabal! It is said to be released on the 26th of March via Kindle (available for purchase on those devices only, to pre-order your copy click here) and then other formats will be released (including a paperback book most likely) on the 4th of May. According to the Good Sir Orzabal, the May editions include iBooks and paper copies at Barnes and Noble (I think that’s how I understood it). He says not sure about the rest but we know in due time he’ll let us know. So sit tight. In celebration of its release, our TFF Travel Fan Team is giving away an Amazon gift card to one fortunate follower on Twitter. We’ll be in touch with the details next week.

Excited? Puleeze…more like biting our nails to the nub, we’re freakin’ thrilled. Inspired by several moments in time, this novel is written by the Good Sir himself. Here’s the background of the book as noted in’s report. This is what appeared in their article: ‘I was halfway through writing a gothic, country house mystery when, out of the blue, I received an email inviting me to audition for the ITV show, Popstar To Operastar,’ says Roland. ‘It felt strange, I must admit, being targeted like that. I mean, I’d sung a little opera in my youth and had lessons for about six months, a fact I’m sure the producers were not aware of. Anyway, I went along for the audition, enjoyed the experience and got quite excited about the prospect. But the more I thought about it, the more nervous I became; I realised the fantasy was far more attractive than the reality. That’s where the idea for Sex, Drugs & Opera came from. The show might not have been right for me but it provided the germ for an alter-ego, a fictitious character, a semi-retired pop star called Solomon Capri who thinks he can reignite his marriage and relaunch his career not just by appearing on Popstar To Operastar, but by winning it.’ (from

Tears for Fears fan walls and group pages lit up like lightening as soon as TFF Fan Travel member Colleen posted the link. Many haven’t been able to calm down since the announcement. To say fans are happy is an understatement. Let’s all be sure to buy a copy (be it via the Kindle download or the second release on the 4th of May). Don’t forget books make good gifts too so get one for a friend. Let the world know your excitement by tweeting, uploading and tagging social posts on all platforms with #SexDrugsOperaOrzabal. You may even win a cool prize for doing so.

BGTo top that off, we have a new 12 inch vinyl to look forward to on the music front. “Ready Boy & Girls” has already gotten quite a bit of buzz with many curious about the title, the visual imagery and what it all means. It’ll all unfold in due time. For now the Good Man Curt Smith said (paraphrase) “Let me be clear…this is not the album, it’s not done yet.” It is, however, a limited edition 12″ vinyl and it looks like it will be available at one of the Record Store Day participating stores. We’ll see…in the meantime all kinds of fainting and falling out by fans has commenced. So take your B12 and enjoy the ride we’ll all know more in due time.

On the California side, Good Man Curt held a few chats this month, answering some fun questions from fans. It was very lighthearted with good-natured questions all around. It was like he just took a moment to sit beside us in our big chair. Gotta love those moments, we cherish them for sure. He also recently shared a great photo of his wife taken by neighbour Lady Bumbleward. We enjoy her online presence (and her Pinterest pins too). The time to catch Good Man Curt Smith online is pretty much all day… but he’s usually up for a quick chat around 8-10pm PST and of course that changes with his workload. He’s very friendly, sweet and kind…and hilarious. So follow (@curtsmith) and join in the online fun.

created by Juli-Juli, Japan branch of the TFF Travel Fan Team (founder of the Sunflower Club)
created by Juli-Juli, Japan branch of the TFF Travel Fan Team (founder of the Sunflower Club)

What else is going on in Band Fan Land? Lots of Art! Our Japanese Travel Fan Juli-Juli has been at it again with some cool pick me ups and jewelry. Beautiful material! Again, follow her on Twitter, she’s got a new Tears for Fears music find each day featuring covers and performances of their music from the vast archives located in her place in Japan. It includes works by all those affilliated with Tears For Fears. We are very grateful for her thoroughness!

Big Thanks to Colleen and Carolyn for this month’s music updates!

Upcoming March 2014:
7 March 2014 – 31st Anniversary of The Hurting (released last year -Did you get your copy?)
8 March – Michael Roland Magno, Birthday (Singer & Fan)
9 March – Richard Quest, Birthday – British presenter of Quest Means Business (this is relative, one of our collaboration wishes)
26 March 2014 – Sex, Drugs & Opera, There’s Life After Rock N Roll by R. Orzabal Kindle release

Thanks for reading! (AA)

Tears For Fears Fan Traveller: Cammie

Andye (Nigeria/Atlanta), Cammie (New York), Captain Julian (UK) and Yvette (Armenia/Los Angeles)

Our membership has grown to include so many from all around the United States, Asia & Europe. In addition to the enormous crowd of ticket holders, we, the travelling fans, had 165+ active road trippers that met up at each Tears For Fears show; travelling great distances to see the band on the sunny west coast. We even had the ultra cool Captain Julian Orzabal of DelaQ. What a blessing that was! It is a great joy to begin profiling some of our lovely Tears For Fears Travellers who are dedicating themselves to fan touring and celebrating the band.

Cammie (@BxBourgie) joined us this year and tells her story.  

I was born, raised and currently reside in Curt Smith’s favorite U.S. city. I can’t speak for any other New Yorker, but me? I’m spoiled, especially when it comes to bands, concerts and tours. I always expect that if my favorite band is doing shows somewhere in the U.S, they will more than likely make their way to NYC at some point. Why should I have to take a bus, train or plane somewhere else to hear my favorite band play? I’m in NYC! Everyone comes here! They’ll make it here eventually. So I’ll just wait.

Photo from Jason DeBord -a concert reviewer & videographer

In 2011, one of my absolute favorite bands ever, Tears For Fears, were doing a few shows on the West Coast, and I decided to sit and wait here in NYC, for them to announce a date or two here. Yeah… didn’t happen! (Its not that we don’t love you…”) I missed them when they were here in 2010 because I was on a cruise, but when they didn’t come back the next year, I decided to stalk Curt’s Twitter ( Roland does not do the social media thing right now), and wait for an announcement of Tears For Fears tour dates. I waited almost a year. Then I began to see tweets. From Curt. About show dates. Curt answered my tweet to him, confirming the San Francisco date among others, but I knew better than to ask about NYC; I know that Curt likes to stay close to his family in L.A. I had a decision to make. Let another year pass without seeing Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal right in front of my very eyes sing the songs that I’ve loved since I got cable television and MTV when I was 14, saw the video for Head Over Heels for the first time and fell in LOVE… or was I gonna sit around and wait. I’m a travel junkie, it’s what I love to do, so this was an easy decision!

Fan Travel Tshirts

I bought a ticket to the San Fran show as soon as they went on sale, a flight and a hotel. And then met some fabulous Tears for Fears fans on Twitter, changed my flights around, booked ANOTHER hotel, got ANOTHER ticket to the Vegas show from a generous fan who was unable to attend, and had one of the most awesome experiences of my life. Not only did I get to sing along to EVERY song, almost close enough to touch the ever youthful Curt Smith and the beautifully elusive Roland Orzabal, I had great time meeting many other Tears For Fears fans – some for hours, others only briefly – as well as someone I never expected to meet who was also one of the most charming men I’ve ever encountered.

Roland & Curt in San Francisco by Jason DeBord

I know many people ask Curt on Twitter and Facebook why Tears For Fears doesn’t do shows in their town… but I will say that IF you can do it, TRAVEL to see this band, wherever they happen to be. GO GO GO! THIS from a spoiled NYC girl who expects all bands to come to NY when they do shows. 🙂 I flew across the U.S. to see Tears for Fears, and would do it again it a heartbeat. Around the world, whatever! They looked fantastic, and sounded even better. Shoes and jacket off at the San Francisco show, I jumped, swayed, sang and swooned from the first note to the last. I felt like I was floating! I needed a minute to collect myself after it was over, only to do it again in Vegas two nights later. Wonderful to meet Carri, Becky, Becky’s daughter Rihana, Yvette, Andye, Janice, Colleen, and Julian O. in person, and the many others I’ve “met” from other parts of the world via Twitter. (Much love to Margaret for sending me her ticket to the Vegas show!) As I am able, I hope this is the first of many. In the meantime? As Andye says… perching.

Cammie, we appreciate you coming all the way from New York to join us and have a great time. Other New Yorkers include Jeanie P who began her TFF Fan travels last year. We look forward to highlighting all of the fan fun in the weeks to come including a ton of pictures with the band, fan gatherings, mega-tour fan bloopers & funny moments! Thanks for reading!


Enjoy this video of Mad World by Jason DeBord, one of our friendly media pals we met on during the Tears For Fears Fan Travel 2012: 

Memories Fade by Nourset who travelled from France