Tears for Fears Feeling the Love From Fans on the Final Days of Tour 2019

Gwen, Wendy, Darren and Stephen, you all are the MVPs!!

You absolutely ROCK and so do so many of the incredible fans who literally took us along on the tour this year. We enjoyed meeting up with you in person! We loved talking to you on the phone. Conducting this year’s research and fan desires was made easy because of you and what an immaculate tour it was.

At least 3 nights a week we meditated and prayed for the fans, their travel, the band and for peace among us all. Being in a hotel room or suite with others for days on end can be taxing. But when you’re doing it to be with Tears for Fears it feels like the closest thing to heaven! We’re still on cloud nine when we think about the moments documented below. We had a great time on this tour because of your kindness and inclusiveness to all fans who put forth the effort to be present! You provided a service to those who are unable to leave their country and city due to reasons beyond their control with your pictures, resources and video. You made miracles happen by keeping us with you IRL and virtually! Thank you all! We can’t wait to do this again!

Fun Fan Moments in the Final Days of Tour 2019

York Race Course Centre – 26 July, 2019

Durham County Cricket Club – 27 July, 2019
ABC Supported Tears for Fears at this show and we’re so honoured to have been in their presence!

Colchester, United Kingdom – 28 July, 2019

Big thanks to all who were patient as we collected everyone’s pictures and stories. We had some hurdles to jump over, people had surgeries, were battling diagnoses and finding a way to push through pain in between shows, hats off to all of you. It’s time we used this pause to do our best to heal and get well. We’re so happy for these moments together and we want many more. Keep in touch throughout the year, this is another beginning of a long life together with Tears for Fears!

Tears for Fears Travel Fans, welcome to your life!

Be sure to continue to follow @tearsforfears and @curtsmith online! Let’s ALL stay in touch!

Tears for Fears at TBD 2015 – Concert & Travel Info

TBD Photos - Reddit
TBD Photos – Reddit

***This post has been updated, please scroll to the end for the line up info in the graphic. Thanks! Single day tickets are also available. 

Sacramento get ready! Tears for Fears are at the city’s doors as are a slew of other bands scheduled to appear at the TBD Festival. The line-up isn’t final so even more bands are going to be announced. (please see update below, the line up is now ready). This, like several other shows this summer at iconic venues, is a big deal. It’s more than a 3-day music festival, it’s an artists’ hangout that welcomes foodies, shopaholics and wine lovers from far and wide.

This festival has a VIP option that will most likely sell out. It’s currently $275 (after fees, etc) and includes air conditioned WC/Loo (No clue if they have a bidet), preferred viewing and drinks…and a few other things if we’re not mistaken. The price goes up after the 31st. Regular ticket price is a cool $159 right now …so again, if you’re going you need to buy fast. There are no refunds…once you buy you do not have 3 days to return your tickets the way you can w/other box offices.

This festival has been in the news for its amazing and diverse opportunities that it provides attendees. Reviews note it as really exciting with an upscale village appeal that attracts a number of festival attendees in a way that other festivals do not. It’s also undergoing the mindful eye of those concerned with money and the financial side of hosting such big events as these.

Fork to Table - TBD Fest
Fork to Table – TBD Fest

It’s still rather early to know how many travel fans plan to attend and we only know a few people committed to attending this particular show. There’s no word or hint yet whether or not the band will do additional dates in the area. Many are hoping for San Francisco, Fresno and L.A. featuring Mr. Moyer. If you’re in the area we suggest going to this and one more additional show if announced.

Festival Dates – 18, 19 & 20 September 2015
Buy Tickets – click here –
Hotels -click here-
Flights – right now it’s about $400 round trip from the East Coast on the major carriers. Of course SouthWest has some awesome deals as well at a much lower price.

Subscribe and return for updates. We’ll be tweeting about it as the date approaches.


Tears for Fears play on Sunday, single day tickets are available.
Tears for Fears play on Sunday, single day tickets are available.

Meet Lael M – TFF Travel Fan Team Member (Arizona)

Lael of Arizona
Lael of Arizona
Lael has been so loving and kind over the years in her fan following of Tears for Fears. This year she is contributing to the Arizona fan fun by assisting fans with any questions about their travel plans. Read more about Lael and be sure to look her up before the upcoming TFF Arizona show to participate in the fan fun!

A Soft Place to Land

Tears For Fears has always been a soft place to land for me. I first heard of them in October of 1983 when their hit “Change” became a college radio hit here in the U.S. I was very drawn to them, as they appealed to my quirky, nerdy side. I was blown away by their ability to express childhood trauma in such an universal manner, at such a young age. It was intriguing that their harmony followed a classical idiom, which was not common for popular music at the time. I was raised on classical music, especially opera, so I loved Roland Orzabal’s operatic voice. Combined with Curt’s quintessential pop voice, they created a sound that was inviting, soothing, and timeless.

Their music has always been there for me during the worst of times: The passing of my mother, my highly dysfunctional upbringing, and my divorce. Due to the amazing strangeness that is Social Media, I was able to sing a duet with Michael Wainwright when he was the opening act / backup singer for Tears For Fears. This experience was life changing, as I discovered that there were people truly like me in this world. I finally learned that it was okay to express my creative side, and with insight from the band regarding songwriting, I am now able to write poems and sing much more freely.

I have met many other intelligent, talented, and compassionate people through my involvement with Tears For Fears; fans that understand the legacy of this band, and the overall importance of art and its relationship to our humanity. I look forward to this continued journey of self-discovery, self – actualization, and cultivation of enduring friendships.

We want to thank Lael for organising on two occasions fun things for fans to do and riding out through the desert to Curt Smith Solo shows in Santa Monica. Speaks volumes when people go above and beyond in the manner she has. Cheers Lael! Let the good times roll!

Tears for Fears Fan Experiences: The Best Day of Her Life!

This is where the magic starts to happen, the lights lower and your soul soars...Tears for Fears are approaching the stage!
This is where the magic starts to happen, the lights lower and your soul soars…Tears for Fears are approaching the stage!

Happy January 2015! Hope all on the ‘band fanwagon’ are doing quite well! Fun seeing everyone online and hanging out in Twitterville. Thought we’d start this year off by taking a look at ‘Fan Travel.’ We have a lot of travel themes in our fan circle. There’s the loyal team of shipmates on the fan ship, the SS DelaQ led by Captain Julian Orzabal. There’s the travel fan team, Curt’s Kerfuffle of Kooks that travel to hang out at shows in L.A., it all overlaps, intertwines and most important, celebrates all things Tears for Fears! We have had an extraordinary time, so much so that the idea of not going the extra mile to be a part of the superfan shenanigans is just unheard of. From taking multiple planes just to get to one show, to crisscrossing the country in less than 24 hours to try to get to each one, we’re known to clock some pretty outstanding mileage…neighbours, family, husbands, friends and sometimes pets in tow…and cupcakes, we always have cupcakes! You can thank Lady K for that.

Sometimes tragedy hits… we either get stuck in some city, or encounter medical issues i.e. several times a passenger has had a heartattack on the plane we’re on thus resulting in an emergency landing. The worst cases have been death defying transporation issues that made us wonder if that day was one of our ‘Last Days on Earth.’ We each have had some horrid tales of trying to get to shows and something just went all wrong…but somehow, by ‘The Grace’ we made it! I, too, have showed up at a concert (a different English crew) after a car accident, one where I ended up losing the whole car. But that’s an account for another time and place as I digress… Let’s read about Alice E’s hair raising tale of barely making it …and when she did she had the time of her life!

CD posted some shared photos from online, great picture! Hugs to the photog!
CD posted some shared photos from online, great picture! Hugs to the photog!

Here’s her story…
My daughter and I started out in the morning for a 10 hour round trip to Oakland for our 1st Tears for Fears concert! We had bought what was equal to three times the tickets to make sure we would get up front (not something in our budget). Less than half way there, we were in an accident. The car was totaled, my daughter got a concussion, and I fractured a vertebra. We called a good friend (who, BTW, isn’t a fan and is an overly critical musician) and he really enjoyed the concert, very much…….Yes, we made it!

We stood for, what seemed like a long time, at the edge of the stage. Then Lorde’s version of Everybody Wants To Rule The World started playing in the dark, so perfect. Then the lights went up. Curt entered from the other side of the stage. I waved. He waved back. Then I turned and looked up to see Roland standing at his microphone, right in front of us. Was this really happening or I did I die in the accident and go to Heaven?!

It was a whirlwind of music and joy. I could feel the warm stage lights engulfing me. Yes, we danced, injuries and all! Roland and I communicated with lip reading and sign language! What joy and laughter. One time I looked up and he was sticking out his tongue and waving his arms about. As I followed his gaze, I saw my daughter sticking her tongue out and waving her arms about. I think I’m glad we got to see one of these non album-release concerts. It was like a party with old friends and familiar songs. We even made some new friends. It was a beautiful venue. Wow, have times changed since I last went to any concerts, the sound was great!

I usually don’t pick a favorite song, because it always depends on my mood. Recently, I played The Prisoner about 15-20 times in a row, very loudly. Everybody Wants To Rule The World is my most danced to song and fits a lot of moods, but after this concert I’d have to say it is my favorite. From the 1st note Roland played, I began to blubber like a teenager in those old black and white clips of the Beatles arriving in the USA for the 1st time. When the song was over, Curt commented that we had some therapy going on here. Probably. It was overwhelming tears of joy. Tears for Joy! I was thinking at the time: WOW, that’s the guy that sings my favorite song on my TV all the time.

I am not good with good-byes, this was the hardest. When they began to play Shout, I didn’t know what to do. I ended up blanking out mentally. When I became conscious again, Roland was gone and Curt was about to exit the wings. I was thinking, I didn’t get to say good-bye. Then suddenly Curt turned around, walked almost all the way across the stage, knelt down with his hands together. Looked at me and said “Bye, Mama”, then backed away. I threw him kisses & waved good-bye.

Fan Souvenirs, Doc Martens, Man-U swag & TFF's latest on Vinyl, courtesy Patricia O -France
Fan Souvenirs, Doc Martens, Man-U swag & TFF’s latest on Vinyl, courtesy Patricia O -France

NOTE: I’ve been a fan since 1985 (my favorite band). My daughter, same age as Diva Smith, found my cassette tape of Songs From The Big Chair & hasn’t stopped playing it. Since then, she introduced me to the internet, YouTube, and Amazon. Now my life is full of Tears for Fears. I’m dancing, singing, and on Facebook daily. Roland was so sweet to tweet my daughter singing advice for her 1st solo since Kindergarten. She sang Shout, while playing the bass. She is a fantastic bass player, even the up-right acoustic bass. This Christmas she asked for a pair of Docs, just like Papa Smith’s.

::hands out tissues:: THAT is …I need a minute.
Yeah…that right there, sums it up! Heaven only knows the things going on in our personal lives or what JUST happened to us before we got to a show…or why going to a show is a pilgrimage and a sacred ceremony for SO MANY fans of this band. Alice truly expressed what so many of us feel. There is nothing that compares to being in their presence. This is not hero worship as much as it is pure appreciation for the energy that Curt Smith, Roland Orzabal and the entire team put out at those shows. Their concerts are compared to gospel services, church, religious ceremonies and hard core parties all the same. It’s truly worth the effort, this band makes every travel experience worthwhile. We won’t ever forget it, we look forward to many more and I pray we all get there safe, sound and ready to rock with ROCS!

Here’s to another outstanding year with Tears for Fears!
Thanks for reading!
~Kol iA~

Carri, Travel Fan Team’s Sherlock of Risk Management

Carri poses for a photo before the show... taken by Andye A.
Carri poses for a photo before the show… taken by Andye A.

We met Carri through Curt Smith’s official fan page in 2010. Carri participated in the TeamCurtSmith Twitchange via Shaun King of HopeMob. Carri is known for her quick to contribute character…often the first to donate to causes that we’ve looked into at Curt Smith’s mention. She was also the highest contributor to Longacre Hall in our #25DaysOfLovingBathUK

Carri’s Travel Fan Story goes back to 1983. 

Little Carri D and her BFF Kai-Kai  spent their grade school years perched in Kai’s bedroom after school and on weekends. They were addicted to the idea of seeing their mega favourite music artist on this new thing called MTV. This was before DVRs and all the great technology we have today…you too may remember having to perch in front of MTV just waiting on your favourite bands to appear. In our case, it was of course Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, and Michael Jackson –The King of Pop. This pattern of perching and waiting has not ended. These two still sit (now on social media) on twitter, facebook and other media platforms chatting with their favourite bands.

Curt Smith/Tears For Fears San Francisco 2012
Curt Smith/Tears For Fears San Francisco 2012

Carri said she was eager to see her favourite, Curt Smith and Kai waited for Stewart Copeland of The Police (for our dancer friends in the fan club yes, that’s Miles’ brother). We have a picture of him somewhere in our archives hanging out with us at a show. Anytime Curt, Stewart or Michael Jackson appeared on the TV, these two were fixed…glued. Then, there was Roland Orzabal…Kai couldn’t get enough of his mega dance moves. She soon learned his moves and can, now, do them with perfection and ease. We’ve witnessed this.

Curt and Superfan Carri in Santa Monica California

Carri has always been fan of the song Pale Shelter as it was filmed in Los Angeles and had its debut in March…which is the month in which she was born. While adoring other bands like Adam and the Ants, she found herself shivering with excitement from Tears For Fears and their outstanding talent. From Madworld to the Working Hour the two friends spent 20 years enjoying the band, nicknaming each other “Tears” (Carri) and “Fears” (Kai-Kai).

Carri moved away but the two reunited in Los Angeles and the two were able to attend both a Curt Smith solo show and a Tears for Fears concert on a birthday weekend. As Carri stared into the microphone she could not believe it had been so long since she had seen him…first time since 1985’s sold out show in Hollywood. Now, there she was with this LEGEND…Later on at a Tears’ show, she became mesmerized as soon as he sang Pale Shelter. She just fell into a myriad of memories and tears. Her soul soared to heights unknown. She mentions time and time again, then and now, how Roland’s voice was so clear and magnificent…he has a timeless energy…he has such a powerful sound you could listen to it infinitely.

Curt Smith and Fan Carri 2012 Orange County California
Curt Smith and Fan Carri 2012 Orange County California

Upon hearing Curt’s heavenly divine, sultry voice…she couldn’t control herself. She just cried…completely out of control. She didn’t know if she was about die or what…memories of the past, overcoming traumatic events…his voice was healing…just pure mega good energy. Roland was intoxicatingly beautiful…hips swaying…and that voice…that amazing voice! It was outstanding! She says that is hands down one of the BEST DAYS of her life. She says she had the best birthday vacation because of this. She has been going full force ever since with Kai-Kai in tow to as many TFF shows as the good L-rd allows them to go.

Tears For Fears Superfans at the OC Show... Photo by Kai G.
Tears For Fears Superfans at the OC Show… Photo by Kai G.


Carri has a way of making special photos dazzle even more.
Carri has a way of making special photos dazzle even more.

Carri is also one to discuss risks of this, that and the other. She keeps us well informed of what risks we may be taking before engaging in different topics. We call her our risk management specialists 😉 Thank you Carri for keeping our best interest at heart.