iHeart80s Hits a High with Tears for Fears Fans

Little inside joke for the Good Man & GoodSir- Serenity Now – #FriendsOfTheConstanzas #OrzabalChant

Annnd exhale… yesssss… Open your eyes…it wasn’t a dream. That show was THAT good…omigahd! It was so good it brought people to tears figuratively and literally! You know, you see these “80s” parties and the event titles sound so cliché and limiting given that most if not all these artists have new music and continue to tour. As outstanding as the 80s were for music (and boy do we realise it now more than ever) an 80s party can go one of two ways: really good or really tacky. This one, however, took 80s appreciation to a whole other level…it raised the bar! iHeart80s chose really strong artists that brought the house down, creating a LIVE and interactive online (streamed live) experience we can never forget. This show was PHENOMENAL and TEARS FOR FEARS were one of the strongest acts of the entire night!

iHeart80s knew exactly what they were doing. While some voiced that iHeart should have saved the best for last (Tears for Fears), they did the concert goers (virtual ones and those there on site) a big service having such an explosive start by our beloved Tears for Fears and a perfect ending by the darling Culture Club, Bowie tribute in tow.

*Celebrity Papz was there doing their thing. Check out footage you can buy and have licensed for your publication swag…see top rate Tears for Fears after hottie bad boy Billy Idol 😉

Travel Fans On the Ground
Big thanks to Silver Kitty (CD), birthday girl Kai and other travel fans that were on the ground having flown in from the east coast and all over. Even those that didn’t have tickets jumped in and found a way to get material uploaded. The online party was great and attended by our travel fan team leaders in The Philippines (maraming salamat Joyce and Jan). People kept the travel fan spirit going with slumber parties, created their own TFF swag plus shared video and photos throughout the night from their #iHeart80sParty experience.

swag, swag, swag-swag-swag, swag! #RFOHeckYeah!

The Show
The videos and audio clips can speak for themselves. Please enjoy.

Tears for Fears & Stars Arrive:

Audio File of Interview – Click Here- Yodeling and Yoga (pre-show) Or copy & paste AA’s FB link: (https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153204634236991&id=531031990)

Set List:



Extra Videos from Fans

Mad World

Head over Heels



Other great bands
Loverboy, Billy Idol, Rick Springfield, Missing Person’s and of course The Culture Club who did an amazing tribute to David Bowie with “Starman.” G-d bless his legacy and whatever realm our music teacher is in today. Mr. David Jones, we miss you terribly. #BowieLove

Have a look at this from: L. Parker

Click here for a short show compilation

From Lady Kai – fan since ’83

Upcoming Tears for Fears concert/show info is here on the blog. Please read the UK travel notes carefully so you have everything you need to get out and return safely…unless the Orzabal family adopts you and you can live with them happily ever after! #AndIfYouBelieveThat

Cheers! Thanks for reading!
-TFFTravelFanTeam Mod

*Credits: opening photo screenshot forum, Periscope video courtesy SK/CD, ariel shots by Kai, audio clips by AA and links thanks to fans on the ground and the bada$$-mad-swag by Jen&her friends…






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