2015/2016 Team CS Giving

Lovely note from Maceo's mum - 2014 Team CS Givings...
Lovely note from Maceo’s mum – 2014 Team CS Givings… standwithmaceo.com

Every year, around September (just after Lady Diva Smith’s birthday) for the past 4 years, we’ve highlighted a charity or group. This originated with the Team CS Kooks (@papasfans on Twitter). That list has grown. This year we are featuring new causes and modern artists/musicians that are not related directly to Tears for Fears but share some of the same qualities we’ve found in Curt Smith’s giving efforts and success.

Kenna Songs for Flight
This campaign is aimed at clean water, health and humanity. It highlights people around the globe without stereotypes, a glimpse into current day and how we can improve life abroad and at home. It’s almost a self-reflection that is like nothing many have ever seen before. Check out what Kenna is doing and consider donating to his efforts and goal of clean water and much more. http://www.kenna.com

Short degree of separation to TFF: Please remember we first heard about Kenna through Michael Roland Magno, a long time Tears fan and lead singer in a few bands plus solo artist. His brother DJMadFlip shares a birthday with Roland’s brother Mr. C Orzabal and decided to not accept birthday presents but instead collect money for the clean water campaign. In addition, they are ManU supporters and connected to this band in a different way as they promote TFF’s music and support many of the same causes coincidentally. We’re happy to support the clean water campaign alongside these outstanding musicians and TFF fans.

Learn More about Kenna’s efforts via this video…

Earlier this year, Good Man Curt Smith was involved with this organisation that helps kids with cancer “live a love filled life today and a cancer free life tomorrow.” That alone is enough to make us want to donate and we’re asking you to join in by sending what you can to their efforts. http://www.pablove.org

Tory Burch Foundation
This goes beyond an appreciation for Curt’s wife and her career, this has to do with the mission of the foundation. Ruling one’s own world/being one’s own boss and having the skills to be an entrepreneur are not always encouraged. With respect to both sexes and all genders, the term businessman was at one time more common than businesswoman. Sure you can get an MBA or go to business school but let’s face it, these things were only heavily emphasised in recent years. Women, like men, deserve the knowledge and skills needed to create their own companies. We like this foundation because its mission is to “empower women entrepreneurs.” Please take some time to read about the organisation and give as your heart leads: http://www.toryburchfoundation.org

Angel Tree
This is a national organisation that provides requested items for children who need assistance. The children fill out their needs, they are listed on an angel that is placed on a holiday/Christmas tree. Good Samaritans stop by the tree, pick up an angel and buy the items listed. The organisation delivers the items to the children at an organised gathering (usually around the stateside holidays/Christmas). You can learn more about this helpful operation through The Salvation Army. Blog.SalvationArmyUSA.org

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club
This particular branch is based in Hong Kong. Their efforts go above and beyond to help young people. According to the FCC, 13 years ago they started a scholarship fund to support young people from the PLK system. FCC “provided ancillary financial support to the children while they pursued a university degree of their choice.” Learn more about this org and find out how you can donate via http://www.fcchk.org – This is the same club that is hosting Tears for Fears at their Charity Ball in a few days (info available on this blog site)

2014 Charity Ball – Rock for Charity

There are so many great causes and groups working to make life better for others. If you have one that you’d like to see highlighted let us know about it. Thanks in advance for giving your time, resources and assistance. Life isn’t easy for all. When we can find the time to help each other through big or small efforts we are working for the greater good.

Thanks for reading!

Curt Smith & Fellow Stars Supporting Taylor Smith

All-Star cast supports Taylor Smith.
All-Star cast supports Taylor Smith.
This Sunday, 23 November, 2014 at Vitellos Restaurant, Curt Smith and several wonderful stars & supporters will lend their talents and love for an amazing cause, the recovery of the beloved Taylor Smith. We’ve had this young lady in our prayers for several weeks now. As mentioned in our annual #TeamCS holiday notice, sweet Taylor could use our help as she reaches 100% healing.

A part of the efforts will be a wonderful evening of ‘Thanks & Giving‘ for this worthy cause. We love to celebrate youth. We support them 100% and so do these stars, inclusive of the award winning Jason Alexander (many will remember him from Seinfeld, top broadway musicals and much more), Wilson Philips (another award winning music favourite of many of us), the awesome Asdru Sierra of OzoMatli and Joan Ryan. Together they’ll entertain fellow supporters of Taylor’s recovery. Curt will perform 3 songs.

Curt Smith will perform 3 songs alongside an All Star team supporting Taylor Smith
Curt Smith will perform 3 songs alongside an All Star team supporting Taylor Smith
Showing Support From Afar
The flyer is here. We ask all to be respectful and remember this is a fundraiser. You can send your support using this link or by reaching out to the Taylor Smith page on Facebook. Be sure to like Vitello’s restaurant on Facebook as well. Perhaps leave a kind message of support for the event. https://www.facebook.com/vitellosrestaurant

Many thanks for taking time to read, RT and share the donation link. We know that the Smith family (both Curt’s, Taylor and her family plus friends) will appreciate it. We look forward to her full recovery and to rejoice with her in the future. Blessings and peace be upon Taylor and all who support her.


ICYMI – Tears for Fears – JKL – Mini Concert

We wait for this moment...it is EVERYTHING!
We wait for this moment…it is EVERYTHING!

We were there in person, remotely, in spirit and every other way possible that a fan can partake in the joyous festival that is a Tears for Fears show. Our travel fan friends, Jaynie, Lady K and several others were on the ground getting photos and relaying them to fans worldwide. With viewing confirmation updates from the UK, France and of course stateside, many took part in this event pre and post show. We are so happy for opportunities like these and fellow travel fans like those from around the globe!

Looking like royals, Curt and Roland, accompanied by the Tears for Fears team: Charlton, Carina, Doug and Mr. Nick, treated attendees to several favourites and it’s all on video. Let these archives speak for themselves! We’re all absolutely thrilled that everything went well.

Before we let it roll, shoutout to Sherlock Silver Kitty CD, Cams and others who went out of their way to try and make it to the show. From those who dared trying to catch last minute flights and then turn around and get back to the East Coast by morning (Andye & a couple of others who just “had a fan moment”) to the teams’ members on the ground in L.A. holding the extra tickets, MANY WORKED HARD (i.e. Joyce A of the Philippines) to contribute to this excursion and all are to be commended. THANK YOU!

Thank you supportive husbands and wives!
Thank you supportive husbands and wives!

Lady K’s experience:
We walked to the studio from our hotel and saw Charlton strolling down Hollywood Blvd. I said, “hi and good luck.” We arrived an hour early and heard soundcheck from outside. I met a girl who apparently met RO and CS a few hours earlier as they were pulling in. She had a photo with them. Why do I always miss these opportunities? Hehe. I was so excited because I heard Badman’s Song and Creep. You know how much we love Badman’s Song live! RO had on a leather coat hence the “leather” reference on twitter. The band hung side stage for awhile as they were directed to go on live. This is when I snuck a wave to RO from side stage. They sounded beautiful. It was nice not to be allowed to take videos for the first few songs because I could just soak in the music. I didn’t take many videos because I just wanted to enjoy the music. My husband and I were right in front of Roland. They played EWTRW, SSOL, Secret World, Pale Shelter, HOH. The crowd screamed for an encore but since this wasn’t a normal concert they didn’t do one. We were super excited though because apparently other bands are gone after two songs. TFF were cool enough to play 5!

Thanks Lady K for your recap! We’re all about the fan experiences~!!

Well worth the wait, ...getting sneak peeks before the show!
Well worth the wait, …getting sneak peeks before the show!

Here’s Lady J’s experience ~ Dedicated to Kim T & Sheila “SheeShee”
So to start off as I got to the line to get in I saw a Kimmel staff (I thought) standing off to the side and asked her if it was the start of the line (as it was quite disorganized). I then realized that she was waiting in line like the rest of us and she introduced herself. I instantly knew she was a friendly and warm fan unlike some who were cordial but mostly kept to themselves. There wasn’t anyone that I recognized from Facebook/Twitter-doms so went back to talk to the lady I had met and was thrilled to find we knew a mutual friend – Andye! I was so shocked that I finally found someone from social media there that I was speechless for a bit. I was so elated to meet her! I told her “you’re Lady K!” We commiserated about how we missed Andye being there and wished she could have made it (she was at the airport, unable to get the flight she needed to make it in time). We hung out together with her husband (what a patient and supportive man) and caught many sneak peeks in between the fence (see picture) while they did their sound check!

It was pure bliss while we heard them go through their songs! After they opened the gates, we split up ~ Katie in front of Roland and me in front of Curt. We were told we were in for a treat as they played a total of 5 songs (as Katie described above) whereas the majority of bands who play there play only 2 songs and leave. I’m very appreciative that TFF were so considerate to their fans by playing so many songs for us even though the main point was to be there to film the Kimmel show. We relished the evening so much and the fans showed them much love! Was thrilled to meet new fan friends and hope to one day meet all of them who are on social media near and far!

Lady K and Lady J! Thank you for your TFF Travel Fan contributions!
Lady K and Lady J! Thank you for your TFF Travel Fan contributions!


Yay, Roland had a good time!
Yay, Roland had a good time!


Everyone, enjoy!

1st up, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears – Jimmy Kimmel Live (Courtesy JKL Production)

“Sowing the Seeds of Love” by Tears for Fears – Jimmy Kimmel Live (Courtesy JKL Production)

“Pale Shelter” by Tears for Fears – Jimmy Kimmel Live (courtesy – Angelolugo77)

“Secret World” by Tears for Fears – Jimmy Kimmel Live (courtesy – Angelolugo77)


also included that night…
Head Over Heels (snippet from Tears for Fears Brasil) Be sure to check out the Tears for Fears Brasil page for a few more video snippets and photos! Muito obrigada a equipe la pra seus partagems! Also, Big Shoutout to Lady K’s husband who is very tolerant of our fan habits. Gotta love a supportive spouse!

Tears for Fears - Jimmy Kimmel Live 2014 -Making Dreams Come True
Tears for Fears – Jimmy Kimmel Live 2014 -Making Dreams Come True

Thanks for reading!

We’ll add additional photos here… starting with the Good Man Curt Smith by Lady J.

Curt Smith (courtesy Lady J)
Curt Smith (courtesy Lady J)
Roland (by Lady J)
Roland (by Lady J)

The Season of Giving ~ Tears for Fears Fans’ Annual Holiday Givings

Pabst is not just about music, it's about helping musicians too!  photo courtesy  - travel fan team member attending Pabst
Pabst is not just about music, it’s about helping musicians too! photo courtesy – travel fan team member attending Pabst

Without preaching to the choir, we know there are tons in the world who get paused by life. Some have been highlighted by Good Man Curt Smith. It’s time to take a moment and just see what we can do to help those who need a hand.

Some cases may seem more severe than others, some more tragic…but they ALL need attention. Members of #TeamCS – a group that started in 2010 supporting Curt’s participation in a charity to help the earthquake victims in Haiti -encourage everyone to give what you can this year to the group in need of your choice. There is a list below of past charities and orgs to which we have contributed or donated. You may have some to which you donate and we’d love to hear about them too.

We never know when we’ll need a helping hand. As much as we plan and work hard to ‘hold it together’ things go awry and often are out of our control. Sometimes one’s savings isn’t enough to pull through in the hard times. Please consider those who need to be uplifted during their time of distress. Make November and December a month of charitable donations in the amount you can afford. If you do donate, tweet us @papasfans, we’d love to RT and encourage others to join the causes.

Photo from news clippings posted by Curt Smith
Photo from news clippings posted by Curt Smith

2014 List
Taylor Smith – progress is being made, thanks to any who may have donated to this young lady when we first posted about it. Read more and consider a donation. She has approximately 100 days of treatment covered but reports are saying it will take about 2years for a full recovery. We want to see her at 100%. Our prayers are with her. Let’s envision her healthy and well.

Maceo – We continue to give and will give until our funds run dry. Visit http://www.standwithmaceo.com to see how you can help.

Maceo's mum sends these great notes on his progress.
Maceo’s mum sends these great notes on his progress.

Tory Burch Foundation – This organisation is outstanding. Find out why by clicking this link or copying and pasting the below URL into your browser. http://www.toryburchfoundation.org

Angel Tree -Several TeamCS members have purchased gifts for this program. Click here to learn more.

Please also consider
The American Cancer Society
Education Funds/Scholarships
Music Programs/Musician Assistance
Taylor’s calling – helping musicians w/drug addictions
PabLove Foundation – Cancer Warriors

We wish everyone a safe holiday season, please think of others as you travel and may glad tidings and good energy be with you.

Feel encouraged to love!
Feel encouraged to love!

Thanks for reading, thanks for donating!

The Marvelous Mr. Moyer, The Sax Man!

Wow,  who is that handsome man on the sax? You're about to find out!
Wow, who is that handsome man on the sax? You’re about to find out!

Andye interviewed Mr. David Moyer, the saxophone player at the Wiltern show that took place just recently. To skip straight to the interview, please scroll down to ‘please enjoy.’ Thanks!

“Tears for Fears!! Tears for Fears!!” the crowd’s chant roared above us. Like race car drivers refueling between sips of water (or in our case, wine), we tried our best to get our bearings after what was an incredibly outstanding set. Katie shouted, “What do you think they’ll play next?!” She had to yell just loud enough for me to hear it but among that roar it was barely a whisper. “I have no idea!!” I yelled back trusting she’d hear me despite us standing closer than canned sardines along the front of the stage. Snug in our usual spot at the Wiltern we then joined in the chant ourselves but our attention was quickly diverted when the stage lights rose again and out stepped an additional member…with a saxophone. WE. WENT. INSANE!

Hoping for horns before the tour...
Hoping for horns before the tour…

“It’s a horn!! It’s a horn!! Oh my gahhhh It’s a horn!!” I yelled, practically leaping up and down. I savoured the lovely face of what seemed to be a calm but perhaps suddenly startled Mr. Moyer who looked out in our direction. “Ooops, I think I scared him,” I thought. Fearful of freaking anyone else out I tried to calm down. As Roland spoke, my mind raced, “TFF are always full of surprises so I can’t assume it’s going to be The Working Hour, but darn I hope it is”….and it was! (please pause for a moment and grab your tissues & a big ol’ sweater because it is SO GOOD it will bring you to tears and give you chills)

It was the zenith – a purely EUPHORIC moment and the Marvelous Mr. Moyer played it flawlessly, contributing to what fans and critics say was a legndary night at the Wiltern. It will live on for ages, decades even…the night that Tears for Fears carried “The Working Hour” out of its sacred place in the vault and back out on stage for one of the band’s favourite cities to enjoy.

#MysterySax, as he had become known, vanished before there was an introduction. Fast forward two days later, after a solid 48 hours of praise, videos of the performance were all over YouTube, the more than 15 active TFF fan generated pages and more. But where was this guy’s name? Where was #MysterySax? He was all but trending on Twitter. The Good Sir solved it all and quenched our curiosity.

#MysterySax solved
#MysterySax solved

Armed with nothing more than a bit of courage, a ton of fan questions and virtual hugs, I set out to find him with “best wishes on the hunt for Mr. Moyer” in tow.

Mr. Moyer turned out to be a really cool guy and very tolerant. I held nothing back, all emotions on the table, which is rarely my initial approach. I was not reserved, I greeted him with obvious excitement and joy. Like a child walking up to Mr. Wonka, but still well-behaved, I told him how several of us felt about his work. He was very receptive and from that little 2D chat came this.

Please enjoy! Also, note, there is no flow, these were the 8 Frequently Asked Questions from Twitter, FB, fan texts and email. After receiving his answers I was eager to learn more (i.e. about the instruments he collects) but out of respect, remained focus and on task. Perhaps we can invite him for tea to learn more in the future.

************************** INTERVIEW WITH DAVID MOYER ************************

Tropicoso by Jungle Fire
Tropicoso by Jungle Fire

AA: First – Congrats on Tropicoso! Several from the TFF Travel Fan Team purchased copies. We’re all very excited about it and play that vimeo video often! It’s such a joy!

DM: Thanks so much! I am really proud and excited about this record. This group has had a really organic, natural flow, and we are all thrilled that the music resonates so much with people. It’s a humbling and fulfilling feeling.

AA: Looking at your music history we’ve learned you are quite the fantastic collab master. Are you now collaborating w/Mr. Smith and Mr. Orzabal/Tears for Fears on their new things, etc.? This may be secret, don’t answer if you can’t.

DM: I honestly don’t know. I wish I could provide you with more information. I would absolutely love to be a part of future music. I, like you all, grew up with TFF, and it’s a real joy to be able to work with them on a professional level.

AA: #MoreMoyerTFF (let’s do this!)

AA: The Ventriloquists were the first band with which we we identified you. Given many musicians enjoy working w/multiple bands, do you enjoy the same or are you focused on one at a time?

DM: I find that working with multiple groups, and in various styles and genres, keeps things fresh and interesting on a musical level. The Ventriloquists is a group that I have with several of my close friends from my undergraduate days at UCLA, and we have been a band for almost a decade. We are currently working on our third record. I’d describe it loosely as a post-Americana group with electronic and jazz elements. I get to play keyboards and sing background vocals in the band in addition to saxophone, so it provides me a different musical prospective than I typically get. I also do a lot of studio work here in LA, and I find that to be very creatively satisfying. One day Im working on an indie rock band’s project, the next day it’s a big band. It really keeps me on my toes creatively.

AA: Your saxophone is as beautiful as you! Is the Sax your main passion or do you play other instruments?

Mr. Moyer & his many wind instruments. Beautiful!
Mr. Moyer & his many wind instruments. Beautiful!

DM: Thank you! Saxophone is definitely my main instrument, and if we want to get really specific, the baritone is my passion. But I also love playing the tenor, alto, and soprano. I play the flute, alto flute, clarinet, and bass clarinet as well, and do a lot of studio session work on those instruments. I’ve been fortunate to travel quite a bit, and I like to collect instruments wherever I go.

I’ve got flutes from Turkey and Kenya, as well as various percussion instruments. I recently brought home several wind instruments from Colombia, including a reed flute called a flauta de millo, and a lengthy flute with a golden timbre called a gaita. I also play keyboards, and like to record and produce music.

AA: You seem to keep a modest profile online, are you open to fans or fan pages featuring just you (aside from myspacemusic)?

DM: Yes, absolutely! I actually am in the process of building my website so that my online presence is a bit more easily accessible. It will be at http://www.davidmoyermusic.com. I need to delete that myspace music profile. I haven’t checked or updated it in many moons!

AA: When did you know you’d be playing with TFF? Was it a phone call and what was your reaction to the Working Hour? We have to assume you love it as much as we do, you played it flawlessly.

DM: My friend Carina Round sings in the band. She sent me a text over the summer asking if I was interested in possibly doing some things with the group. Fast forward a few weeks, and I was finishing up some Korean BBQ with the bass player in my jazz group when I got another text from Carina asking if I was available. It was serendipitous, because my friend and I had just been talking about TFF during dinner. He has a copy of Songs From The Big Chair on vinyl and had been rocking it earlier in the week. It kind of snowballed from there.

And yes, I do love that song, it’s epic! And the record in general. I grew up with that music, so it’s a huge honor to be able to play with them now.

AA: When you walked out on the stage that night, what were your first and second thoughts?

David Moyer is no stranger to large crowds & big audiences
David Moyer is no stranger to large crowds & big audiences

DM: Well… I actually had a loose screw on one of the posts on my horn, and I left my small screwdrivers in my baritone case, so my first thought was ‘please don’t let my horn fall apart on stage!’ Music performance is as much a head game as it is a discipline of skill, so I was able to silence the small critic in my head. At that point, I was solely focused on the music. I am able to get into a head space in which I can focus on responding to what I am hearing despite standing in front of a big audience. Not that I discount the audience, Im just able to zone them out to a certain extent.

I’ve played to some pretty large crowds, including the Coachella Main Stage and the Glastonbury Festival UK, so I’ve got my strategies at this point. Actually, I find larger audiences to be less intimidating. Everything just kind of blurs together when the crowd is huge.

AA: Your appearance on stage made us eager to learn more about your music and we soon found Jungle Fire which is clearly a very exciting group. Is there anything more you can tell us aside from what is online (i.e. are tour dates in the works, more videos)?

DM: Indeed, all of us in Jungle Fire are very excited about the group. The guys in the band are an absolute joy to play, write, and work with. We have all been friends and colleagues for years prior to the formation of Jungle Fire, and share common musical interests, influences, and aesthetics, so it really has a natural flow at this point.

We just released our debut full length record on Nacional Records September 30th after releasing two 45s on a terrific indie soul label out of Ohio called Colemine Records. We recently finished filming a film/video for our song ‘Firewalker’ with two filmmakers from London. There will be a longer version of the film, and a shorter music video in the tradition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’

We’re playing the main stage at the first annual Supersonico Festival at the Shrine Auditorium in LA this Saturday, October 11th. The festival is a joint partnership between Nacional Records head Tomas Cookman and Goldenvoice, the promotion firm that puts on Coachella. We are doing a live in-store performance on October 16th at Fingerprints Records in Long Beach, CA, and have our record release show on November 7th at The Mint in Los Angeles.

We did an 8-date tour in the UK last November and December after getting a grant from the UK Ministry of Culture, and have just returned from playing the Mompox Jazz Festival in Mompox, Colombia. It’s looking like it’s going to be a busy 2015, and we are all looking forward to where things will take us. You can check any tour dates and news out on our website at http://www.junglefiremusic.com.

AA: What is most important to you right now?

DM: At this point in my life, what’s most important to me are family, friends, and work. I am at a point in my life where I am totally comfortable and at peace with who I am, and I want to continue to do the things that bring me and others joy in life regardless of what people might think.

We want to thank Mr. Moyer for taking time out of his day to answer our questions. Again, his answers just made me want to know more. He was such a great addition to the team that night! We hope there will be further collaborations as he is certainly an outstanding and accomplished musician with even more to share.

Thank you all for reading! Be sure to visit and follow:

Also see Mr. Moyer’s band mate, Mr. Lopez’ interview on CNNenEspanol’s Encuentro

For TFF Travel Fan resources follow @papasfans on Twitter or ‘Tears for Fears and Kooks’ on Facebook – we update and revise info on our blog & other publications regularly with respect to the band, fans and collabs.

What’s New with Tears for Fears’ FanLand…

Happy New Year...
Happy New Year…

This month in the land flowing with music and all things lovely…
We celebrated Julian Orzabal’s birthday (21st of Jan) with some online fanfare, wall wishes, shoutouts on facebook and twitter. We also celebrated Robert Orzechowsky’s birthday, both milestone years for Captain Julian and Robert. Para Bems a Voces, Feliz Anniversario, Kol Sana wa Bonne Anniversaire. We appreciate them both.

Speaking of appreciation, did you get a good look at the numerous entries in the Pale Shelter remix? Take a look at this link! These great fans appreciated the song so much they entered their own versions of this legendary classic in the music world. There is a list of beautiful selections with fans voting on which one they liked the most. What was your favourite? Leave a comment and let us know why you liked it, we’ll discuss it on our facebook page. #DidYouKnow: Captain Julian created a great remix  too just for fun (not for competition). Robert also created one, he’s been remaking a lot of TFF songs in the past year. You may remember some of the material he wrote for the fan team last year. Check it all out, leave comments, interact and stay involved with the band’s offerings. Lots to dive into (conveniently online) each week.

If you subscribe to the Tears for Fears official website you got the ‘BluRay‘ email regarding The Hurting. This entire masterpiece is now on BluRay disk and can be purchased immediately. So, if you are among the die-hards who know the value of owning this priceless item,  get your copy today. The album was re-released this past year and we’ve been celebrating it to no end. It was a great 30th birthday for their fantastic work of which we can’t  ever get enough…just too good!

Maceo’s mum sent us a card…we loved it!

On to more good things…Maceo’s mother sent #TeamCS (The Curt Smith inspired charity group found on @papasfans) a kodak style picture postcard. One of the items on the Maceo Project list is to make a documentary. We are looking forward to this and wish them the best in putting it together. Very excited, we’ll have to look into buying a copy as soon as it’s ready. As always, we remain very grateful to Good Man Curt for the introduction.

Other things to purchase may include Tears for Fears merch. In a recent #CurtChat, The Good Man, let us know that a merch store is in the works. There is no estimated time of arrival on it and frankly…many of us are fine with that. We’re just glad there will be one. Items that many of us requested back in 2012 include:
hats, calendar/planners, umbrellas, blankets, travelling cups (like the awesome blue one shown in the photo – most of us got one on tour that year), tour jackets and more gorgeous colourful t-shirts. We also asked for pre-orders with the hopes that in case one item is more popular than the other, merch isn’t “waiting.” We trust there wouldn’t be much of it sitting around and items will go fast, but still, pre-orders seem the most cost-effective way to manage merch.

And that’s the news from the travel fans in bandland!! Follow @tearsforfears @curtsmith and like the official facebook fan pages. You can follow us (the travelling fans  of the band) @papasfans and join us on FB! We’re a 365 Days a Year of Tears for Fears kinda crew so stop by anytime with a hi or hello, browse our tour photos, link to a #CurtChat and have a splendid online good time!

Thanks for reading! Cheers!

We appreciate Captain Julian!
We appreciate Captain Julian!

Reflections of Fans in Band Land 2013

We had endless online fun this year with lots of Pysch interactions and extra media mentions kicking off the start. In March we had a new place to follow the band, Tumblr. They also established an official Facebook page and twitter activity escalated.

Carri's gift of glitter to the 2nd cover for this album.
Carri’s gift of glitter to the 2nd cover for this album.

We celebrated 30 years of The Hurting and as the months went on saw tons of collaboration and notable new bands eager to cover Tears For Fears’ music. We were able to enjoy the behind-the-scenes activities and connect with Spotify where we met the mutual influencers. Though some fans were horrified that anyone would dare touch the sacred songs, the band helped everyone understand how grateful they and the other 50% of the fans were that new groups were showing their appreciation and admiration by covering these untouchable pieces of audio art. To top that, there were a substantial amount phenomenal covers by the band themselves, including Arcade Fire’s ‘Ready to Start’ and more.

Photo from Tears For Fears, KROQ & Portugal. The Man archives
Photo from Tears For Fears, KROQ & Portugal. The Man archives

Among the communication from the band we were surprised by spontaneous #CurtChats during any down moments that Curt had. This was really generous of the good man as he often incoporated us into his evenings…his sweet angels right by his side completing their nightly homework. It added such a personal touch and an enormous amount of love from the Smith Family to us. We are very appreciative beyond words. We also got to spend time with Curt simultaneously at the KROQ event through the power of streaming video. The holiday show featuring Curt Smith on stage with Portugal. The Man was outstanding. Fans across the USA and beyond stayed up to sync with the time zone and watch. Soon after that were more chances to chat. We loved that! *We did attempt to compile a FAQ page from the questions in 2013 but they added up to more than 255 inquiries+ and the answers are still being archived. No estimated time of delivery on that.

Curt also introduced us to our 2013 Holiday Gift which for TeamCS turned into the gift that keeps on giving. We rolled over some cash from the 2012 project to the Maceo cause. This project was mostly funded by Carri (USA) and Marcio (Brasil). Those large donations were outstanding and are being deducted from the fan account from Maceo’s team monthly. Again, big thanks and what a lovely example of team spirit with Curt as an inspiration.

998720_611496968882665_285871613_nOther plusses from Fans and in Band Land included new music from Alisa and Captain Julian w/their pal Eric Senet, forming Trinity Falls. Curt Smith’s Deceptively Heavy hit home with many, making an impression on old and new fans of all ages.

We are very hopeful about 2014, with fans continuously asking for a tour. We’re certain that if it is profitable for the band to run around to various cities across many lands, they will. We’re not in a rush though. We just want the new music and a merch store, both of which were confirmed by Tears for Fears and in particular Curt Smith. Anything more will be a bonus…a much welcomed bonus even if it’s 2015.

ContestOur gratitude toward the band and their continous interaction and updates are very appreciative from the throwback Thursdays (#tbt) to letting us know the progress of the new music. We even now have a chance to contribute to the remixes. It’s all GOLD to us and as long as permitted we will continue to stand right along side with support and admiration.

Big thanks to the team in Japan who provided artwork and 365 music updates, Juli-Juli and Manami, our fan lives are better because of you. Big thanks to Carri who spends countless hours focused on band news and updates from the sister sites of fans and social media boards and is always very generous in her donations to fan projects inspired by Curt Smith. Shout out to TAO and HUGE THANKS to the Orzabal family for countless interactions and being so down to earth and fun every single time, every single encounter. Our dedication knows no bounds, we are there for them. Cheers to an amazing year ahead inclusive of travel fan team fun in 2014!

Happy Birthday to Curt's Angel Wilder who turned a year sweeter last week.
Happy Birthday to Curt’s Angel Wilder who turned a year sweeter last week.

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